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Saturday, 06/09/2012, 03:01 pm

Exclusive | Martin Kampmann Wants The Champ, Will Settle For Hendricks | UFC NEWS

Martin Kampmann is coming off what some people might call his biggest win to date. At the Ultimate Fighter 15 finale he knocked out top contender Jake Ellenberger. The fight was not easy and in the first round Kampmann was rocked and fell to the canvas. Ellenberger could not finish the fight and apparently Martin never really felt in danger of it being stopped.

“I wasn’t that hurt. It was more of a flash knockdown. I think he caught me with some better shots in the second round that hurt me, rocked me. I wasn’t, I didn’t go down in the second”.

A topic of discussion before this fight was Ellenberger’s cardio going in to later rounds. Kampmann disagrees Ellenberger has a problem with this, and believes Jake is a smarter fighter than most give him credit for.

“I don’t know if he faded like people said he would. Look, he comes in really hard and throws combinations. He takes a short breather and then comes in again, hits hard again. I’m sure he could have kept going, but the way he fights is that he explodes, takes a short break, and then explodes real hard again. I’m sure he would have had energy back for another round”.

With his win over Ellenberger that makes it three in a row for “The Hitman” over quality opponents. Sitting next to him at the top end of the title contender list is Johny Hendricks. Johny is on a four fight win streak, his last two being over two of the best 170 pound fighters in the world Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch. Kampmann and Hendricks share a fight with Rick Story, but Kampmann scored a win while Hendricks came up short in his fight with Story. Needless to say the two of them believe they are next and many are saying that Johny deserves the nod.

“Of course I don’t agree. I’ve fought the best guys in the welterweight division. I’ve fought so many tough dudes at welterweight. I just beat Rick Story, Thiago Alves, and Jake Ellenberger back to back. I think that earned something. I think of course I’m here to fight the champ, but if I have to fight Johny to get there, the UFC makes the decisions and it’s their call. I can only do what they ask me to and hope for the best. I want to fight for the title and if I have to beat Johny to get there then so be it”.

The bottom line is that while current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has been absent from the Octagon nursing an injury, Interim Champion Carlos Condit is left with a dilemma. There is no definite date of return for GSP so waiting for his return might not be a option if it is not soon. On the other hand a shot at the title doesn’t come along very often and Kampmann would agree with that.

“I don’t blame Condit for waiting on GSP, but it comes down to when GSP is going to be ready. If GSP will be ready soon like he says he is then I think it’s okay if he waits for it. I think that’s understandable. If GSP is going to be out for much longer then I think Condit should fight this year. If GSP is going to be ready, like I said I don’t blame him for waiting on him. I think most people would do that and I don’t blame him for doing that. GSP is out then Condit should defend the interim belt”.

With a win over Carlos Condit by a very close split decision, Kampmann hopes this motivates Carlos in to defending the championship instead of waiting.

“I hope so. I knows he wants to avenge that loss. He told me himself that we should do it again. I’m sure he thinks he can do better, and I think I can do better. I would love to do that again and make it a five round this time. The first fight we had was a back and forth battle, and I’m sure people would love to see five rounds of that. I think it would be great. I’ve got a win over him. That puts me in a good position to fight him. There’s a good storyline for that”.

While Martin would welcome the shot at the belt he knows he has a while before he could challenge for it. He came out of his fight with Ellenberger a winner, but not unscathed.

“I’m going to be out for a while. I’ve got a sore nose and I sound like I’m all congested. I’ve got a big cut on my nose, and I’ve got a cut on my eyebrow, and I want to get a tear fixed that hasn’t been done for a long time. I think now is the time to get that fixed. I’m not looking to get back in to the cage for a while. I want to heal up and get my injuries good. Once I’m good I’m going to start training hard again and see what’s next for me”.


22 Responses to “Exclusive | Martin Kampmann Wants The Champ, Will Settle For Hendricks | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Maybe when he puts together a 5 fight win streak. I think Hendricks should get next title shot

  2. wrestling = Zzzz says:

    Kampmann will never be champ!

  3. jbeamazing says:

    Kampmann is the man if jonny gets rocked and goes for the take down he will be tapped

    side note aldo is injured and out of ufc 149

  4. Leo From New Jersey says:

    I like Kampmann a lot , he beat insanchez, and he in my POV beat Humper shields so he does deserve top 3-4 status, will he be a champion idk I think he can beat condit again and gsp wresling is the biggest threat to almost all the ww, so idk it be good

  5. WrestlingRules says:

    Here is why Kampmann is the BEST ww today and has will most likely be the next ww champ. First he beat Shields and Sanchez(crap those judges should never be able to judge again). Second, he outlast and beat 2 BEASTS in Alves (he would be champ today of he had wrestling) and Ellenberger (who could pace and box better and is definitely of champion caliber). He took their best and still beat them. He can take a shot to give one.
    Next and most importantly, Kampmann is THE BEST boxer in ww bar none and pretty damn good wrestler. Whereas GSP is the BEST wrestler in ww and a pretty good boxer. I believe Condit just doesn’t have the character to stand in and fight when he needs to so he is not going to do it. Hendricks please this guy is the luckiest dude to get this far doing so little….He’ll be sent down where he belongs, he just ain’t good enough yet.

