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Friday, 05/10/2013, 11:01 am

Exclusive | Josh Thomson Addresses Nate Diaz Directly In Latest Interview: ‘We can fight again, but you didn’t make weight the first time’ | BJPENN.COM RADIO

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Nate Diaz made waves in the MMA community following his recent appearance on Radio as he made several accusations towards the man who had just finished him inside the octagon, Josh Thomson. Diaz claimed Thomson made feminine noises while they fought, and that Thomson ran throughout the fight because he was, ‘a guy who’s running scared shitless for his life.’ While Diaz is rallying for a rematch with Thomson now and the interview has gotten plenty of publicity, Josh Thomson decided to come out with some pretty serious accusations of his own.

Thomson was featured on the latest episode of Radio where he dropped this bomb on George and Pedro, Josh stated, “I think the biggest thing is this; he is interested in a rematch with me, one thing he needs to remember before the fight even happened, he was complaining after weigh in’s about how he was moving back up to 170, so he couldn’t even make weight when we fought the first time. Nate knows this.” Stop the presses! Diaz never made weight? That is quite the accusation indeed!

Thomson went on to address Diaz directly stating, “I am going to say this directly to him; Nate, you didn’t make the weight, so how are you going to make the weight when we fight again? That’s the thing that’s discerning, we all let it slide because it was a huge fight, but you didn’t make the weight and you still lost. So unless you plan on fighting me a 170 then I’m not really interested. Like I said, I’m looking forward to the title shot, I’m looking forward to getting in there for the title. If I have to go through him again to do it, then so be it, maybe you should start watching what you eat, maybe you should start doing that to take care of yourself. You couldn’t make the weight the first time and that was something I was going to keep to myself, but you want to start talking trash? Saying all these things, knowing that I beat you fair and square, I guess next time we’ll take 20% of your purse if you don’t make weight.”

“It’s an issue I could have brought up and made a big deal about but I didn’t do it because that’s not the kind of person I am. I could have made a big fuss and taken it, rubbed some salt in the wound and taken 20% percent of your purse after you lost, but I didn’t  That’s the kind of person I am, I moved on and I suggest you do the same thing.”


0 Responses to “Exclusive | Josh Thomson Addresses Nate Diaz Directly In Latest Interview: ‘We can fight again, but you didn’t make weight the first time’ | BJPENN.COM RADIO”

  1. Drew says:

    Nate fuckn with the wrong dude

  2. Big Daddy says:

    We can fight again??? That was more like Nate was trying to kick your ass the whole time and Thompson ran and did what he could to survive. I wouldn’t call that a fight.

    • Sasquatch says:

      LOL.. You’ve got to be the stupidest poster on this site. So you don’t consider someone getting head kicked into unconsciousness a fight?… yeah maybe your right, I’d be more inclined to call that an @ss kickin!

  3. Big Daddy says:

    @ Sasquatch it’s not a fight you fucking moron! Thompson was running away the whole time. The UFC didn’t get famous from gay ass shit like that. Do everyone a favor and go kill yourself motherfucker!

    • Sasquatch says:

      LOL.. Apparently you are retarded cause you don’t even know were to Reply to my comment. Let me explain this to you in layman’s terms so you can understand. Two men entered the octagon to engage in combat.. they engaged.. one man simple walked forward kind of like a zombie and attempted to unsuccessfully throw strikes.. the other more superior fighter evaded the slow strikes and counter stuck the zombie with a solid head kick almost knocking him unconscious.. apparently the zombie failed to learn from that exchange and proceeded to continued walking forward unfortunately getting kicked in the head again this time losing consciousness.. This unfortunate chain of events resulted in the inferior fighter losing the FIGHT because of his zombie like behavior. Now pull the zombie’s nuts out of your mouth and deal with it sh!t for brains!

    • allmightysandman says:

      You wander in the “hugger” side of things with your silly comments about Diaz.

      HE GOT KTFO man!! his lack of gameplan was exposed, Thompson stuck to his plan, played to his strengths and Diaz’s weakness and KHTFO!!! what part of that don’t you get?

      it’s not a backyard fight, it’s not a schoolyard scrap…it’s organized MMA and Diaz got beat…fair and square.

      walking forward scowling is NOT a game plan…he and big bro need to understand that if they want to win again. They are both predictable and have both been exposed…evolve or go away.


      • Sasquatch says:

        I don’t know about this tard man, just listen to the sh!t he spews.. “The UFC didn’t get famous from gay ass shit like that”. Yeah the UFC don’t like KO highlight reels alright.. LOL

        • allmightysandman says:


          LOL…not sure what he’s looking for if it ain’t someone getting KTFO!! lol

          …huggers gonna hug! lol

    • KIDD433 says:

      Your in some serious denial there pal.Face it your boy got KTFO!

  4. Big Daddy says:

    You idiots miss the whole entire picture. I never denied Diaz didn’t get knocked out. I’m talking about boring fighters like Thompson. Sure he had a gameplan but running away is not fighting. The UFC became famous for its brutal hand to hand everything goes fights. If Diaz did the same shit then what?not the kind of shit anybody wants to see. In that case ill just watch boxing. A true gentlemen sport not no ass grabbing grappling matches. I already know what most of you homos are going to say.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Hahaha! The comments are the best part of this article! needs a like button for comments!

  6. Part Time MMA fan says:

    No body seems to mention that as the ref was stopping the fight, Nick threw in the towel!! The fight went longer than it should have. He clearly wasn’t defending himself, and the ref let him get hit at least 4 or 5 times after what I thought was a clear win for Josh. I apoligize if I didn’t use correct grammer!!!

  7. Big Daddy says:

    Durrrrr I’m a bigot asstard who can’t tell MMA from Ballet because he heads shoved so far up my own ass.

    That is all.

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