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Saturday, 11/12/2011, 09:11 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Penn Breaks His Silence, Addresses Diaz Fight, Retirement Talk, Cesar’s Offer And More

We are almost two weeks removed now from UFC 137 and have covered the pre and post fight items tirelessly here on BJPENN.COM. However other than a brief post-fight statement from BJ he has for the most part remained silent on a lot of the questions and issues surrounding everything to do with his UFC 137 showdown with Nick Diaz.

Finally today we had the opportunity to go on record with the champ and get his take on everything from his training camp, to the fight itself and all the aftermath that was dished out as a result of the fight. So for all the fans out there that have been writing into us with questions and inquiries, this interview is for you. Hopefully we addressed all the questions and concerns on everyone’s mind.


PC: Let’s just start from the beginning.  Now that the fight is done and over with, how do you assess your training camp? Are you happy with the results it yielded you and was it a good camp?

BJ: “I did like the periodization part of the camp, although we probably did make some mistakes here and there naturally that we can improve and make better. But all in all the camp went OK. It is a tough question to answer because even if something went wrong we aren’t here to make any excuses.”

PC: I know the fight was not how you anticipated it, but outside of the loss what positives can you take away from the fight and what are your thoughts on the fight overall?

BJ: “I guess the fans got a good fight so that’s always positive for them.  You always want to make sure they get their money’s worth if they order the pay-per-view or show up in person.

I was glad a lot of people from Hawaii got to make it out, a lot of friends and family got to be there so that was all good.

As far as the fight itself, I think Nick and Cesar had a good gameplan, they used the typical big man push you against the fence and tire you out gameplan. That kind of threw me for a surprise because I saw one of his interviews and he had said he was going to really fight me and I thought we were going to go out there and trade Jiu Jitsu techniques and boxing techniques but a portion of the first and second rounds we were stuck on the fence trying to get away from him.

People said he was grabbing the fence or whatever but who cares no biggie, I was just surprised we were stuck on the fence at all. He wanted to use his weight on a guy who is 20 pounds smaller I guess. Hats off to him though, he is a good fighter and he took the decision.”

PC: In the lead up to the fight you were nothing but respectful to Nick the entire time, but it seemed like he really flipped the switch at weigh-ins and turned into the controversial fighter everyone has come to know. Did that change your mentality about things going into the fight?

BJ: “I don’t know, I really didn’t think about it too much, it didn’t even lift my heart rate up. Everybody was talking about how he tried to slap my head or something but that really didn’t even bother me, it was nothing.”

PC: OK, well what about his post-fight antics in the cage when he starting yelling at your boxing coach, Jason Parillo saying “I won that sh*t!!” repeatedly?

BJ: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. When he walked up to Parillo and said that stuff I thought at first that maybe Parillo had said something to him first but that wasn’t the case. It was probably uncalled for, but I think that’s just the way Nick operates, it was actually pretty comical.”

PC: In the actual fight itself, Nick threw everything he had at you and you were still there standing. Taking that into account, if the UFC ever says they want to book a rematch between you two down the road, do you think knowing that you took everything he had is an advantage for you going forward and would you even consider a rematch with him at this point?

BJ: “Nicks good, he’s got boxing skill and I know I better be ready for their gameplan of pushing me on the fence if we ever fight again. But ya, I have no fear I would take that fight anytime, I would love to take that fight.

I am in no position right now to think about that. Nick is fighting for the UFC championship and I’m actually not doing anything right now. I’m just trying to take it easy and enjoy life, but as far as that goes, nothing has changed, I’ll go out and fight the best guys anytime.”

PC: OK, let’s expand on that a bit. After the fight you announced your retirement.  First of all, what was going on in your mind when you made that call and is that something that you are really going to stick to?  Is BJ Penn retired?

BJ: “You know what, me and the team have talked about this for a long time and we talked about this after the first Frankie Edgar fight. In Fighting you really get a lot of motivation and a lot of fire when you’re out there trying to prove yourself and going out there being all you can be.

There’s nothing else more that I like than fighting, but every once in a while you need to take some time away. As of right now I don’t feel that burning desire, that burning urge to compete and I’m just going to hang out. If I feel that desire again than I will be back, but if I don’t feel it than there is no reason for me to make a return.

You really gotta feel it, there can be nothing else, when you’re standing in the ring across from your opponent he is thinking there is nothing else more important in the world than winning this fight and you have to be thinking the same thing. No matter if you’re better than him or not you have to be thinking the same thing. He’s got a dream and only a dream can kill a dream and your dream has to be bigger than his.

If your just there because you’re better than the opponent than you’re not in the right frame of mind. Fighting is one of the only sports that a guy not as good as you can beat you… Why? Because he wants it more.”

PC: So just to be clear, you’re not committing to retiring 100% but you’re not yet committing to return to fighting either is that right?

BJ: “That’s just the truth, I would love to fight again, I’d love to fight all these guys. Right now I don’t have that burning desire to compete so as I sit down and just enjoy life, when and if that desire comes back I will be ready to fight again. I’m sure it will.”

PC: Can you walk us through your mindset after the Diaz fight? You took more visible damage in this fight than we have ever seen, so what was that like for you and how did you feel?

BJ: “I guess it comes back to that first Frankie Edgar fight in Abu Dhabi, that is probably when I needed a break. With the loss and all that, that’s what was constantly playing in my head. The fact of the matter is I lost; I lost a decision so that’s playing in my head.  I was thinking how I got physically beat up tonight and that whole thing of taking some time off, which has been in my head for probably the last year or longer.  I’ve been with the UFC for so long and it was just all kind of spinning around in my head.

It was a tough fight, I just went through a tough fight and I guess I’ve been trying to express that I needed a break for awhile, but I was the one pushing myself, so go figure.”

PC: Can you tell everyone about how long you have been on the fence about this? We lost the title back in April of last year so did you start feeling this way after the Diego fight or after Abu Dhabi or when exactly did all this hit you?

