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Thursday, 04/25/2013, 04:47 pm

EXCLUSIVE (Part 1) | Nate Diaz dishes on Thomson: “He was trying not to get his a$$ whooped.” | BJPENN.COM Radio

When Nate Diaz joined BJPENN.COM Radio for a special one hour broadcast on Thursday afternoon, April 25, 2013, he had a few things on his mind, to put it mildly. Coming off of a TKO loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 7, Diaz felt that he had held his tongue for too long and needed to get a few things off his chest.

He started with Thomson, whose fight with Diaz earned him Knockout of the Night honors after he landed a vicious head kick on Diaz and followed up with a barrage of punches to finish the fight with ground-and-pound. Diaz, however, didn’t see the finish to the fight the same as others and said that the stoppage looked worse on TV than it actually was.

“He didn’t come in there and he didn’t put no ass whooping down on me, you know what I’m saying? He didn’t come in there and make anything happen. I have never fought somebody before- I have never fought somebody who has ever wanted out of a fight so bad, you know what I’m saying? I was surprised because I went in there- I expected a fight, I expected him to come in and grab me and try to hold onto me or throw some kicks and move, throw some punches and move, but that motherfucker was straight running and I had to chase his ass down. I was chasing him that whole fight, you know what I’m saying? I was the aggressor- and I felt I was reckless, you know, I went in there- and how can you not be against a guy who’s running scared shitless for his life, you know what I’m saying?

“I went in there, I’m chasing him around, I’m over-aggressing trying to get a hold of him, and that’s due to why I got hit with some shit you know what I’m saying, because I’m over-aggressing. I’m trying to meet the criteria to win these rounds; the way these rounds and these fights go, I just saw my brother lose to Carlos Condit chasing him around the whole fight, you know what I’m saying? I didn’t think for a second that he lost that fight, how are you going to lose a fight when the other guy’s backing up?”

Despite being the aggressor throughout, Diaz was caught with flush shots at the end of the fight, forcing the referee to stop the action in the second round. The corner of Diaz, more specifically his brother Nick, also threw in the towel to signal that they believed the fight was over.

“My corner threw in the towel. The thing with that is, I don’t blame anybody for stopping that fight; the ref was doing his job, he thought it looked like it was time to be over and my corner did as well. But at the same time, none of them were in there fighting. [Thomson] won, [he] did a good job getting the fight stopped, you know what I’m saying; he accomplished his mission, he got in there and got the fight stopped. But I’m going to tell you right now- from being in there, I’ll tell you right now- he won the fight, but he didn’t beat me, you know what I’m saying?

“I’ll tell you right now that I was all the way in that fight, but the ref- they thought it was time to stop the fight, you know? And whatever, he did a good job he’s there to protect the fighters, and my corner too; I’m not mad at them at all for throwing the towel because the difference between our team and most people is that I got some real motherfuckers in my corner, my real people who actually care about me.”

Diaz also mentioned that he had heard Thomson’s corner yelling to their fighter during the action to smile at him, an action that Nate mentioned he’d seen Thomson do in previous fights where he seemed to be joking around a lot more. This time around, that wasn’t the case.

“And I hear his corner, they’re yelling, ‘smile at him Josh, like you do. Smile at him!’ And I’m looking at him in his face like, ‘yeah, smile motherfucker’, and there was not a single smile that came out of his mouth; he had a look of panic the whole fight, and you have to be in there to fight these guys to know that, this is how it went. I’ve seen him in other fights- he smiles at the guy, bouncing around- he didn’t have no time for that; it was frantic, he was trying not to get his ass whooped.”

Whether or not the two men will face off once more in the Octagon remains to be seen, though Diaz is quick to conclude that if Thomson has his way, their paths would not cross again.

“I would like a rematch too, because he knows he’s scared shitless. He’ll never talk about a rematch, the UFC won’t either, but I know and he knows he doesn’t ever want a rematch; you can go ask him that one. So it’s not like some fantastic thing he did, I think it was more my bad,” Diaz said.

Be sure to check back for more exclusives from the Nate Diaz interview special with BJPENN.COM Radio, and listen to the interview in its entirety using the player below.


0 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE (Part 1) | Nate Diaz dishes on Thomson: “He was trying not to get his a$$ whooped.” | BJPENN.COM Radio”

  1. Tom says:

    Maybe Nate should have tried it since he got KTFO

  2. Donovan says:

    I like both Diaz bros as fighters they are real fighters, but Thomson never looked scared and he was in trbl after that shin to dome so it was a legit L.

