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Monday, 06/04/2012, 07:54 am

EXCLUSIVE | Roy Nelson on Everything part 2 (Must Read) | UFC NEWS

Part 2 of Roy Nelson’s epic thoughts on just about everything!

On whether he thought he might replace Alistair Overeem when Overeem was pulled from the fight with Junior Dos Santos:

“That never crossed my mind. It’s the UFC sometimes you never know what they’re thinking over there”.

Cain Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva:

“I didn’t think that was very interesting at all. That was my fight. I’m the one who got hosed on that deal. I got three other opponents after that. I already knew who I was fighting. I don’t know why my stuff changed. We just went down the line and people got hurt or whatever”.

On fighting Mark Hunt

“If that’s what the fans want to see. If they want to see me beat up Frank or Brock. There’s that little black guy who has no name yet like De-fries or whatever. We can go with a whole bunch. I’m on and I can go down the whole list of guys here”. (And he names every fighter on the roster including himself as a potential fight)

Brock Lesnar’s performance in the Overeem fight:

“I don’t think that was Diver – tick – a – tic -ulitis or whatever it’s called. I think that was just getting hit by Overeem”.

On nursing any personal injuries:

“I’m good right now. I’m injury free”.

On the heavyweight scene in general:

“I want to be like all of the other top 10 guys and just fight everyone twice. Three times maybe. Because like Cain Velasquez he has a total of 11 fights and he’s already starting his roll of trilogies of fighting people. That’s why I say I want to fight everyone because after I fight you once I know how to beat you. I want to fight everybody. Like we’ll use Frank Mir. He’s fought 22 times with 16 wins and 6 losses. I’m on the UFC’s site again. Damn the UFC’s website is slow. I guess it got hacked again. Frank’s fought a total of 22 times. He’s fought four guys at least 2 to 3 times”.

On Junior Dos Santos:

“Junior has actually fought everyone to get where he is. You have to respect him for that. Now they’re going to keep him at the top and he’ll be fighting the same guys again.”

Brock getting a title shot so soon:

“I would definitely knock him on that. He’s definitely not my friend. It’s one of those things that an apple’s an apple and an orange is an orange. If you can go 1-1 in the UFC, and get a title shot… Damn, sign me up. And just fight Heath Herring to get the title shot. Nothing against Heath, but Pee Wee is a better fighter than Heath”.

On his current P.R. strategy and management:

“I have to get my P.R. the hard way. I gotta do it my damn self. My management is my wife, Royce Gracie’s manager Mike, and a couple of other agencies. Basically my wife is the manager of the manager of the managers”.

Part 1 of our conversation with Roy can be read by clicking this link:


32 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Roy Nelson on Everything part 2 (Must Read) | UFC NEWS”

  1. Michael hamlin says:

    Fat pig!!!

    • Jonesy says:

      Very clever.

    • Zach G says:

      Stop the Hate! This guy proves time and time again he is the man people like you are ignorant!

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      At least he’s a real fighter he doesn’t use PED’s and TRT like everyone else and gives fighters shit for it I respect that. Roids are ruining the sport and taking away its legitimacy. Fuck fighters like Phael aka UNO (one nut) and Marquardt that juiced up since childhood cuz they were huge pussies and now they’re balls are vegetated and can’t produce hormones correctly its their faults. Noone under the age of 40 needs TRT unless they’re body is depleted of hormones from YEARS of steroid and testosterone abuse. No respect for these cheaters.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      …that would rock your keyboard warrior ass to sleep

    • Ko_King says:

      honest and telling people like it should b told instead of sugar coating everything!

    • Chartmonster says:

      Mike.. Roy will need approx 1 minute to beat yr dumbfknass so STFU u idiot!

    • James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

      Do your research moron… he isnt so fat anymore.. gettin very healthy and doin things the right way… so stfu u fkn pig pole smoker..

