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Exclusive | King Mo:They Tried to Twist My Words Like This is Some 1980s NWA Rap Song | MMA NEWS

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion “King Mo” Muhammad Lawal joins Just Scrap Radio Episode 5 following his recent signing with Bellator and TNA Impact Wrestling.

“It feels great not only is it’s a big opportunity because hopefully I’ll be good enough to where they look at other people – former fighters and the guys that are fighting right now that can do it and give them opportunity to strengthen their brand.  We got guys – nice guys that are good fighters but they get no recognition and I feel like if they get a chance to blow their careers up just a little bit in pro wrestling they’d get more recognition.” said King Mo

Q:  Who does King Mo look up to in the world of wrestling?

King Mo:

“I watched everybody.  I was a student of combat sports. People that have the IT factor in combat sports are the guys that can cut promos like Ali.  Everytime he had a microphone he’d shine.

That’s why I watch pro wrestling not just for the action and the storyline.  I watch it to hear these guys talk.  I love the trash talk.”

Q:  When it comes to just working on your hands, did you find that groove for yourself and the kind of style that you like?  Are you going to throw bombs or be a counter puncher?  What is your style watching boxing that you really wanted to mimic or try to be like?

King Mo:

“The fighter by the name Emanuel Augustus probably the most entertaining fighters – if you don’t know him google him.  He was a mixed between a guy with drunken monkey style and Eddie Gordo from Tekken 3.”

Q:  How are your feelings now on not only the Nevada State Athletic Commission itself but Zuffa after letting you go after speaking your mind?

King Mo:

I went there I failed a drug test for supplements I purchased over the counter.  I went there took it as a man – did it.  Why you so offended?  I spoke my mind, Twitter, Facebook – it’s there for us and I feel like they were trying to twist my words.  Granted I shouldn’t have called her a bitch but I call everybody a bitch in twitter.  This aint the 80s where bitch was just meant for women, this is the 2000s now people say bitch for men, women, transgender, whatever you want to be – you can be a bitch.  They tried to twist my words like this is some 1980s NWA rap song – like, I called her a bitch and a hoe and try to make it seem like that’s what I meant.  That’s not what I meant and they fired me on the spot and released me.

It is what it is.  Dana flew me out there.   We talked….”

Q:  Do you feel vindicated now with this huge deal?  Spike TV is talking about making you the face of Spike Sports and their first mega superstar you got to feel a lot of love from that.

King Mo:

“I feel a lot of love.  People don’t know this but I have boxing cards and I’m a big boxing fan.   My goal was to win the NABL title because that was one of the 1st titles I saw defended on USA Tuesday night fights.  Now I got pro wrestling I love pro wrestling grew up watching NWA and then MMA grew up watching Jens and BJ.

MMA culture, people forget the guys that brought us to the forefront.  It’s all about now, now, now.   In Boxing, people can remember your high times.  In MMA, people are so negative.  People remember the bad just remember the bad – I don’t like that.”


Hear more of King Mo’s interview at Just Scrap Radio Episode 5 and find out why Host Jens Pulver thinks he’s an encyclopedia with his knowledge in MMA and in all sports.

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12 Responses to “Exclusive | King Mo:They Tried to Twist My Words Like This is Some 1980s NWA Rap Song | MMA NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    “I watched everybody. I was a student of combat sports. People that have the IT factor in combat sports are the guys that can cut promos like Ali. Everytime he had a microphone he’d shine.”

    The difference is after that he’d actually had a real fight to win. I don’t care about trashtalk if the following fight is fake.

  2. The outlaw says:

    King mo I bet your aRe excited to finally be able to use steroids without getting in trouble.

  3. Mike says:

    He’s going to still b in MBA and impact is the only fake wrestling that does do tests but nice try retards

  4. DMAC says:

    I come to this site for exclusive info about MMA. Seems like all you guys do now is take old interviews chop it up and post it, mind you it’s like 5 day old news though. IDK what the hecks going on with the site but it’s getting pretty bad! Give us less info but good stuff instead of a ton of old news from other sites.


  5. SHOGUN RUA says:

    No one cares what this dude has to say. Hes a bum, a 1 trick pony. NEXT ARTICLE PLEASE

  6. Michael hamlin says:

    This guy is trash and needs to go back to school and learn how to speak professional!!!

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Stfu King Ho!! You aint even got any fans and this disrespectfull ass mofo tryna talk shit anout ufc fighters to get a chance to fight in da ufc..lmmfao!! why are you guys posting up shit about this guy?

  8. MachidaStPierre says:

    “They say ‘bitch’ for girls and guys now!” Queen Mo sounds like such a tool shed.

  9. MachidaStPierre says:

    “They say ‘bitch’ for girls and guys now!” Mo sounds like such a tool bag.

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