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Saturday, 11/17/2012, 09:52 am

Exclusive: Pat Healy Reacts To News Of Melendez Bout Cancellation | MMA NEWS

Pat Healy reacts just moments after hearing the news that his bout with Gilbert Melendez has been cancelled for the second straight time.


9 Responses to “Exclusive: Pat Healy Reacts To News Of Melendez Bout Cancellation | MMA NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Its a coin flip on who’s more boring Healy or Fitch but at least Healy has attempted a submission or 2 in his career

    • dick diaz says:

      Did you even watch fitchs last fight one of the most entertaining bouts I’ve seen in awhile

    • GetEducatedMMA says:

      Getridoffitch: shut the hell up. Honestly pick a new fighter to pick on its getting boring. The guy proved that if he has the right opponent he can win FOTN. Honestly, be quite. Anderson Silva is good at knocking people out. Well, Fitch is good at what he does. Get off his case.

      • Patrick Jenkins says:

        Fitch only fought that way because his back was against the wall. Who goes and buys a second house on the premise he would run through BJ Penn and then he got knocked out by Hendrix. He knew if he fought the way he always fights win or lose he would become irrelevant. Congrats on his good showing but one impressive fight shouldn’t change opinions till he repeats.

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