BJ: “It’s hard to say, I guess it was when I started to see how hard the training camps are to make everything work. You have so many different personalities and trying to put that whole thing together is tough and with the fight everyone thinks you should train a certain way and all the people in the camp think differently.

That, plus when you don’t get the enjoyment of the success it just kind of wears on you a little bit. So it’s been going on for a long time probably ever since the Marinovich’s where here.”

PC: Now, my next question you have addressed a million times before, but let’s just go over it again as it pertains specifically to this last fight.  Do you think in this fight with Nick Diaz that there was room for improvement in the cardio department, and if maybe you had a bit more endurance you could have taken the fight?

BJ: “There was definitely room for strength and conditioning type of improvement in it. We did tons of running but we kind of over reached ourselves a little bit so we had to do some extra recovery. If that hadn’t of happened we could have done some strength and conditioning but those are things that happened and that’s part of the game and you have to go in there with the best that you’ve got.

But I wish and I definitely would have liked to have topped off the last eight weeks with some of the explosive things that Marinovich does.”

PC: Now going forward if you decide to make a return to action will you incorporate more of the Marinovich explosive stuff into your camps?

BJ: “These guys at Phase Four definitely have a real good piece of the puzzle. They are really good at building your aerobic base. They are the best I have seen without a doubt. They really understand the periodization and this and that but I mean going forward for myself mentally if I was going to go through a training camp, or just in the day to day because I’m never going to stop training, I’d probably look at something like a blend, build up some good aerobic base and do some good explosive work too.”

PC: Another hot topic is how last week Cesar gave me a call to offer a team merger. What are your thoughts on that and is that something you would consider?

BJ: “I’ve known Cesar for awhile, whether I dislike him at certain times or not I could never stay mad at that guy. That being said, some of things Diaz has done kind of rub me the wrong way so I think I’m just going to kind of keep to myself and do my own thing.

I’m not even training for a fight anyways so there is really no reason why I would be up there right now”

PC: So that is a definite “NO”, correct?

BJ: “Exactly, I’m with Nova Uniao, I’ve been with them since 1999 and I’m still with them today.”

PC: Perfect, now let’s discuss some of the post-fight antics Nick has been making headlines with. The guy comes out of nowhere and starts doing a ton of press lately, something that he has never done in the past and it seems like he wants to bring you up for whatever reason.

He has gone on the record and called you bitter about the loss for breaking down his fight with GSP and saying that GSP will probably out wrestle him and he has said that he finds you disrespectful for kind of forgetting where you came from at Ralph’s and abandoning that team while promoting your own.

Since I have you here today, I just want to address all these things that have been going on and get your thoughts on all of that?

BJ: “There are just so many teachers, but I still respect Ralph Gracie to this day. I trained with him for a year and half until I was a purple belt and sometimes it’s hard to respect someone that says the kind of stuff that Ralph says about me but I still respect and appreciate him to this day.

I started training with Ralph Gracie from 1997 to 1999 so I trained with him for about a year and a half and than from there I moved back to Hawaii and I started training with Nova Uniao and I’ve been with them the whole time.

I see what he is saying though because Jiu Jitsu is a great martial art. I still think Jiu Jitsu is the perfect form of self defense. It can’t win a Mixed Martial Arts world title but it can definitely keep you alive on the streets.  If you had to run away and someone tackled you, you could defend yourself and run away again, but we have had so many teachers over the years.

I’ve stayed with Nova Uniao for 12 years now, I’ve always stayed with them, but there are so many different teachers over the years from my junior college wrestling coach, Jim Root at West Valley, to more and more and more. I mean, so many different teachers have taught me through the years that I don’t even know. I guess the learning never stops.

What I Said about his fight with GSP wasn’t even that bad, the whole world knows GSP is going to use his wrestling to take Nick down, he’s not gonna stand there and just box with him. That’s nothing personal, that’s just the way it is.”

PC: Sounds good BJ, I think we have pretty much addressed everything at this point in time and I appreciate you opening up for the fans. I guess my last question would be what your plans are for the next several months and what you are most looking forward to in your time away from competing?

BJ: “I’m looking forward to spending time with my daughter now and the birth of my new daughter in December and just kind of taking it easy. I’m still going to be training and teaching and doing those things but I’m not going to be training to compete and I think that is what I am most looking forward to.”


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  1. Casey Gapol says:


  2. deptfordbill says:

    It’s good to hear.

    I think taking the time to step back, appreciate what you have and what you have already achieved is the best thing BJ can do.

    There is nothing to be gained by jumping back into another training camp and possibly repeat the same mistakes a tired mind can make.

    Whether BJ fights again or not, I would expect those who have been fortunate enough to follow his career will only wish him the very best in whatever he chooses to do.

    Though if he decide to step back into the fire, then I for one hope BJ is able to detatch himself from his past, look at himself and his camps from a cold, independent view point and rediscover the true mixed martial artist he always was and will be.

  3. Jay Unidos says:

    BJ Penn is my favorite fighter, and I’ll always wish him well in whatever it is he chooses to do. This site has been a great source of inspiration and community (more so before the redesign). But, this interview kind of bummed me out when it comes to his assessment of the fight itself. It’s just seems wrong, especially the strength and conditioning, and the whole fence thing. Not that it didn’t happen…but it could be that this interview is still taking place a little soon after the fact. Either way, thank you Pedro for the job you do here.

    • WHO says:

      He always has a excuse!!!!

      • The King says:

        Penn always speaks the truth. Why don’t you go watch some TUF. Newbie
        Perhaps you don’t like hearing the truth?

        Diaz was supposed to STAND AMD BANG.
        But instead he went with the GAMPLAN approach.

        Diaz is not a true scrapper.. Watch the fight again. Notice how Diaz decides to push on the fence. CLASSIC GSP PUSSY SHIT

        • Anthony says:

          I’m not a Diaz fan, but he was not pushing and wrestling on the cage! Have a look at all of Diaz’s fights and you will see he uses his boxing and corner them on the fence (like boxers use the ropes and corners of a boxing ring)…

          … Penn was out-boxed and gassed. There was no ‘using his weight advantage’ by Diaz.