      • Derpedy Derp says:

        are you kidding me, the fat fuck loses 5 pounds and now he’s not fat? he weighed in at 254. he could easily fight middleweight if he lost the fat, he has the biggest waist line by far in the ufc and he is one of the smallest heavyweights. What more “research” is there to do? Media blow hards like ariel and others keep saying for the last few cards that he has lost significant amount of weight, in reality he has lost 5 pounds. It is not unreasonable for an “elite” athlete with that much body fat to lose 5 pounds in 1 week, let alone a year.

  2. jake says:

    Big country for president 2012

  3. Jb says:

    I love when guys say stupid shot like “fat”. Roy’s cardio is good, chin is steel and ground game is awesome. Do I have to mention his right hand? Really wish guts would reaserch fighters before mouthing off. Jds threw everything he had at him. Stop your hate

  4. TRUTH says:

    ROY U got KTFO by Arlovski. U can beat guys like Pee Wee, washed up Cro Cop and other B-class fighters. Frank Mir whooped that ass, then u go train with him now u talk SHIT. Brock would just take u down and literally Molest you on the ground. You’re a b-class fighter and always will be, guys like JDS, Mir, Overeem, Velasquez, Lesnar, Werdum, Carwin. u will never be on their level. Brock Won title from couture and two more titles from Mir and Carwin. Since Diverticulosis he wasnt the same and called it quits. You’re still shit, cant pull more than two wins in a row in UFC dickhead.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      I got sum truth…. For u…. Next time I want your opinion…. I’ll scrape it off my zipper bitch…. Would u like to fight … Big country?….. Your fighting nickname can be…. Umm I got it…… Big cunt….. U wuss

      • TRUTH says:

        ARE U LIKE 5 years old, look at those comebacks and that gay grammar. I show your mother big Country every night. I’m an MMA fighter 250 pounds of muscle and I’ll get in cage with anyone, ur just a faggot who stays home and jerks off to WWE wrestlers. Big Cunt is your mothers name last name and tatooed name on her bullseye son.

        • Clay says:

          Most fighters i know don’t seem compelled to go on line and tell people how much they weigh lol. Is that really necessary? Your just one of those pussies that lost a bunch of money betting against Roy cuz he looks harmless. Fuck you

        • safs says:

          lol go back to your cardboard box you came from goof!!

        • Dblock says:

          big deal, almost anyone can become an mma fighter. and i bet your not 250lbs pure muscle. i also bet i could come up with 50 names you wouldn’t fight. your saying you’d go in the cage with dan henderson? jds? overeem? get over yourself. your going to be fucking forgotten and your existence holds no significants.

        • Rodriguez says:

          Wow dude you must be a bitch! I bet your one of those wanna be MMA fighters that thinks their the shit, but can get knocked the fuck out by anyone! 250 pounds of muscle my ass pussy! I bet your flabbier than my flacid dick!

    • deez nutz says:

      arvloski never knocked out roy .

  5. Brend0magic says:

    Roy can fight anyone and it’ll be a good fight. He always brings it.

  6. Mike cannon jr says:

    These guys hating on Roy….. Are bitchs…. When I hate on a fighter…. It’s cause of the type of character they have….. Their nature .. If u will….. Dude comes to fight…… All u Brock bitchs….. Fuq off back to your www meth junky reunion….. Scab … Ps…. Brush your friggin teath… Idiots

  7. Mike C. Jr your mom sucks me to sleep says:

    Roy is a B-class fighter who has really beat Nobody with a name, other than…..KIMBO?? Mark that under who gives a fuck.

  8. JOSH Y says:

    We have some real mature people on the message. Damn keyboard tough guys. Roys a scrapper and has a punchers chance with everyone.

  9. T.Daddy says:

    Sorry roy but Brock wud smash you

  10. T.Daddy says:

    @dee nutz.. yeah he did

  11. Michael hamlin says:

    Roy is trash and needs to drop to 205

  12. Mike cannon was molested by a poet says:

    You guys all suck like Roy

  13. LISA HAGIN says:

    GOOD LUCK!!??!!!..

  14. Grever says:

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