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Friday, 06/29/2012, 09:51 am

Exclusive | KJ Noons Calls for Open Scoring in Boxing and MMA

Just Scrap Radio Episode 10 host Jens and Abel Pulver share with KJ Noons their thoughts on the last MMA and boxing fights along with the tragic scoring system that’s been happening all across the board.

KJ Noons suggest to have open scoring for both boxing and MMA.

“Every round we should know who wins,” Noons continues on to say, “It’s the only sport that I can think of that you don’t know the score the whole time. Basketball game you know the score, football you know the score and when it goes into question. A lot of fighters rely on coaches whether MMA or boxing round 10 or round 12 in boxing or round 3 in MMA the coaches tell the fighters they’re winning and every single person in the room knows they’re losing.

We just have to know the score right after the round so that fighter can fight harder or the person could change his strategy but not just go on like in the dark. You leave it to these guys who are judges a lot of times, a lot of these judges are like old judges, old school. They can’t even look past 10 feet. They look like they never worked out a day in their life – it’s weird.

Open scoring eliminates the whole commotion as far as – is it going to be a fishy outcome” says KJ Noons

Abel Pulver responds and says “I think you’re right. I think boxing has become a really shitty surprise party and somebody who doesn’t like surprises every time has to get a surprise.”

They go on to talk about the yellow card system, strategies with Condit vs Diaz, Guida vs Maynard, Stout vs Fisher, running you’ll get points taken away but if you lay and prey it’s ok, taking down your opponent down the last 5 seconds to secure the round and more at Just Scrap Radio Episode 10

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19 Responses to “Exclusive | KJ Noons Calls for Open Scoring in Boxing and MMA”

  1. Rich says:

    He’s right and he is not right – a fighter should go out and try his best and fight hard every round and try and put his opponent away.

    By not knowing the score, you fight hard, if you know your up 2 rounds to 0 there’s a good chance a lot of fighters will pull a kaleb for the last round

    • Rich says:

      Sorry I meant Kalib Starnes

    • Bob says:

      Hes right. But according to this way running away knowing your up should deduct points which would keep the guy busy as well. Running would be just as bad as low blows and be deducted. This way fighting will continue and judges would be exposed as well. The athletic commision will make up bs and keep their way bc they are involved in gambling mafia so they manipulate betting.

      • Jeff Krusel says:

        If you put in open scoring and encouraged point deductions for running, then if you were up 2 rounds, you ran away in the 3rd, you would potentially draw 28-28.

      • Gabi says:

        Running or just laying on your opponent like many do when they are up 2-0 and want to play it super safe.

      • ballsackface says:

        that is wrong though because by default its not so much the system thats retarded but the judges themselves
        rushing them to make a decision on a round where someone is “running” could potentially have people who are “counter fighting” effectively getting marked down for being on the back foot even though they are consistently causing damage.

        its like people who get marked down to doing damage on the ground but being on their back even though they are capitalising on that position better than the person that actually took them down.

        its very easy to say “itll stop this” and “it would fix that” but all it would do is create a different set of problems

        what needs to happen is that fighters and trainers have judging roles. i suppose the side issue of that is corruption within camps and payouts to swing decisions

  2. Scotty says:

    Its a great idea exception of, if one guy saw he was up 2 rounds going into the 3rd, he could just run around, throw some light punches and walk away the winner.. But what it would do, is let the coaches and fighter know how the judges are judging the fight and make some quick switches if they had too.. Dont see it happening in the UFC but maybe a smaller promotion right now!

  3. mike says:

    He has a point. If a fighter knows he is behind in a close fight, like all rounds were razor thin. He might be more inclinded to go for broke, but the flip is also true

  4. Fuck you says:

    I think KJ Noons is right and right! I don’t think you can go wrong with open scoring! You guys say it could be good and bad but if the guy is winning 2-0 and coasts thru the 3rd then that’s when the opponent losing should go for broke and make his opponent fight him and even if the winning opponent does end up coasting thru the 3rd its nobodies fault but the person who lost the first two rounds etc, so therefore I don’t think anyone would be able to cruise thru a round!

  5. some dude says:

    I dont think they should have a point system at all you have 3 judges the should just pick who they thought won the fight not rounds and forget about points then you wont have people running or lay and praying cause they will lose if they dont fight and there will be no more draws cause we all want to see fights not guys trying to get more points.

  6. Semennnyurmoth says:

    I agree but also if a fighter is ahead on the cards then he may play it safe the last round and not fight but run the whole time.

    • Gabi says:

      Already happens. Idk what you watch. But watch a fight were one fight clearly won rounds 1&2. They coast and do the least they must to make it out of the 3rd.

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  8. Dee says:

    The question to rather or not have open scoring has already been answered years ago. It’s a stupid thing to do for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons have already been discussed, but the main reason that sticks out in my head has a lot to do with the way scoring can alter a fight. A fighter might lose focus, even a desire to fight. It also give people a reason to openly protest the scores during the fight, which can end in a total disaster. The reason most commissions do not have open scoring is because it has already been done, and has been proven to be more of a burden.

  9. Armando says:

    This is something I had never really put a lot of thought into before, but I think valid points have been made for both sides of the argument in this thread (a rarity on Obviously, this issue is on the forefront as a result of recent decisions that were percieved as “robberies” within boxing/MMA, but I imagine if it hasn’t changed by now it won’t any time soon. Really it boils down to a fighter vs. fan perspective – as mentioned above, no fighter wants to believe that they’re winning only to find out they lost a sketchy split decision at the end of the fight. On the flipside, fans don’t want to see someone who is up 2 rounds go into the 3rd and run/lay and pray/fight conservatively because they know they’ll eek out a decision so long as they don’t get finished themselves.

    What KJ failed to mention was that how often do you see any team in the NFL or NBA hold a commanding lead and keep their starters in or keep a high pace til the final buzzer? Hardly ever – you’re generally going to see conservative play from their bench. Really what needs to change before we get to open scoring is empowering refs to deduct more points for stalling/running/etc. The reason I say that is because unlike basketball or football, the goal of a fight shouldn’t be just to win – it should be to finish your opponent, not just to do “enough” to win.

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  12. jones says:

    KJ is right,,,but this is fuking news??? its just kj opinioin…why dont u make the news about someone who is a good fighter opinion,,,there are so many fighter who have an opinion on the scoring why do we hear about this little cry baby fags scoring idea?

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