  3. Joye says:

    Love thme or hate them but the Diaz brothers actually put on great fights and don’t ever nback away run away from there oppenents.


  4. your step dad says:


  5. Drew says:

    If your telling me a diaz is fighting ill be here to watch it

  6. Shameful says:

    I got ktfo but I didn’t actually lose the fight, know what I’m saying? Lawl, what an embarrassment.

  7. Slim Charles says:

    great interview…

  8. 559dogtown says:

    You have fans because you have skill and heart…you’d have more fans and more opportunity if you two idiots would realize the position your in and how big you two could blow up….get your mind out the hood and play the game, northern cali will be fine without you. You should know by now its obviously not about fighting spirit at all, but how you look on tv……nate diaz is the sh*t

  9. Big B says:

    It’s always the same with both brothers,’He didnt win the fight I lost it. B.S. They always claim to be unbeatable but keep losing. Man up and say you got your a$$ handed to you and a lot more people will respect you.

  10. aggression says:

    Diaz is a tough absard but he is in denial. No disrespect to him as a fighter but diaz needs to chalk it up as not his night. His head looked atrocious after that fight, who does he think he is kidding?

  11. rich says:


  12. I thought the same thing says:

    Thomson was running the entire fight, which sucked. He did get his shots in and, yes, the headkick followed by the strikes to the face. But, he was backing up the entire time and it was boring to watch. I remember being disappointed while watching the fight thinking that this fight was supposed to be better than this.
    I don’t think Thomson was scared, just executing his game plan, which just made him look scared. But he wasn’t.
    Not a big fan of Thomson prior and after.

  13. Jaris says:

    watch the fight.. Diaz is pressing forward regardless.. That is respect and a real fighter. Thompson playing this bs game kick the leg and run punch and run.. Dude got lucky winging some high kicks as nate came forward..

  14. 757 says:

    Agreed^^^ Nate is a good hard fighter. Thompson is a clown and a pretty boy. What can you say he got the win. Nate is a tough ass fighter and I’m a fan. I would much rather see him fight that Thompson. I believe it I think Thompson looked scared also. He landed the kick but he was running…..lucky shot or Nate got careless whatever. I still think Nate is right on this one.

  15. machel says:

    I enjoy watching the diaz bros fight but come on, homie. STFU already! you got ur fucking stockton ass handed to ya. Get the fuck over it come back stronger. U fucking whiny bitches!

  16. allmightysandman says:

    bah ha ha! priceless Diaz nonsense!

    His face got caved in by a guy with a perfect game plan…avoid being drawn into a brawl and beat him with skill…BOOM…KTFO!

    Thompson didn’t look scared at all, he looked like he had some good coaching and prep for the fight and it worked perfectly! Diaz is as dillusional as they come…for real.

    How many fights do him and big bro have to lose before they realize that no one is in fact scared of them and they can’t simply win by looking mean?? lol

    They are both “ok” but until they accept that they fight in MMA not “stockton’s toughest backyard scraps 2013″ they aren’t going to be champs.

    He has skill, of course he does…but he doesn’t appear to be particularly smart, and that’s ok, but he and nick need to stop whining as the losses pile up.

    Hone your skills and have a game plan rather than just walk forward into kicks and punchs…that ain’t working for either of them.

  17. 757 says:

    Both he and his brother do come to fight. Both have outstanding skills. Both have fought a who’s who list of great fighters . I’m a fan and will continue to be a fan. Fighters that fight are why we all watch. Some of these people are huge fans of the point fighting bullshit….I.E. Domenick Cruz, Condit, etc. Diaz brothers do fight. Thompson did land the kick. I have to give credit when it is due. Had he not landed that kick you definitely were going to watch the ol Condit plan unfold.

  18. KIDD433 says:

    Geeze,Nate’s a whinier lil bitch than his brother.And he should be legally retarded.

  19. 757 says:

    ^^Wow great comment. You really must be a huge fan to show so much intellect for the sport………YOU ASSHOLE!!!That comment shows what a little part timer you are ….GET THE HELL OFF THE SITE!!!!Kid433 you really must be a little kid…DICK

  20. kujo says:

    I love it when the diaz brothers lose! Hands down the BEST post loss excuses. So what, thompson and condit backed up? They land more, take less damage, and, hey?! Didnt one just get a tko?! Haha so sore. Please hold on to your “bro do you even train?” Comments cuz, ya, I do, and sure as fuck no that NOT getting hit is a huge factor in fighting. Also, so is landing shots and winning.

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