        • Gunnie says:

          Anthony you are 100% correct and if there is others who don’t think so they don’t know much about boxing . Diaz is good at cutting the cage off and cornering his opponent and using his reach for both jab overhands and def too the body .. he tears down the body 1 punch at a time and does not waste punches.

        • Ainofea says:

          I was cage side first row brah and all diaz did was push him againt da cage watch da replay brah yeah Diaz did good but watch da fight again before you say he didnt use the cage he was pulling a GSP!

        • JBJ sucks says:

          You act like you were in their fighting Diaz, whatever you say keyboard warrior

        • Ainokea says:

          anthony, if you watch it closely, he was not out boxed. diaz threw more punches, but bj got good hits with a few punches. Freddie roach said that bj has some of the best boxing in MMA, and I believe

        • WHO says:

          just like his fans to make excuses for him

        • austin says:

          why are you even on this website if all your going to do is talk shit

        • Ainokea says:

          one day youre gonna say the wrong thing and youre gonna get KO’d for saying stupid shit.
          And don’t be gay like JBJ sucks and call me a internet warrior. andy time anywhere

        • Stefan says:

          LMAO congratulations dude, you are without a doubt the most ignorant BJ fan I have ever encountered. Maybe when you remove his cock from your mouth you’ll be able to think clearly and realize that everything you just said is utter bullshit

        • YM says:

          Wow, you’re an idiot. BJ got beat. Badly. Not laynpray, but punched in the face 150x beat. Not a big deal, it happens. But it Definitley was not pussy. Don’t be bitter guy.

        • DK says:

          Tha´s a load of bs.

          Stood and banged is exactly what Diaz did. The only difference is that Diaz did it better than BJ. No I´m not bias, I´m a huge fan of both guys.

          Count the seconds Diaz is “grabbing the fence” or stalling the punchtrading with BJ. Just count them, and then count the seconds Diaz is firing mulitple bangs in BJs face from a courageous distance, taking one shot to deliver three. If that is a pussy form of fighting then there are no fighters at all in this game. Who stands and bangs with BJ for three rounds like Diaz did? No one.

          My advice is to watch the fight again. BJ can´t take he was defeated in his own speciality, thats it.

        • The King says:

          Don’t be scared homie! Stand and bang!

          Take a look at the fight. I’m NOT saying nick wasn’t boxing I’m just saying at times he STOPPED Boxing/Scrapping and resorted to the puss puss gsp game plan style.

          Take a look. He did.

          Again not saying nick didn’t box just saying he fagged out of the SCRAP!

          LOL How Diaz has no more street Credit..

          Whatever you do. don’t resort to holding the fence.

        • Joseph says:


  4. ryan w says:

    great invterview bj… humility and truth. always a champion in my book.

    • Chartmonster says:

      respect that your a chael fan, but doggin Bj is a DOUCHEBAG MOVE HANK!

    • Chris says:

      Fighting a guy that has 20 pounds on you doesn’t exactly elicit thoughts of cowardice (having no balls).

      • e says:

        henry kobasky, if you want all the answers to your questions, why dont you talk to the man himself? he will give you the REAL DEAL and UP FRONT answers that you’re so desperately seeking. ONLY BJ can tell you what’s really going on. you wont get the answers you’re looking for by asking “fans” from the website because you’re just trolling for an argument. BE A FKN MAN and talk to BJ about your concerns, then you can post up your interview on the forums. why dont you contribute something positive and meaningful to this website, rather than talking shit about the man himself? DO IT YOU FKN PUSSY! DO IT OR SHUT THE FUCK UP. i doubt you’ll shut the fuck up because a bitch will always be a bitch and run their mouths.

    • Zack says:

      Henry is a douchebag! Stfu u queer bait noone cares what you say cuz it’s either oh I have chaels dick in my ass right now or talkin shit about another one of the greatest in bj. Henry just really can’t stand real fighters

    • Chris says:

      You’ve never disputed any of my counter- arguments either Kobasky.

    • James Wolfe says:

      You are a complete idiot, you see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear and believe what you want to believe.

      BJ has left the door wide open and we will see, who knows…that’s what the interview left people with. Good to hear from you BJ. Have a good rest BJ, all the best.

    • poopie patrol says:

      humility?truth?ya right.bj “mr excuses”penn,he grabbed the fence,he was all greased up,my hearts not in it,hes bigger than me,i didnt peak at the right time,my cardio was off,how about be a man and start owning your losses.and stfu

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      The same should be said for you.

    • e says:

      again, talk to BJ about that personal shit. DONT BE A PUSSY KOBASKY!

    • Josie Wales says:

      Hey ditwad, I’ve been reading your post among the mix for too long now. The “burning desire” or “fire in the belly” applies to literally everything. It’s the energy you get when you’re overly excited about something. When I went for my PHD, I was concerned because I didn’t have the fire in the belly like I did when I began my Master’s. That fire carried me through the Master’s, by the time I finished, I was done. However, I kept going, and well, I don’t have a PHD because I didn’t have the perserverance to write the dissertation or do the research required for the program (which was from a top ten school in Chicago: Go Wildcats!). There are lot of mental factors that attribute to having a burning desire, it’s a legit excuse that negatively impacts preparation and performance for everything you are or are not interested in. In BJ’s situation, wanting to win is the end product, but that fire in the belly carries you through the preparation and mental focus to complete the ‘journey’, for a lack of a better word, to get to that destination. If you do not have a burning desire when traveling a difficult path; you will not find success. BJ is suffering from job burnout and needs the break he intends to take. In fact, many people get burned out at some point in his or her career.

