Friday, 05/18/2012, 06:38 pm

Exclusive | Ron Sparks pulled from Bellator 69 fight by doctor

Bellator heavyweight Ron Sparks was scheduled to fight Kevin Asplund tonight, but was pulled from the fight due to medical reasons. The doctors found something they felt warranted a trip to the emergency room. Early reports is that it involved Sparks’s pre-fight blood pressure. The latest word is that the fight is rescheduled, and will most likely happen in July.


5 Responses to “Exclusive | Ron Sparks pulled from Bellator 69 fight by doctor”

  1. monkey juice says:

    Wtf I’ve been waiting for this fight!!! Damn sparksie what happened brah? Stop the ice brah!

  2. Numba1Ghani says:

    Fool looks so juiced out in this picture he’s fat as hell when he fights in bellator

  3. Flex juice monkey says:

    Sparks is dangerous. When not on ice brah

  4. deal maker says:

    Dont worry he isnt on the pipe he couldn’t pay last time he was waiting for this fight to pick up a plate or 2.

  5. PvPurPants says:

    He should drop to MW and fight Miller in the UFC. the fuck?

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