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Monday, 05/07/2012, 09:29 am

EXCLUSIVE | Muay Thai Champ Joe Schilling Discusses This Weekends Fight With Marcus & Training Nick Diaz

Just Scrap Radio Co- Host Abel Pulver introduces their guest as….

“A lot of people in the MMA world don’t know.  A lot of people in the Combat Sports throughout North America and the world know him.  He’s competed against Thai fighters.  He’s got a crazy fan following.  He’s got the wildest group of followers that I’ve ever seen at a boxing or  Muay Thai fight and he’s obviously a 6’3″ 175 lbs.  Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Champ – Joe Schilling”

Host Jens Pulver brings up Schilling’s  rematch with Simon Marcus coming up on May 12, 2012.

“From my understanding it was an insane 1st fight had a lot of chatter that’s why I gotta see the outspoken in your face – Joe Shilling.  You gotta lay it down on me here.”

Joe Schilling shoots from the hip and states

“The 1st fight went pretty terrible.  We actually bet our purses the 1st fight.  Yeah, not a big deal.   I was kicking his ass in the first round then he hit me with an illegal sweep  – which really is not that big of a deal.  The way it went down he landed on my head when he hit the ground so it was pretty much out.  I got up out on my feet and the referee didn’t notice I was out – He said fight.  I was sleep walking in the wrong direction I didn’t know what was going on.  He caught me with a hook.  I laid in the ground again – again I got up.  I didn’t even know what was going on with a push kick toward the face and an elbow.  I got dropped again.  I got back on my feet again.  The ref waived it off.  I was a real let down for the fans a big debacle.  He was willing to give me the rematch right away and I also wanted the rematch as soon as possible.  The lion fight promotion made it happen.  We’re gonna start over where we left off on the 12th.”

Joe Schilling’s nickname is “Stich ‘Em Up” coming from the use of his elbows.  Schilling’s sports a record of  12 and 2 with 10 knockouts and 8 by way of  cuts from the elbows.

“As far as the fight went I gave him too much credit.  I think that kind of clouded my focus.  I made a few little mistakes in the fight but I felt really good in the fight.  I felt I was starting to find my rhythm and finding my distance and timing down.  I really felt like I was on my way to a knock out like I predicted.  In Muay Thai you’re allowed to sweep but you’re not allowed to sweep to the back of the ankle or back of the leg – but it happens all the time. It doesn’t really change the outcome of the fight.  It always happens it doesn’t matter.  It really sucks the way that it happened, the way that he landed on me completely changed the outcome of the fight.  It is what it is – it sucks.  I don’t want to make excuses about it.  I’m just really excited for the rematch.

Loosing sucks.  Three weeks of depression – playing it over and over in your head. I’ve really gotten over all of that except for the let down to the fans.  There was so many bumbed out fans at the end of the day I couldn’t look them in the eye after the fight.  It was a big let down – it still really bothers me.  This fight Im more focused.  I’m not making any predictions.  I don’t really care if I win or loose.  I just wanna get down on the ring and put my fans on the high.  Win, loose or draw – Joe got down tonight – Joe really got down.  That’s all I really care about this fight”

Host Pulver asked “What is the ultimate statement for this fight?”

“I really want an exciting fight for the fans.  One of the biggest mistakes the last time was I overestimated his power.  I was out on my feet after he flagged me. He hit me basically, I had my hands down by my waist.  He hit me with his best left hook.  He still couldn’t knock me out.  I got up again.  He hit me with a push kick to the face with my hands down and a good clean elbow to my face and he still couldn’t knock me down.  Going into this fight – what do I have to worry about.  I know he can’t knock me out.  He had 3 good shots and still couldn’t do it.  I’m gonna come right after him this time.  I’m going to throw bombs at him.  That’s sort of a big statement to the fans, him and myself I’m a much better fighter than him.  He got lucky the first time.  I’m a better fighter – that’s all I really care about.”

A rematch with Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus is going down this weekend on LIONFIGHTPROMOTIONS.COM.

Head on over to the next page to check out what Joe said about training Nick Diaz, what he thought of the fight with Carlos Condit and many more topics.


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7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Muay Thai Champ Joe Schilling Discusses This Weekends Fight With Marcus & Training Nick Diaz”

  1. solly says:

    This guy is full of shit. If you watch the fight, you know it didn’t go down the way he claims. He was swept legally, which is why his bitch appeal was denied. And there are no standing 8’s in Nevada, so even if the referee had of seen that he was jacked, nothing would have changed. His story changes in every interview he does. Joe Schilling is a confused dude. He needs to man up and face the fact that he is overmatched and outclassed.

    • Chael Sonnen says:

      Are you fucking retarded?? over matched and out classed?? You are a dumb fuck!! He was giving it to Simon and Simon just kept clinching! When he did that Illegal sweep (it’s illegal because i was there and saw the whole thing live) he landed on Joes head and Joe was already KOd after that Simon still couldnt knock Joe out! after saturday Joe will bring the W back to the yard! get your facts straight! And go watch the Koioklai fight while you are at it!

  2. The Block says:

    It must be MMA fans that don’t understand, in Muay Thai rules, what an illegal sweep is. It’s alright, you’re ignorant to combat Sports much like 90% of the people who watch fights just to see a “knockout”. It was an MMA takedown, not a Thai throw. He was clinched, and tripped rather than it being a throw. Simon Marcus is a traditional 1-2 technique thrower, Schilling posses an arsenal of weap

    • The Block says:

      weapons* and throws combinations from a distance which is far from Marcus’s range. Nonetheless what happened, happened. Schilling was getting the better of him in striking terms, so to say he was “outclassed” or even “outmatched” clearly shows an untrained eye and complete ignorant and biased opinion.

  3. solly says:

    You have no idea who you’re responding to or what you’re talking about. Enjoy the fights on Saturday.

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