    • Fightclub says:

      folks. this fucker obviously has no life. most definitely a loser; weak and powerless. He makes himself feel important by coming on this Site and trolling for arguments; it’s called negative attention. I mean look at the thread I’m commenting under…what exactly did he say there?! JUST IGNORE THIS IDIOT>

    • dubmatic808 says:

      you know you’re a real piece of shit when ur not even a fan and come cry online at someone u hates website. i hate jersey shore tv show piece of shit ppl but i never once went to their website let alone blogged there.

    • EP says:

      Im from New York and youre a fucking disgrace to all NYers. You clearly have no fucking respect for the amazing sport of MMA and/or the legends who have paved way and been fighting so put this mainstreams for over 10 years now. Youre just a pathetic loser who thinks he is tough bc you act all hard on the internet… youre nothing more than a keyboard warrior. youre a little pussy. i live in new york in downtown manhattan,,, if you want to run your mouth on here, and be a tough guy, set a up a spot anywhere in NY and we can link up. Until then, do yourself and everyone else on here a favor… get the fuck off bjpenn.com … go back to GSP.com or whatever website that lame ass has and go on with yoru rants on there, maybe some of those people will actually give a fuck. but to be honest im sick and fkn tired on coming on to BJPENN.com to read and be updated about shit and talk and discuss MMA with REAL MMA fans, dont fucking idiots like you who dishonor and talk shit about LEGENDS OF THE SPORT on his own page. FUCK YOU you fkn faggot. BJ… NEW YORK HAS YOUR BACK ALL DAY BROTHER…. Take some time off, get that fire back, and back and back, compete with the best, get your title back and finish off your legendary legacy. TEAM PENN all day every day. #JustScrap

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    Thanks for the interview BJ and Pedro. Glad to finally hear from BJ. Take some time off, can’t wait to know what the next move is.

  6. Taylor says:

    Man I love BJ, he is the reason I started watching MMA. But if he comes back, I really think he should take Cesar up on his offer. BJ needs to surround himself with world class fighters who will show him how to obtain WORLD CLASS CARDIO. That is the answer, and frankly, BJ’s last few camps have not brought him to the level he should be at. I really hope BJ comes back to make another run at LW, but he needs to switch things up. Times have changed, and all the great fighters now have amazing cardio. I’ll always be a fan, but I think BJ needs to take a hard look at where’s he at now and realize that changes need to be made. WAR BJ!!

  7. Pete Marinovech says:

    Get back with Marinovich he is the answer to your hawaiin laziness

  8. lol says:

    Penn won round 1 and gassed and Diaz still couldnt finish him. Thats the positive I take from the fight.. Please take the time off to relax and when that fire comes back fight Jon Fitch.. Also please hire the Marvinach.(spelling)

    • mytwocents says:

      I keep listening to these comments and very few people want to acknowledge that BJ got beat like he has never been beat before and another thing that keeps coming up is that they said Nick couldn’t finsih him… R U serious? Dude, watch that fight again and tell me that…. The biggest mistake Nick made was walking around and letting him stay in the fight,…. Any other fighter would of charged in and went for the kill…. I believe nick let him live to fight another day…. I still love BJ but he needs a new team.

  9. Chartmonster says:

    Awesome interview..knew Nick looked huge compared to Bj ..20lbs! No merger great news! The fire will be back as we get into the Cain v Jds fight and of course the Chael v Andy fight where Chael defends his title! Knew Nick was going to push u up against the fence and use his boxing and try to wear u out..he alway does that. Bj has the skills to fight anyone but we need the Strength and Conditioning as a base without that it’s a losing battle! Enjoy the Ohana..and get back in the cage when the fire is back! Oh yeah..Nick Diaz is a Douchebag! Bj Penn Greatest of all time!

  10. Lex w says:

    Id love to c tha rematch wit bj having better cardio, bj would smash him

  11. Anthony says:

    Big time BJ fan….but how long has he been in this game? Long enough to know that his cardio always lost him fights. I really dont want to see BJ come back to fight if his cardio is not right. If he does come back…just work on your cardio the whole camp!! I cant take another BJ face smashing…and then to see Reagan come out the way he did in his second fight. BJ….you are my favorite fighter….and I am happy you are spending time with your family and soon to be new addition! But please if you come back….please come back with a VENGANCE!!!

  12. your mom says:

    I love BJ and truly think he could’ve been the GOAT if he just had the motivation. He is a true fighter and probably the most naturally gifted fighter ever but natural ability will only take you so far without hard work. He has the skills to be the best but not the desire. It also saddened me because his skills aren’t in decline yet, he still has time to be the best if he wants it. It seems he is saying the wrong things still.

    IMO the results speak for themselves.

    Bring back Marinovich. Unleash the Monster.

  13. Running for MMA? says:

    Do fighters still think jogging/running is good cardio training for fighting? It’s too bad that BJ has more talent than anyone, but continues to lose bc of training issues. What a shame.

  14. GrimsGrind says:

    BJ Penn may have lost the fight, but he won the battle years ago. He will never die. Legends Never Die, and BJ Penn is a legend.

  15. Nothing like relaxing and spending time with family, especially with the keiki’s (children) Bj, do you bro….

  16. jus looked thru these comments, Henry Kobasky talking trash, thats all he seems to do is talk. come to hawaii and talk in our faces so we can kick you and your father’s ass for disrespecting us..Murda she wrote!!!!

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      • my argument is not about what Bj said, it’s about respect and respecting Bj as a Man and his accomplishments..and about respecting the website, yea Bj always lacks cardio and relies on his talent..so what he lost a few decisions, never got stopped, whats your accomplishments?? Ive killed for yours and americas freedom, you must not be american to come and disrespect us like this, how many people from Hawaii has ever accomplished what Bj has, not much so have some respect for our champ..

    • If this is your real name, I have my demon dawgs in Jersey to hunt you down easily!!!!

      • Donnybrook says:

        LOL… I bet he just shit his shorts!!

