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Tuesday, 08/06/2013, 01:22 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Rich Franklin: “I will not make another title run” recently caught up with former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin who, despite not having fought since his loss to Cung Le, has remained very busy.

“Nutrition has always been a passion of mine”, said Franklin. “I have been laying the groundwork for an organic juice bar, Ze/Lin, to open this fall in LA. My first location will be in Beverly Hills. I’m excited and even busier. I’m always training, but not prepping for a fight currently”.

UFC President Dana White has always been interactive with his employees and is vocal about keeping up with them personally and professionally. Rich opened up about his last conversation with Dana.

“I spoke to Dana at the UFC fan expo”, Rich said. “He had heard of Ze/Lin, and I told him I needed to make sure this thing is running before I look at my return”.

The questions are coming more often now about when his next fight might be.

“Initially, my projections were to have a fight before the end of the year. We will see what difficulties this juice business will bring to derail that time frame”.

There was some talk when UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman dethroned long time king Anderson Silva that a new life so to speak was injected in to the 185 pound weight class. Rich was hesitant to agree.

“That has definitely shaken things up a bit, but the rematch is immediate, so we could see Anderson with the belt before the end of the year”, stated Franklin. “Until Weidman secures his seat on the throne, we will not see “new life.”

Rich’s future with the company is not set in stone just yet, but his thoughts on appearing in the championship picture are.

“I have 1 fight remaining on my contract. I will not make another title run. I may fight that plus one more…I really don’t know”, Rich said.


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  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANK GOD says:

    Franklin always a class act in victory and defeat and 100% no doubter UFC hall of famer just like BJ Penn

  2. 757 says:

    Agreed definitely

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