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Saturday, 08/25/2012, 06:18 am

Exclusive: Renato Laranja Unloads on Jones, Bravo, Sonnen, Bisping & Magalhaes (AUDIO) | MMA News 

In this audio interview with Sean McClure:

BJJ Legend Renato Laranja explains why he isn’t fighting Jon Jones, feuds with Michael Bisping and Vinny Magalhaes, his mission at 10th Planet, anger at Eddie Bravo, life story, and more!


38 Responses to “Exclusive: Renato Laranja Unloads on Jones, Bravo, Sonnen, Bisping & Magalhaes (AUDIO) | MMA News ”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    Did anyone watch titan fc last night? That shit was pretty good. They need some better competiton for anthony johnson. Estima did pretty good himself but he choked out a dude that ive never heard of.

  2. Dee says:

    Renato Laranja=GOAT

  3. 123 says:

    he’s soo funny

  4. ya herd says:

    this guy is a fool, he keeps saying these guys haave big mouths, this guy has the biggest mouth out of them all even over chael

  5. Big J says:

    Lol, this dude has beef with everyone :)

  6. jesus korean says:

    listening to this guy speak is extremely painful and hilarious at the same time.

  7. Rob says:

    Lol he is a joke but he really was 27 time champ

  8. maurice says:

    this guy is literally the funniest brazilian of all time. ill never forget one video i watched he said “im goin to wrap my legs so tight around your neck, your gonna think im suzanne summers.” fuckin hilarious. for all of you who STILL dont know who he is, just type his name in youtube and enjoy!

  9. Gefco says:

    This guy is Fucking funny was this interview a joke or something damn that was funny

  10. grumpy says:

    Ichint chee cha guy chu stalked roussey?

  11. jesus korean says:

    brazilians speaking english sounds like a hybrid of filipinos + mexicans speaking english

  12. RRM says:

    Gohilla Monsoon lol

  13. Brend0magic says:

    Renato Laranja vs Vinny Magalhaes Make it happen Dana!

  14. CutThroat916 says:

    Wow every one of you is stupid Renato is an actor! It’s a joke that Eddie Bravo created for his web series. There hasn’t even been 27 world jiu jitsu comps for him to win. Shit just like that commercial everything you see on the Internet isn’t real

  15. salem says:

    hahah i love renato, he really is a mma character

  16. ahem... says:

    renato’s scouse (Liverpool) accent is fuckin amazing

  17. Esteban Diaz says:

    I too have been with alot of black women and did alot of things lol

  18. Seiichi79 says:

    renato is a moron! im burnt out hearing these hardcore Brazilians talk shit like they invented grappling. hey renato jiu jitsu didnt come from brazil…….

  19. JohnHancock says:

    oh man that is hilarious he said bones jones look like booker T?

  20. Chase B. says:

    Woooow, Renato is SUCH a douche. For him to be talking shit on Chael for being a “loud mouth” when Renato is the one making a 20+ minute long RANT video where HE’S being the loud mouth, is annoying as all hell. Not to mention even IF he thinks Chael is a bum or “belongs in wrestling” ATLEAST he DID try to take the fight. Now, I hope NO ONE takes this as me sticking up for Bisping….because I am not…he IS by far one of my most hated fighters..HE’S a shit talking talentless limey. Anyways, for Renato to diss Bisping for not being able to talk English is….refuckingtarded….listen to the guy…I could understand about half of what he’s saying..ridiculous. One last thing is, just because Renato “saw it all back in the day” doesn’t mean he could handle athletes THIS day and age…we’ve seen it with legendary fighters before..

  21. john jon says:

    big hands big feet big meat but when i step in the cage I’m not gonna care about that… wtf haha

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