      • yep they wouldnt come after you, congrats you’re right, you’re entitled to your opinion, as far as all the shit you been talking im over it, it’s just a great exposure of your true character..Mr NO BALLS KY!!!! this was fun anyway, I aint gonna start a war over this, Ive seen enough bloodshed ovar the past 7 years, good job getting under my skin…It’s been a while since someone had that kind of power over me…no disrespect..

        • Philippe says:

          shut up u low life bafoon… word on the street is BJ’s balls got a little cold so maybe you should go and do what you’re only good for which is for you to go put ur mouth back in BJ’s nuts so you can warm it up real nice and maybe bring it back from retirement

        • Philippe says:

          @ Fortyb4five

        • Philippe says:

          anything is better than being you… you go around stalking people to call them trolls and haters for having opinions. This is a mma media website by BJ Penn and his staff for all MMA fans. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion than go ahead and prove them wrong or don’t comment at all. You resorting to just calling people haters and “fake ass trolls” is just being childish and ignorant because you’re too attached to BJ’s nutsack. And also since you’re not fake why don’t you go ahead and put up your real info dummy, be the first dumbass to post it on the internet. LOL

        • I think i owe you an apology henry, for what i said…

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Thank you Philippe and deepcountrykauai for stating your opinion in favor of my stance. I love you both. New friendships that the three of us have gained shows that anything is possible on the internet. I never expected it to happen here on an MMA fighter’s website. Let’s all keep in touch. Bye.

        • Why would your comments upset anyone, especially if there’s no truth to them. It’s all a game of cat and mouse..

        • Thanks, I don’t feel i deserve an apology, after reading the comments again, I realized that I got upset because there were a lot of truth to some of it, as far as all the unnecessary stuff, I allowed it to let it get to me, I believe in the saying, “the truth hurts” speaking for myself…

      • Respectexpected says:

        Watchout… google “Zeta’s silencing internet critics” these things are possible these days with enough money, power, and access to a good programmer/hacker. Or obviously it can happen from one disturbed individual who’s an expert with computers and becomes motivated to track you down.

    • Talk is cheap, combat and war is for real!!!

    • Chris says:

      Brilliant word play..

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        Wow I’m kinda confused here, is henry or howard or whoever having a case of “delusionary schizophrenia”? How pathetic is this person to cause all this drama? Really pitiful if this is the highlight of his life, freaken “attention-whore”!

    • M IKE says:

      Send some Hawaiians to Stockton California. Beat your spear throwing ass, then shoot you in the face. Stick to coconuts and canoes.

  17. eddie diaz says:

    “You took everything that Diaz had and you were still standing”…Get off of his dick! If it would have been a 5 rounder then it would have been everything that Diaz had..With that said…Bj is a amazing person and fighter….The man deserves to take as much time off as he wants…

    • wigler says:

      maybe im wrong or not but sounds like penn is making it sound like he lost because diaz was holding him against the fence, and not because he got punched almost 300 times… bj has been winning on talent alone and thats just not enough with the level of fighters that are on ufc now, u need the talent and the training

  18. Ironhaynsnake says:

    What will fuel da fire? Don’t look for it. Just let it happen accordingly and naturally. Don’t leave things undone…

  19. Lorenzo says:

    So why doesn’t he train with the Marinovich Bro’s anymore? I know this issue was already discussed but someone please refresh my memory?

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      I’m not 100% sure, but from what I can recall I think it had some kind of issue about how they concentrated too much on strength & conditioning and not enough on fighting technique and from what BJ said, whats the point of winning if you don’t enjoy it! For me on a fan’s standing point, I would completely be ecstatic if BJ went back to train with the Marinovich’s, especially since they help yield a better success rate! Another thing I hope BJ would consider in the near future is train w/ team Blackhouse for superb training partners & to also train w/ Pacquiao for his standup. He seems to have great relations with them all, so why not! But again this is all just from my opinion, cause I feel by the end of the day if you’re not satisfied w/ how things are done then you shouldn’t do it. BJ should do as he pleases, it’s his career & life!

  20. Ironhaynsnake says:

    Maybe $$$.$$$.$$ ?

  21. WHO says:

    thanks for the interview BJ “Full of Excuses” Penn

  22. mick says:

    i get so fucking amped watching penn fight…this interview broke my heart…BJ….WHY DID YOU GAS OUT SO HORRIFICALLY….you literally couldnt move when the 2nd round started and you WON the first round so decisively. to hear him say he doesnt have the burning desire reminds me of when tyson said the same thing back in 05…heartbreaking….COME BACK PRODIGY

    • Eli says:

      I know right? All the motivation you need: everyone that watches mma. You should come back with a vengeance. Train your heart and soul out for ONE solid training camp and prove to everyone that you’re one of the greatest still.

  23. P R O D I G Y says:

    This Henry guy is the absolute worlds gayest and worst fuckin troll. Maybe he should give BJ some tips about strength and conditioning and how to achieve a winners mindset LoL.

  24. gary says:

    bj quit again.best first round fighter.remember bj you chose to fight at welterweight so why is the issue of a bigger man pushing you to the fence offends you.clearly you got the shit beat out of you should have quit after the edgar fight.tired of the excuses go eat your loco moco already

    • M IKE says:

      Racist Hawaiian, again. Hawaiian islanders are the most racist people in America. And proud of it. Maybe the only race that’s proud to be racist.

      If BJ Penn was from California, he’d give a f*ck about Hawaiians. BJ Penn has ZERO Hawaiian blood. He’s half HAOLE and half KOREAN. So stop being proud of him. Go get a Haole girlfriend or boyfriend, make babies. You’ll give birth to an athlete that has the chance to be great.

  25. tom23 says:

    Was BJ watching the same fight I saw where he got punched 200 plus times??? Diaz using his weight?

  26. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I am surprised that BJ was surprised! Diaz uses that tactic frequently.

