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Friday, 05/25/2012, 03:38 pm

Exclusive | Phil Baroni Predicts UFC 146 & His Next Fight | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

The UFC Heavyweight Championship is on the line at UFC 146 this Saturday, as Junior Dos Santos looks to defend his belt against two-time former champion Frank Mir. All of the fights on the PPV portion of the event will take place in the heavyweight division. Phil Baroni was good enough to share his opinions with us, regarding how he thinks the UFC 146 main card fights will turn out:

Chris: Hey Phil, as you know, there are 5 heavyweight fights set for the main card of this weekends UFC 146 event. The first fight is between Stefan ‘Skyscraper’ Struve and Lavar Johnson, who do you see winning and how will the fight go down?

Phil: I see Lavar being to strong and powerful for Struve. I see Lavar winning buy KO in round 1 or early in round 2. If it goes into the 3rd round and Struve somehow gets the fight to the ground, I think he will be able to catch a sub victory. But I think Lavar will be to much for Struve and knock his ass out early!

Phil’s pick: Lavar Johnson by KO

Chris:  Fight #2 features Shane del Rosario vs Stipe Miocic in a battle of undefeated heavyweights. How do you see this fight playing out?

Phil: I give the edge to Miocic. I think it will be a hard fought and close decision win for Stipe. But if he wears the Cro Cop shorts again, then I hope Rosario knocks him the fuck out!

Phil’s pick: Stipe Miocic by decision

Chris:  Fight #3 has Roy Nelson facing Dave ‘Pee Wee’ Herman in a fight that is bound to be a war! Who do you have winning and how?

Phil:  Roy is gonna bust Herman up and tool him if he don’t starch him. Country has to much heart and hits to hard for Herman. Pee Wee is getting stretched!

Phil’s Pick: Roy Nelson ‘stretches’ Dave Herman

Chris: Co-main event of the evening has Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva. Who do you see winning and how do you see the fight going down?

Phil: Cain is going to beat Bigfoot the way Cain did in the bible.. he is gonna kill him! This isn’t a jack links commercial, so Bigfoot’s ass is grass! He is too big, too slow and a bit chinny. I can’t see how Bigfoot can get on top and even make this fight competitive!

Phil’s pick: Cain Velasquez kills Bigfoot

Chris: Main event of the evening is for the heavyweight title! Who do you like, champ Dos Santos or former champion now challenger Frank Mir? How do you see this bout playing out?

Phil: Dos Santos is a stud. He has solid boxing, fast hands and can crack heads. He’s athletic for a big man and looked great in his last few outings. Frank Mir is my boy and has never lost to a striker, and he knows that. A confident Mir is a deadly one! Frank has been known to pull off an upset or two in his day. When he is the biggest underdog, is when he is the most dangerous. Look for Mir to take something home with him. Mir by ref stoppage due to a limb being dismembered!

Phil’s pick: Frank Mir by referee stoppage due to a limb being dismembered!

Chris: Haha awesome predictions! So you have a fight coming up this June in Ring of Fire, how will that play out?

Phil: I’m fighting in Ring of Fire on June 2nd, against Chris Holland. After the fight, in the hospital, when they finally wake poor Chris up… his clothing will be out of style! Haha Oh yeah!

Chris: Hahaha right on! Well thanks again for taking the time Phil. I personally can’t wait for UFC 146 and also to see ‘NYBA’ back in action this June! Best of luck to you buddy! Any final words from the ‘New York Bad Ass’?

Phil: Check out @futurelegend clothing and my twitter @philbaroni.  If you can’t sleep and want to watch something good, then check out I have got to thank my boy @dukeskywalker and my boys from New York @theugc! I am finally healthy, feeling great and I am ready to kick some ass! I’m starting by going through Chris Holland like shit through a goose, on June 2nd in Ring Of Fire!




17 Responses to “Exclusive | Phil Baroni Predicts UFC 146 & His Next Fight | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    Anyone who has been on steroids as long as Phil baroni shouldn’t be in MMA period

  2. BabyJ3 says:

    This isn’t a jack links commercial -LOL

  3. SHOGUN RUA says:

    So Shane Carwin isnt classified as a striker? What 12-13 Kos with his hands in the 1st round?

  4. crazyhorse420 says:

    lmao @ bigfoot “He is too big, too slow and a bit chinny.”

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Yeah… What’s the deal with that… I think fedor .. Cracked him.. A good one.. And now… Everytime his chin gets touched… Sleepytime.. He took down a much smaller man for a reason…

      • D-yan says:

        he’s only fought once sense and he got vicously ko’ed by Cormier who’s fucking awesome, i sill think he’s gonna lose cuse cain is world class but im just sayin he got ko’ed by Daniel Cormier because of Daniel Cormier not fedor.

      • crazyhorse420 says:

        Mike Kyle almost put him to sleep. With such a massive chin you would think he could take a punch

  5. Pedo Bear says:

    I can’t believe he said to check out That site is nasty. Those girls are too old.

  6. jones says:

    i would not ask phil who is going win,,the guy has bet on himself the last 4 or 5 fights and been wrong…what makes him right nowe?? also cuz he friends with mirr he wont tell the truth

  7. D-yan says:

    struve with the upset war skyscraper!

  8. D-yan says:

    war skyscraper!

  9. Michael hamlin says:

    Phil is weak who cares about him

  10. Jordan says:

    Baroni is the man. Not a great fighter but puts on great fights and has an awesome personality.

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