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Monday, 05/21/2012, 01:00 pm

Exclusive | Phil Baroni: Everyone blows me off, but I’ve beat a couple of legit guys. | MMA NEWS


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13 Responses to “Exclusive | Phil Baroni: Everyone blows me off, but I’ve beat a couple of legit guys. | MMA NEWS”

  1. Ian says:

    Show some respect for the BEST EVA!!

  2. spiritsplice says:

    Nice pose. Way to highlight your steroid usage.

  3. BabyJ3 says:

    Baroni is still the man! Awesome guy!

  4. james migliorato says:

    Can’t take a fighter serious that is pro steroid use for fighters in mma. Don’t say he didn’t say it either because he did. Their is a whole article on here with him supporting it. Some people need an edge I guess instead of the old fashioned way.

  5. Noway! says:

    He hit it right in the button, he gasses out, how can we take him serious if he continues to basically focus on his physic and stay built with a shit load of muscle mass that doesn’t help his cardio at all, I mean come on guy after all these years and the way u gas out hasn’t changed and u havnt laid off the weight lifting and instead just focused on using your dead weight. You have Heart Phil but u don’t learn… U can be better but u want to be an mma fighter that wins and a body builder which won’t happen. If u continue doing the same thing you’ll continue getting the same results. I hope u turn it around man and prove us who don’t believe wrong.

    • jones says:

      yes this is why aka is shit,,they only really focus on the champs…they dont helo idiots fix themslef like phil…fuk aka…the guys who owns it is fat…how can u be a fat ass coach?

  6. Allgravy says:

    He just needs to get some W’s and put on a good fight as well. Doesn’t have to knock everybody out but the wins will give him a positive buzz. When he came back to the ufc he took two looses that weren’t even close.. Everybody that has watched him throughout his career probably thinks hes done. I think theres a few good challenging fights left but he has to do the work in the gym and come out with a win during fight time.

  7. Seedy says:


  8. AIC says:

    Kala Hose beat you…

  9. mike cocchiere says:

    He’s the best eva, eva!!

  10. Joe says:

    I used to like watching him way back in the day. But the last 2 ufc fights I saw him in were pretty bad. He should realize being muscle bound doesn’t really help in fighting. Having 20 inch bicepts and benching 500 pounds isnnt gonna win a fight. Its not 1998 anymore. These guys have evolved. He should drop a weight class and work on his cardio. But I don’t think he will. Obviously posing with a flexed bicept, he is too proud to lose some weight. With his frame, he should fight at a weight class lower. He will b just as strong, have better cardio and a better chance to win. But he is always entertaining, and I would like to see him do well

  11. Jim says:

    His power isn’t unusual amongst hard hitters, I’d hardly refer to it as hitting ‘a lot harder than everyone else’.

    Someone who’s smart would realise hitting hard is great, but if you have no cardio, they’ll be laughing if they outlast the initial onslaught.

  12. Brett says:

    That’s what she said

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