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Wednesday, 02/13/2013, 10:32 pm

Exclusive | MFC President Pavelich: I’m The Black Prince Of MMA & Somewhat Iconic | UFC NEWS

“I’m borderline iconic in this sport, people tune in to me because I’m the Black Prince of MMA and I don’t know why people call me that because I’m white.”

Those were among the first words ushered by Maximum Fighting Championship President Mark Pavelich on Wednesday’s edition of Radio. A friend of the show since our launch in August, Pavelich has called in numerous times and it is never a dull moment.

Pavelich and his family founded the MFC back in 2000 and are the second longest running MMA promotion in the world next to the UFC. They are Canada’s premier fight league and on Friday night they will kick off 2013 with a massive fight card. Two title fights will be decided as “The Afrikan Assassin” Mukai Maromo rematches Graham Spencer for the lightweight title and middleweight champ Elvis Mutapcic defends against Sam Alvey.

Pavelich discussed MFC 36 and other hot topics with hosts Mitch Ciccarelli and Bryan Levick. Below are highlights from the show.

On MFC 36

“I’m excited for [Maromo vs. Spencer II] because I went over to their camps and saw them work. Mukai Maromo went over to TriStar and Graham Spencer trained with Urijah Faber over at Team Alpha Male. I saw them both at the press conference today and they looked like they were in immaculate shape. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both ended up in the hospital after this fight,” Pavelich said.

“I’m not giving advice about anything else. Do you ever hear me come out and say ‘hey guys, you should buy this new car’? I don’t know anything about that stuff but I know the MMA business better than anybody. I tell you things that are going to happen and they happen. People say that I’m arrogant, I’m not arrogant I’m telling you what’s going to happen. Sam Alvey and Elvis Mutapcic have never been knocked out before ever but I am telling you on Friday night in a five round fight that 1,000% somebody is going to sleep, guaranteed.

We’ve also got the two best heavyweights in Canada going at it between Mike Hackert and Smealinho Rama. Hackert has some of the fastest hand speed I’ve ever seen from a heavyweight fighter anywhere in the world and Rama is undefeated and beating people up too easily.

Rama is so young and I don’t think he realizes just how good he is yet so that’s the scary part. He’s 20 years old, undefeated and never been out of the first round so that’s the kind of guy that scares me.”

On being one of the top MMA organizations in the world

“The person that came up with the expression ‘go big or go home’ is sitting at home right now and I’m still on the field playing. When you have a show like the Maximum Fighting Championship and we’re being mentioned now in the same breath as the UFC and Bellator when we have a much smaller budget than them, those two shows should be embarrassed. If I even had half the money that either of those two shows had, I’d be the number two show in the world easily. Work ethic wise, let’s be honest who’s got the grind?

It’s not just me. My wife is involved in this business, my son’s involved in this business and they all follow the same path. I wouldn’t want to be in a dark alley with me, my son and my wife if you think you’re a tough guy.”

On Women’s MMA

“I understand people want to watch Ronda Rousey fight but do they really know much about the girl she’s fighting? Do they know much about any of the other girls fighting in MMA right now? The UFC is never going to develop a really hardcore female division because there are not enough high level female fighters out there at this moment. Everybody knows that deep down. You can only watch Ronda Rousey fight so many times before they say ‘who else is she going to fight?’

You can’t disagree with me. It’s like disagreeing with Santa Clause about Christmas. I was in this game 13 years ago when nobody even knew what MMA stood for. I was the guy telling people what it stood for. You can say you don’t agree but I’m still right.

Does anyone really go out of their way to watch chicks fight? I’m not talking about at a local bar with oil in a pool with bikinis on either. I respect all female athletes, I just don’t think there’s an abundance of ones at a high level right now and that’s all I’m saying. If a day comes where 12 chicks know how to fight really good then I might start a female division but until that day comes it’s not going to happen in the MFC.”

On the new MFC bantamweight division, signing of Anthony Birchak

“When I said I was going to start up a 135 lbs division, it’s different. In other organizations they have bantamweight divisions so you can watch two guys shadow box for five rounds and people go ‘wow look at the action’ and I’m like ‘what action? Nobody’s even gotten hit’. MFC’s 135 lbs division is not going to be like that, we won’t allow that. That’s why we signed Anthony Birchak because the kid is an animal. That’s what we’re looking for.”

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8 Responses to “Exclusive | MFC President Pavelich: I’m The Black Prince Of MMA & Somewhat Iconic | UFC NEWS”

  1. Russ says:

    This guy is officially the most delusional person in MMA.

  2. Nuitari X says:

    Yeah, not arrogant my ass.

  3. dante040 says:

    Who is mentioning mfc in the same breath as ufc? Other than him and his fighters?

  4. korean jesus says:

    who cares? let him suck his own dick.

  5. belov says:

    I can clearly recall Dana White saying the same shit about the UFC while PRIDE was the top mma organisation. He had to bring fighters to fight in Pride in order to promote the UFC. Its just business guys, Phael Sonnen is the perfect example, a nobody gets 3 title fights just cuz he runs his mouth.

  6. Aaron says:

    Intersting, I have been a fan of MMA since the first UFC PPV years ago, and I have never heard of this clown. When you are 13 years in and only on your 36th event, that is just sad… He doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about either, which was shown in his comments about female fighters. There are a lot of great female fighters out there, both on the professional level, and amateur female fighters rising up right now. At least I got a laugh out of reading this moron’s thoughts.

  7. Sasquatch says:

    Who’s this clown?.. he looks like a Baldwin with a sh!tty toupee.

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