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Thursday, 11/08/2012, 02:29 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Luke Rockhold on GSP, Movies, Anderson, UFC, and Strikeforce

Luke Rockhold has come in to his own. He is one of the best technical strikers out there and incredibly nimble for his size. At 6’3″ tall with an arm span of 77 inches, Rockhold drops down to fight at 185 pounds making him easily one of the biggest middleweights fighting today.

Rockhold has made no attempts to hide his desire to fight UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, and at one point Silva was calling Luke out. The offer has since faded and talk of a Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre super fight has resurfaced. The challenge is rumored to occur after the upcoming Carlos Condit vs. Georges St. Pierre fight. Luke believes the fight is being offered to Anderson instead of a fight with Jon Jones because well, it’s easier.

“Anderson wants GSP because it’s an easier fight than Jon Jones”, Luke said. “Size wise I think it’s an easier fight”.

There has been talk about Anderson fighting UFC Light Heavyewight Jon Jones, but nothing has been officially announced.

With rumors of Strikeforce’s demise Luke is ready to step in to the Octagon if ready. He did express some regret about the possibility of watching the organization of which he is a champion close its doors.

“I’ve got mixed feelings about it”, Luke said. “I started my career in Strikeforce. I’m a champion in Strikeforce. At the same time I want to be the best in the world and you can’t do that without beating all of the guys in the UFC. To listen to the entire exclusive interview with Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold click on the video below.


7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Luke Rockhold on GSP, Movies, Anderson, UFC, and Strikeforce”

  1. allmightysandman says:

    Of course GSP is an easier fight than JBJ and of course that is why silva is going to call him out after GSP beats Condit.

    Having said that, I still think GSP can beat silva and it would be all the better knowing that silva thought he was a gimme.

  2. Tempt says:

    This guy is irrelevant

  3. nick says:

    Luke Rockhold is garbage. Sounds like a fucking porn star. Get rid of strikeforce for good.

  4. Makes. Me Crazy says:

    Luke R. = LOL.. He Would Never have a Chance in LHW & in MW he can’t go Realy far a Fight with A.S. Is a Dream 4 him , Never come True..!! & Nr. 2 Silva wanted the Fight with GSP “LONG” b4 JBJ was in the UFC or evan a Champion… & in , at that Time he did Not wanted to be a LHW Champ.. So i Don’t Wanna Write too much & Repeat all over again.. Your Not evan a Fighter so “Shut the Fuck up” & let him do what he want..! Hes Life.. He also says he Don’t think he is the best he just like to do Things in the Cage ppl think you can’t do..!!

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Rockhold couldn’t carry Andersen Silva’s jock strap ( sorry Luke you arn’t in Silva’s league and never will be) let alone last a round with him in the cage therefore he shouldn’t even be opening his mouth regarding the GOAT. I do think Rockhold and Jacere, Mousasai would school Bisping no problem but i doubt Dana will ever give any of them a chance at him.

  6. MMAniak says:

    He talks about how Silvas size makes fighting GSP “easier” which I agree with, but its kind of hypocritical of him seing how he’s one of the BIGGEST MW fighters in mma. So I’d say he’s also taking the “easy” fights instead of going more towards his normal weight n fight LHW or even HW.

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