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Monday, 05/07/2012, 09:29 am

EXCLUSIVE | Muay Thai Champ Joe Schilling Discusses This Weekends Fight With Marcus & Training Nick Diaz


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7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Muay Thai Champ Joe Schilling Discusses This Weekends Fight With Marcus & Training Nick Diaz”

  1. solly says:

    This guy is full of shit. If you watch the fight, you know it didn’t go down the way he claims. He was swept legally, which is why his bitch appeal was denied. And there are no standing 8’s in Nevada, so even if the referee had of seen that he was jacked, nothing would have changed. His story changes in every interview he does. Joe Schilling is a confused dude. He needs to man up and face the fact that he is overmatched and outclassed.

    • Chael Sonnen says:

      Are you fucking retarded?? over matched and out classed?? You are a dumb fuck!! He was giving it to Simon and Simon just kept clinching! When he did that Illegal sweep (it’s illegal because i was there and saw the whole thing live) he landed on Joes head and Joe was already KOd after that Simon still couldnt knock Joe out! after saturday Joe will bring the W back to the yard! get your facts straight! And go watch the Koioklai fight while you are at it!

  2. The Block says:

    It must be MMA fans that don’t understand, in Muay Thai rules, what an illegal sweep is. It’s alright, you’re ignorant to combat Sports much like 90% of the people who watch fights just to see a “knockout”. It was an MMA takedown, not a Thai throw. He was clinched, and tripped rather than it being a throw. Simon Marcus is a traditional 1-2 technique thrower, Schilling posses an arsenal of weap

    • The Block says:

      weapons* and throws combinations from a distance which is far from Marcus’s range. Nonetheless what happened, happened. Schilling was getting the better of him in striking terms, so to say he was “outclassed” or even “outmatched” clearly shows an untrained eye and complete ignorant and biased opinion.

  3. solly says:

    You have no idea who you’re responding to or what you’re talking about. Enjoy the fights on Saturday.

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