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Monday, 12/17/2012, 09:48 am

EXCLUSIVE| Kyle Kingsbury “I’m on the Fence if I want to Fight Again or Not”


Kyle Kingsbury is one of the most likeable fighters in MMA today. A memorable cast member on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8, Kingsbury instantly became a fan favorite in the UFC’s light heavyweight division for his entertaining personality and pure athletic ability. A product of the world renowned American Kickboxing Academy, Kingsbury started his UFC career with a stellar 4-1 record boasting four consecutive wins in a row.

Unfortunately his hot streak has turned into a cold streak and after losing his third straight fight at UFC on Fuel TV 5 to Jimi Manuwa, Kingsbury is not sure yet if he wants to step in the cage again. The AKA product has gone a full year without a “W” and out of the three losses, two of them were brutal stoppages due to strikes.

On a recent appearance on Radio, Kingsbury told hosts Mitch Ciccarelli and Bryan Levick that he might be done.

“A couple of weeks ago, I got the doctor’s clearance and no surgery will be needed on my face. I’m getting back into the swing of things with my training and I’ve been doing some wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. I’m just getting back into shape for now [but] I’m on the fence if I want to fight again or not,” Kingsbury told Radio.

“If I do fight again, it would definitely be a year long of training and improving before I take another crack at it. There’s no sense in rushing back in there coming off three losses so if I do decide to fight again I’m going to take the time to get better and come back as a totally different fighter.”

Kingsbury is certainly taking a smart approach by not rushing himself back into a fight. This is a mistake that many fighters make, they will immediately jump back into the Octagon after consecutive losses without taking the necessary time to truly improve as an overall martial artist.

If Kingsbury is hungry again and decides to continue fighting after taking some time to evolve, it would definitely be beneficial for him and he could very well come back a totally new animal. However, if he chooses to retire from active competition and move on, his loyal fans and supporters will stay by his side and support him either way.

To listen to the entire interview in full length click the link below: Click here


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  1. Kingsbury & Conte sell ROIDS says:

    The are should say “I’m on the JUICE” not I’m on the fence.

    Kingsbury has been well known for using steroids all the way back since high school and was distributer at Arizona. Whats even worse is he sells Victor Conte undetectable steroids. Kingsbury is a disgrace to all fighters who don’t use PED’s

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