  27. thereader says:

    It’s not BJPenn’s skill, it’s the strategy and corner man. It’s game time decisions that don’t happen in BJ Penn’s corner. Listen to his corner advice what do you hear?
    If he was stuck in the corner, what was his advice?
    Seriously, pregame training, and go live decisions. In a superbowl if you can’t adjust correctly in go-live you’re dead. BJ’s corner strategy skills are subpar to his own. He needs a coach better then his own game time decisions skills. (randy couture)

  28. Nick says:

    Bj’s camp is amateur at best. Bj doesn’t need any aerobic conditioning,he’s never had a problem with his aerobic conditioning, he needs anaerobic conditioning. This is nonsense, and completely unprofessional. Bj was at his best with the Marinovichs by his side, like them or not, they’re at the top of the food chain when it comes to strength & conditioning.

  29. Jamie says:

    I am a BJ Penn fan, but this is a terrible interview.

    C’mon, BJ. You are clearly bitter as Nick said.

  30. e says:

    mahalo BJ and Pedro! Thank you both for the fantastic interview.

  31. mike says:

    BJ, thanks for the great interview. I hope you come back and when you do, I’d love to see you at lightweight. Like you said, Nick had 20 pounds on you and I think lightweight is your natural weight class and where you have knockout power.

  32. e says:


  33. Dustin says:

    omg so much text!! why no video? :(

  34. This guy says:

    I am curious to see how much he weight he gains in the next 6 months. I wonder if he will ever be 155 again.

    I am happy he has the option to relax for his family now. So many fighters fight as hard as they can to get where guys like Penn are at, and they never make it. These fighters put everything on the line. Its good to see that some of them can sit back and enjoy their lives when they are still healthy.

  35. jimrny says:

    I remember watching BJ when he first burst onto the scene. So talented, hope he rekindles that fire.

  36. DFL says:

    wow.. cant believe penn is trying to act like diaz was trying to “push him against the fence” and “not really fight” … such bs.. i was there. and nick beat his ass fair and square with beautiful boxing… BJ should stop being delusional and go train with Cesar Gracie already.

  37. Matt says:

    “But I wish and I definitely would have liked to have topped off the last eight weeks with some of the explosive things that Marinovich does.” –BJ Penn

    If you decide to fight again, and you think you can still work with them. Call Marinovich up. Build your cardio up how you like first, then use Marv to help you train his system.

  38. mustafa says:

    Man… Big up’s to Bj, only celebrity/athlete I kno out there that would keep such a close connection with his fans. Alot people might not relize it but alot of the controversy surrounding this whole issue is personal ish.. But to be so open for the sake and understanding of his loyal fans, Bj adresses all questions with out ducking or dodging any of them. Hope you decide return to mma soon, but even if you don’t; you went out like man with respect!!

  39. Kaja says:

    BI, win or lose, is the reason I watch UFC. Same reason I enjoy Chris Leben, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and a few others. You never know what’s going to happen in the ring, but BJ always brings his Jus Scrap attitude in there. Isn’t that the whole concept behind the original MMA when it started years ago? When Royce Gracie would be in that ring with someone 50lbs bigger than him and he’d be choking them unconcious. Just going out there and scrapping without a clock watching game plan.

    Real world situation, we never get to choose to fight someone the same size as us. They could be bigger or smaller, but if a fight is staring us in the face, you jus scrap or go home.

    BJ never goes home!

  40. unano says:

    If BJ trained harder and really worked on his cardio and strength, he’d have only one loss and no draws. BJ’s my favorite MMA fighter, but I’m often disappointed how conditioned he is. I don’t understand how a pro could be so gassed after only one round. How many first rounds has he won and how many second and beyond rounds has he lost. TRAIN LIKE YOUR GOING TO WAR BJ. Train until you can’t lift your arms, then train even more and stop worrying about “peaking”, trust me you will not lose to anyone in the light and welterweight divisions.

    • M IKE says:

      BJ doesn’t train as hard as other fighters bottom line. He never needed to because he was so skilled on so many levels, but now MMA especially in lower weights is being dominated by superior conditioned athletes that turn into fighters, not vice versa. I wish BJ had the discipline and determination of say GSP, because if he trained like GSP, BJ Penn would be the Michael Jordan of the sport.

  41. Robert J says:

    BJ will always Be the Man!

  42. Petygayha says:

    All time excuse makers

  43. Whodat sombitch says:

    Who is PC? He kept saying “We” when talking about things happenign with BJ. Just curious

  44. Todd Marinovech says:

    No offense but he’s lazy it’s just that laid back Hawaiin mentality. The fact that he only wants to use the Marinovech planning and implementation and not actually hire him again seems to be setting himself up for failure again.

  45. hmpf says:

    that interview was like a corny infomercial “it slices too?” thats right pedro!. a padded interview if you will. I thought penn would own diaz but what I seen was diaz outclass him bottom line. no excuses lets move on or you never get that fire back . that dude that said he was going to snipe a guy with his hands . wow what a dumb butt hurt comment but ill be nice since hes prolly retardid if you have friends from jersey willing to kill over a forum you prolly met them on the short bus. although henry is a rude asshole lol bj may not be the greatest up to date. but his accomplishments this far grant him the al bundy relaxation he needs. far from a slouch. take nothing away from diaz those pls

  46. Duncan McGregor says:

    Great interview! I hope BJ sees fit to come back. I think he’d some great stuff at lightweight after some R&R.

  47. Medicine Man says:

    It’s all good Bj, taking time off and training the same time is always a good thing, working the mind and working the body, keep the spirit healthy. Always supporting you from around the world.

  48. Dev_NY says:

    BJ is my favorite fighter, but I don’t agree with him in regards to Diaz pushing him on the fence to wear him down. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what Diaz did, BJ should be conditioned to handle anything when competing at the highest level. It all comes down to what BJ said, “Fighting is one of the only sports that a guy not as good as you can beat you… Why? Because he wants it more.” I think that one line sums up why BJ hasn’t had much success in his recent fights. Much luck to you BJ, enjoy the time off, you’re still the best fighter in my opinion. I hope you regain that passion to be the best and make a return one day .

