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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 03:01 pm

Exclusive | Rich Franklin moves Cung Le prep to Singapore

Rich Franklin makes his return to the UFC middleweight division against Cung Le at UFC 148. The card is headlined by the rematch of UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and his arch rival Chael Sonnen in a bout that promises to deliver fireworks. Despite Cung’s first attempt in the UFC, which ended in a TKO loss to Wanderlei Silva, Le is still a formidable foe.

Rich Franklin spoke with BJ Penn earlier this month about Cung Le and his unique fighting style.

“Cung is a different kind of fighter”, Franklin said. “He’s real unorthodox and throws different kinds of kicks from different angles. It will be a whole different look compared to a traditional kickboxer or boxer. A lot of times when you’re fighting guys like that they throw those types of things they’re not supposed to throw at the times they’re not supposed to throw them. For this camp it’s really important to have a training partner who mimics his style really well.”

Switching things up is not something Rich is a stranger to, and it appears that this fight definitely warrants a different approach in training. Franklin made the decision to not only change his routines, but his location all together, and headed to Asia.

“I came down to Evolve in Singapore to get a different perspective on things for my camp. It’s great. I have access to all their coaches, and they are bringing in Wushu and Sanshou guys in for me to work with”, Rich said.

Franklin’s own style has also been classified as slightly unorthdox because he fights southpaw when he was born a natural right-handed striker. He utilizes his own slicing angles to throw clubbing punches, and powerful kicks. Most fighters have to adjust to his style as much as he does theirs. However, despite his experience and success in the Octagon he acknowledges that every fighter, and every fight is different from the last. Cung is no exception.

“The focus down here is about pattern recognition so there are no surprises in the fight. I spend the morning training with their fight team, most of which fight for ONE FC here in Asia, and spend the afternoons in their Thai program working extensively with Namsaknoi. We train twice a day, four times a week, and then once a day for two days. We are utilizing all the time we can to get ready for this fight. The only days off are Sunday because that day belongs to the lord.”

Rich Franklin faces Cung Le on the main card of UFC 148. This fight takes place July 7, 2012.


17 Responses to “Exclusive | Rich Franklin moves Cung Le prep to Singapore”

  1. cory hatfield says:

    Frank you one of my favorites of all time but Cung Le is gona kick your teeth down your throat.

  2. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Franklin will win this fight by Ko. Then if we are all lucky the UFC will underestimate Franklin like they did Hendo and possibly give Franklin a fight with Spitsbing. My money would be on Franklin.

    • keep fitch (forever) says:

      I think bisping will rip franklin in half. I hope bisping lays on franklin for all rounds and humps out a decision. Just the way i like it :)

      • dude are u a faggit or something u wont bisping to lay on rich and hump out a decision that is for one retarded what makes u think he can take rich down and keep him there and if rich touches that class jaw of that weak british fag he will go to sleep

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      If Cung comes into this fight in shape he might win but safe money is on Franklin by TKO. I hope they give Bisping a fight with Franklin. That’s very possible or Cung…. A win over either of these two would be a great accomplishment for Bisping but I doubt he could beat either with his pillow punches.

  3. Pancho says:

    I’d like to see Rich make another run at MW championship, that’d be a sight to see

  4. Jim says:

    Rich is going nowhere near the MW title, but Cung Le is definitely beatable for him. Le is a hard kicker and has a strong back, but Franklin has solid punching power and can take a pasting.

    I wouldn’t call it just yet, but a win for Franklin is very possible.

  5. stewbot says:

    I wonder if Rich will drop to a single knee after the bell sounds. Le probably has some of the most devastating kicks in the MMA game and by doing that he won’t be able to kick him. Will he Richie boy?

  6. Luis Castro says:

    AMAZING! This training camp sounds bad ass!!!! Good luck two both fighters!!!!


    Franklin at the bell should go down on one knee because he cant kick him then [”,]

  8. Jason says:

    Franklin vs bisping would b fuckin amazing

  9. Jason says:

    Rich gets take down.Rich gets mount,or side control.Rich lands elbo after elbo.Herb waves him off.Rich by T.K.O first round.

  10. A.James says:

    Le looked awful in his last fight. He’s too out of shape to compete.

  11. grandma killer says:

    Ace will give cung the beat down just like I did my grandma for eye ballin me.

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