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Friday, 05/18/2012, 08:13 am

EXCLUSIVE | TAM's Justin Buchholz – I Think Cornermen Get Way Too Much Credit | MMA NEWS


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10 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | TAM's Justin Buchholz – I Think Cornermen Get Way Too Much Credit | MMA NEWS”

  1. Ruben says:

    Yeah if you’re a shitty cornerman who doesn’t do anything but say obvious things then you do get too much credit. There are some people who give excellent advise or guys who can motivate you. It varies, but there are some cornermen who do great jobs and deserve a lot of credit

    • danny says:

      Ruben: Justin was saying cornermen get too much credit, he didnt say they dont deserve any. You cant argue with the fact its the fighter that does all the work. When you’re in the zone with adrenaline pumping, its hard to take in what people are saying. So him saying that their main job is to keep them calm and give them water sounds like the right observation in my opinion.

      • Ruben says:

        I disagree, i think there are points in fights when nothing is going right for a fighter and he may start to doubt himself, at that point it’s up to the corner man to calm the guy down and motivate him, not everyone can do that. As a matter of fact few guys in MMA do, you see it more in boxing. Not everyone can pull it off, it’s a very difficult task, you are asked to get into the mind of a guy who is under a great deal of adrenaline, pressure, maybe even fear, and to get them to come back. If you are a corner man and you can successfully do that then you deserve a lot of credit, more than the regular guy who just asks you to breathe deep and keep your hands up.

  2. John M says:

    War all day Buchholz!!

  3. JohnnyBigTime says:

    Lol Greg Jackson screamed in Carlos Condits face when he was down 2 rounds to none against Rory Macdonald… I think he said something like “YOU’RE GETTING FUCKING BEAT BY A KID CARLOS, YOU WANNA LOSE TO SOME 20 YEAR OLD? HOW MANY YEARS U BEEN DOING THIS? GO OUT THERE AND KNOCK HIM THE FUCK OUT. KNOCK HIM OUT! ”

    Then he went and tko’ed rory in round 3…. I don’t even like greg jackson but that was tight

  4. grandma killer says:

    Cornermen should get beat down just like my grandma did for eye ballin me

  5. nick says:

    hahahaha wow thts funny shit

  6. monkey juice says:

    Buckholz is full of shit. He contradicted everything he said. “cornermen get too much credit”…”cornermen are definitely important”
    “I don’t like people screaming at me….” they can yell at me to get me going”

    WTF is going on???he’s a fuckin idiot!

  7. Benjamin lestenkof says:

    Justin, come fight in the AFC again!!! Were you and Doug Evans ever training partners? If not, that would be a epic fight.

  8. Flex juice monkey says:

    Settle down lestenkof. That’s going to happen…

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