  49. BJ fan since day 1 says:

    Thanks for the interview BJ. But I don’t think its fair to us fans that one day you want to fight until your 35 and the next day you want to retire. That rollercoaster of emotions for us fight fans is not compensated by your sincerity to speak from your heart. You can still compete at the highest level but you saw holes in your camp, yet how can they be natural mistakes, as if this was your first time around! Your a legend! I will always be loyal to my favorite fighter but please get focused and train like you desire to reign until your 35 BJ for the sake of PENN NATION.

  50. stone cold says:

    everything bj penn said is true. nick diaz did say he wouldn’t hold people like other fighters and would just fight.. he did push him against the fence and hold the fence to wear him out.. but i guess this i mma and anything can happen. i guess you gotta do whatever you gotta do to win!!

  51. SaberTooth says:

    Good Interview Guys. It gives good insight into where BJ is mentally with his fight career. These little pip squeak hater trolls on these forums talking mad crap about BJ and what he is or isn’t, DON’T know shit. I’d like to see one of these big mouth bitches go through a training camp and then fight another person that is trying to beat the shit out of you just once, much less for 10+ years!! Couldn’t do it, could you New York, New York, USA ?? Now listen up you little slimey immature bitches, EVERYTHING, is cyclic. BJ has been on top for a longtime and has put a beatdown on many guys: remember GSP 1, Sherk, Joe Daddy, Sanchez. It’s just time for BJ to be down and take a few beatdowns like he did from Diaz. This world is like a mirror and you get back what you give and fighters give beatings and they take beatings. EVERY fighter has this in their reality. Nobody is on top forever. Now BJ has a long way to go before he quits but he has to win the mental battle that is occurring now. If he does and gets that fire back, he will once again be at the top. If not, then he will move on to other things. I’ll I can say is that I hope the best for him in whatever he chooses. I know he is the BEST there has ever been. He could be even better in the future if he wins the mental battle now, God’s Speed.

  52. Long-Strong says:

    he’ll be back…

  53. Nick says:

    you know what im sick of, im sick of the people that get on here to talk shit about Bj, why the FUCK are you on a site of a guy that you dont respect, a guy you want to talk shit to? you people need to get a life and move on.. To the prodigy fans, the real ones bj is humble and truthful, if he makes his return he will come back strong…WAR PENN!!!

  54. KingGareth says:

    Diaz beat BJ down. It wasn’t even close. I think Gsp will take Diaz down and win by cutting Diaz. Gsp can’t finish Diaz.

  55. abuka says:

    Marinovich for the win!!

  56. aaxantonio says:

    bj wasnt making excuses, he gave nick credit and said he beat him, he was asked questions and he answered them. so what he said GSP can out wrestle nick and he will probably do so, is there any one in their right mind really think nick is a better wrestler then GSP? i dont really think nick has a chance to stop GSP from taking him down, will GSP do anything when they get there? i guess we will just have to wait n see

  57. e says:

    tough talk onelostfaggot

  58. e says:

    damn dude i hate to bust a kobasky but what the fuck are you talking about? your english sucks dick.

  59. bizzle says:

    After the first Edgar fight I was on the forums saying BJ needed a break.. He looked like he was in great shape but was just performing flat.. That is more mental then physical.. I am glad BJ is going to take a well deserved break.. Enjoy champ!!

  60. Twayne says:

    Great interview braddah Pedro! BJ we support you to da’ fullest no matter what. Enjoy your family & time off Champ! God Bless!


  61. josie wales says:

    First off: Good for you BJ, there’s always been this adage that you’re either a lover or a fighter, and since you’re both, looks like the burning desire has been in the bedroom, haha just kidding… but on a harsher note, regardless of all the in fighting that occurred with the MARV bros and your other trainers, you’ve never looked better when they led the camp. The proof is in the pudding, right? And, you simply cannot spar with amateurs when you are preparing for top tier, I mean no disrespect to Brandon Thatch and the like, it’s simply is what it is. For example, didn’t you train with Jack Ellenberger for Jon Fitch? Well, he’s top tier. Matt Hughes is no longer top tier unfortunately, but that’s with any professional sports. You really do not have to work so much on your skills, it’s the MARV magic that will get you to where you want to be. Take time off, because it’s job burnout, read about how to recover from job burnout and try to make a little BJ PENN (boy) however, girls are awesome and you and your (wife?) make really cute kids, so enjoy the time away, you’re always the man we look forward to watch. Take care and see you in 2012!

  62. Kipo says:

    Much respect to B!! Spend time and be with your family!!

    To the guys who shows disrespect…think about how you guys acting , time to grow up boys!!

  63. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wish BJ would really say what’s on his mind because obviously there’s more to the story than BJ is letting on. BJ didn’t get any easy questions and he was the only person being interviewed. If you think the interview is lacking in objectivity well…

    This is BJ Penn’s website… Go figure?

  64. matt kock says:

    If BJ will get back to training with the Marinovich brothers he’ll go Undefeated but we all know that that will NEVER happen so it will always be left to think “What could have been”.

  65. fourtetshou says:

    Actually, when Jason Parillo was yelling “He’s grabbing the fence!” – Diaz purposefully shows his hand to the ref.

    BJ is wrong if he believes he didn’t get beat fair and square.

    And I hate to say it, because I am a Penn fan, but the guy actually does sound bitter about the fight.

    I mean, Diaz didn’t even want to fight Penn before. Penn inked the agreement first and wanted to take Diaz’s name into his list.

    When Diaz’s camp offers BJ a way to better himself, he now declines. Hopefully, he has a change of heart, because whatever he’s doing… It seems like Diaz’s camp is doing much better.

  66. thereader says:

    Skill not the problem, it’s training strategy and cornering.

