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Friday, 05/03/2013, 10:17 am

EXCLUSIVE (Part 1) Marloes Coenen talks about her upcoming Invicta FC title fight with Cris Cyborg | Late Night Cageside

One of the top female fighters in the world Marloes Coenen (21-5 MMA) took time out to call in and talk to Late Night Cageside powered by this past Monday night and had plenty to say. She’s been fighting professionally for 13 years and is the former Strikeforce bantamweight champion. Marloes defeated Sarah Kaufman to win the Strikeforce Women’s bantamweight title, defended it against Liz Carmouche and then lost the title to Miesha Tate.

Coenen and Cris Cyborg fought in 2010 where Cyborg won via TKO Punches in the third round. Coenen believed the fight was stopped early and that she could’ve continued.

“Well you know, the first time my face was like jello after the fight, but I didn’t want to give up. We had a male referee and every fight after that my trainer would tell the ref up front don’t stop the fight to early cause Marloes can take a punch and she will not give up. I thought it was stopped to soon. Maybe it was because men has to get use to seeing women punch each other. Men want to protect women, I think that was part of it.” Said Coenen

Coenen has a rematch with Cyborg at Invicta FC 6 for the inaugural featherweight title and told us why she thinks this time it will be different.

“In the first round of our last fight she was breathing really heavy, I still can remember that, thinking to myself ok this is just the first round and she is already breathing like that. The second thing is you know the news where she got caught with whatever she used. She looks more feminine now, I also think her strength is less and last time she really out powered me, so I think this time it will be a very interesting fight.” Said Coenen.

Marloes does believe she can beat Cyborg, and we know belief is a powerful thing in MMA. Coenen said, “I have a lot of belief in this fight, I have always said since the last time we fought that I wanted to fight her again.”

As far as if Coenen is worried about if Cyborg is using performance enhancing drugs for this fight she said, “No, I already thought she was on something when I was fighting her for the first time. But then I was like Ah, whatever, I don’t care you know. But when I was actually in the cage I felt her power and was like Oh my god I never been hit this hard in my whole life. This time I don’t think she’s on the stuff anymore.”

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  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

    There are so many PED’s that EVERY fighter knows that the commissions aren’t testing for so KNOWING how much of a CHEAT Cyborg has been (ITS) entire career no doubt that MAN-BEAST will be on HGH, Victor Conte’s designer steroids that are undetectable and are basically cutting edge PED’s. No dount Cyborg will be on EPO’s for her horrible cardio and massive weight she cuts for every fight. Since 2010 BLOOD DOPING has been available to MMA fighters and it basically changes your genes to make them as close to perfect as can be. Anyone who has ever been on STEROIDS for a long long period of time like Cyborg has it becomes a mental block and they cannot compete without them. So anyone who thinks Cyborg will be clean has their head in dirt. Commissions don’t have the money for cutting edge testing and these fighters are all using PED masking agents anyway. Only steroids fighters are getting busted for anymore are the OLD 1980’s PED’s like Stanzanol, Deca(nandrolone) these are cheapo crap. Cyborh will look like a FREAKISH MA-BEAST with ROIDED UP looking jawline and sloped neandrothol forehead. That b’itch is a disgrace to womans MMA an dshould not be allowed to fight “REAL” women.

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