    That leaves right now GSP and Kampmann at the top of the hill. GSP will not try and out box Kampmann, he knows better. So all he has is too take him down and gnp him. I think Kampmann can neutralize that to a degree and will force GSP to fight on his feet where Kampmann has the edge.

    Now the last factor has to do with heart. Both have heart but Kampmann is deeper and stronger because he can take a shot and doesn;t mind taking a few to give a few. GSP DOES NOT like getting hit and that will be how Kampmann beats him in the mental part of the fight. Kampmann by r4 tko.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I only read your 1st sentence but i totally agree Kampmann beat both Sanchez and lay n pray Sheilds. Judges s’uck that is a fact. Now way Koscheck beat Hendricks. go back and watch it Hendrciks landed the most solid shots and broke Koschecks orbital again. Pat Militech made the point by the time kampman ever does get a chance at the title he may not have anything (chin/brain) left. It will be at least 9 months before he gets a shot because it will be 6 months before GSP/Condit (supposly won’t happen) but say it does and GSP wins no way in hell GSP will fight for what 6-12 months MINIMUM so even 9 months is wishful thinking unless Condit wins. GSP will drop out and it will be Condit vs Kampmann or Hendricks in Nov

      • WrestlingRules says:

        It’s a theory, btw: If I can spend the time to read all your shit, you should be able to read mine, just good etiquette and if you don’t, don’t be rude and fuckin’ tell me.. cheeeesch…

        You know Condit doesn’t have the heart to be a champion everybody NOW KNOWS in the ww division that he WILL RUN if he can’t hang. He completely lost any mental edge he might of had. That fight with Diaz was one of those fights that yah he won the fight but be he also lost the mental game. These fighters ALL know who he is now.

        Hendricks, Please dude he’ll be sent packing to the basement where he belongs he ain’t good enough yet. Just been lucky..he lost to Kos btw. ( I broke a bone in a match and won, so the orbital thing doesn’t wash)

        Kampmann will be champ soon…

        • gsp ruined ww with his absence says:

          gsps injury ruined the balance in ww

          a diaz gsp fight would have been awesome to see (although even as a diaz fan i can see him doing a jacksonmma/condit and outpoint him)

          as a result loads of mid to top fighters think they deserved the shot.

          hendricks doesn’t deserve it – koscheck and pierce wins were weak (esp since theyre wrestlers like him – he showed no edge). his win over brenneman was cool, but he’s not top 10. same with waldburger. it’s really the fitch win cos it was a quick ko in a fighter most people dislike. he’s still not #1 contender to me.

          ellenburger also thought he deserved it, but his cardio is weak, he wont last 3 let alone 5. with work he’ll be a great contender his win over sanchez was his biggest… others havent been impressive, even shields. glad martin beat him

          diaz and bj (my favs) wont play the game needed to win. bj needs better cardio to go with his heart. diaz needs discipline and to remember we’re not fighting pride rules. heart doesn’t always win fights.

          sanchez is similar – heart but lacking skills needed to be champ.

          condit unfortunately showed he has no heart… and if it wasn’t for diaz fight i’d still like him.

          most other divs don’t have fighters ranked 10-2 all saying they’re #1 contender (like pierce was)… it’s all cos of gsp’s absence. his last real fight was hardy (who i like cos he trains with my mates), but he didnt deserve the shot either. shields beating hendo, and rogan’s hype sold me (cos i never saaw his sf fights) – but gsp dominated him. last time i listen to rogan.

          my rankings 1-12
          fitch (until someone can non-sucker punch beat him)
          kos (who will never get another shot, but is tough to beat)
          eric silva (one big win will propell him and further ruin these rankings!)
          alves (his losses have bbeen to the best)
          bj penn (would be higher if not inactive)

          its hard cos in reality most of these guys could win against each other any given night. however only hitman has earned right to be next contender. i hope he ktfo hendricks. he wont beat gsp tho

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Good points but i think you haven’t taken the time to really understand how high caliber of a wrestler Hendricks is. Far better than GSP.

          Also i was heading out door and was in a hurry but I wanted to respond to your 1st sentence before i left.
          I only said I didn’t read it because i wanted you to know why i only responded to first part

        • KIDD433 says:

          Hes a good wrestler,and hes got a solid right hand.the problem is you can see it a mile away.That wont be enough to beat the Hitman.Hendricks didnt have any edge in pierce and koscheck fights either.Hitman i believe would pick him apart.He has crisp striking and works good angles.Hitman is higher up the ladder

    • GRT 3000 says:

      ^ needs some poon.

  6. Donnybrook says:

    He has no choice but to settle…

  7. Jesse says:

    I wonder why so many people put nick diaz into their rankings of the welterweight division. I clearly heard him say he is done fighting and well hes banned for a year. So I would think with the constant trends and abilities changing among fighters and with the addition of fighters to divisions I wouldn’t think that Diaz would be either 2 or 3 or kept in anyones top 10 that is if he comes back…thats my thinking or it is that fifth of scotch i had for lunch

  8. ophshop says:

    I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve you guys to my blogroll.

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