  67. steven horgan says:

    bj lost that fight for all the wrong reasons, he wasent in good enough condition and without marinovich bj conditioning isent good enough to compete with the fighters in that division, diaz was pushin against the cage and grabbing but thats not why bj lost, the gas wasent in the tank and he was just runnin on heart, bj penn is the best ever but he needs to realise the only problem is himself, he has to surround himself with the right people, i think hes doing the right thing now and resting for a while..when the batteries are recharged get marv back, if he dosent bj wont just be remembered for the champ he is but as THE WHAT IF bj was in shape when he fought this or that person

  68. MJJ says:

    Yes it is funny, that any honest critisism of BJ is met with vulger insults, with no counter points, it is ok to critique, this is a mma forum, I have followed BJ since he first fought in the UFC, and I always picked him to win, and would be let down alot, not cuz he really ever got out classed, but cuz of his conditioning.BJ fans go back through out his career and count how many fights he has lost to conditioning it is sad, given as talented BJ is.This fight with Nick was one of his biggest fights, and that is the level of condiioning he brought to it.He won the first round, and then gasses, after 1 round, that is not professional. Something is really wrong in their camp, look at Reagan’s last fight how emberassing to be a pro fighter and come in with that level of conditioning.You Penn fans on here call BJ a legend and a true warrior, I guess I see a man that has done less with more talent than any fighter in mma history, a man who quits when things go bad, and makes excusses, sorry guys your emporer has no clothes.16-8-2 career, 1-3-1, last 5 fights, “fallacy,” nice interview Pedro, real penetrating, like watching a lawyer cross examine their own client.

  69. Combat IdarreL says:

    BJ, as always were amazing even in defeat. I look up to you because you are a gentleman and believe in respect. Just wish these young fighters understood respect! You’re my favorite fighter by far because of the way you handle yourself. Diaz is a punk that pops off at the mouth and makes himself look bad. I think the better fighter didn’t win the fight. I hope BJ comes back better than ever and schools every last one of these disrespectful fools!

  70. j says:

    always making excuses after the fights.

  71. Allann says:

    BJ Penn is a beast but way too small for Diaz or for the 170 division… BJ belongs in 155; he should just commit to155 and make a run for the belt; unfortunately that’s exactly what it’ll be, a run because that’s all Edgar does is RUN away. Tap tap crap and run… Edgar is too much of a coward to stand and bang with BJ.

  72. Jean Lourenço says:

    Hey BJ… if you’re still with Nova União as you said it… when are you going to Brazil and train with all the guys there, especially José Aldo? It would be great for both of yous guys, I think.

  73. stone cold says:

    nick diaz said “if bj trained with me, he would’ve won some of those fights”. bj did ask cesar gracie and he said, “no, frankie edgar is a gracie fighter”.

  74. ZC says:

    I must say, out of all the people inside or outside of the UFC, BJ Penn has an incredible personality. If you read his books you’ll understand why he isn’t focusing on fighting right now. Its the same reason he quit soccer as a kid.

  75. steven horgan says:

    jesus kobasky and deepcountry get a room, your posts were like scenes from ps i love you…bj doesent have a loosers mind set, so your observation on that just shows me how much of a dumb fucker you are that needs to come on here to try get attention by insulting his fans..i respect bj, any criticism i would give wouldent be any but i would voice my opinion that his cardio is the problem..not because bj doesent train hard but incorectly..and its showing in his performances..i hope he gets marv back because his methods are key..now wheres my sniper so i can pick you two cock suckers off

    • what the fuck are you talking about steven horgan? I never once insulted Bj or his fans, BTW, I personally know Bj and even he knows he could’ve done better and should’ve done some things different..as far as me and kobasky, im just trying to understand and respect peoples opinions especially after how upset i got when i first read the comments..you wanna start some shit with me, be careful what you say cause you could get sniped off easily.. You have no idea!!! you wanna snipe me, im originally born and raised on Kauai, now i live in Las vegas and is very close wit the mma/boxing community, and i’m easy to find…you feeling froggy, hop on up, find me at barry’s boxing or top rank gym…..

  76. Voicein the desert says:

    BJ Penn is in the top 5 all-time best p4p fighter – with the worst record and the worst career planning skills.

    BJ should stop chasing the French White Whale and trim down to 145 where he belongs. He would be far more comfortable at that weight and I can see BJ, with his improved wrestling skills, he would be one or 2 fights away from taking the belt from Aldo. Nobody at 145 would make it past the 3rd round with BJ at that weight.

    BJ would bring alot of excitement at that weight class. I would give him Hominick or Mendes first. Those fights would be off the hook !!! I then see BJ crushing Aldo.

    Think about it. Going down to a weight class where a fighter is mor comfortable is not a shameful thing; it’s just the smart thing to do. BJ would bring more star power to that division.

    Hope to see BJ back in the Octagon.

  77. henry Kobasky says:

    Thank you Philippe and deepcountrykauai for stating your opinion in favor of my stance. I love you both. New friendships that the three of us have gained shows that anything is possible on the internet. I never expected it to happen here on an MMA fighter’s website. Let’s all keep in touch.

  78. steven horgan says:

    here we go again with the love story, deepcountry il go to your gym my gym your backyard and mine and still kick your ass, first you defend bj talkin about sniper and dawgs and then you cry when kobasky hurts your feelins what a pussy…kobasky i dont share your views and i dont like you but atleast you stuck to your guns, now take that 3 way to another site and show some respect to bj when you come here kobasky as for you deep throat, i mean deep donkey what ever im sendin you the tissues stop crying

  79. Ryan O'Donnell says:

    I thought the fight looked pretty good–Nick was the better man. I though BJ would use more offensive wrestling to take the fight to the ground (i.e. rounds 1 & 2 of the Fitch fight) but hey, what are you going to do, he fought and he lost. More power to him for being a man and fighting Nick Diaz.

    Here’s my thing though–and I wouldn’t say this to BJ’s face because he’s a fighter and I’m just a dude on the internet–but when he trained with the Marinoviches, he handed out beat downs. Then he stopped and dudes with better conditioning than him beat him up.

    What’s the disconnect here? It seems like simple math. Thoughts?

  80. SanSooRob says:

    Bj penn is back !!!!!! F the haters powwwwwwww

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