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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 08:26 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Cyborg Responds To Dana’s Recent Criticism: ‘I hope the best for Dana’

We recently reported that UFC President Dana White took some cheap shots at Invicta FC champ, Cris Cyborg, today.

The brash UFC boss told a room full of reporters at today’s media luncheon that he believes the Brazilian female fighter is on Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s).

‘Cyborg isn’t clean. She’s not’, said Dana White. ‘Cyborg looks like Wanderlei Silva. She’s done so many drugs her head is this big. Does anyone really think she fights clean?’

When the UFC acquired Strikeforce and their fighters, there was an offer on the table for Cyborg to come to the UFC as a 135 pound fighter. Cris, a natural featherweight, had her reservations on the jump down and opted to decline the contract for a chance to face the world’s best females at Invicta FC.

To add insult to injury for the UFC boss, Cyborg is managed by Dana’s longtime nemesis, Tito Ortiz.

With the public’s undying urge to see the Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg fight, and Dana’s inability to secure the Brazilian wrecking machine, it’s almost natural for the UFC exec. to head the other direction and express his dislike for the fighter.

Fedor anyone?

Not to bash Dana, he’s the man, just stating the facts.

I reached out to Cyborg tonight, who, as I said in my previous article, is a great person and friend to BJPENN.COM and she had a clear and to the point message for her fans and the UFC boss himself.

“Sticks and Stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” said the Invicta FC champion. “I ask for everyone who follows me to watch my next fight and I hope the best for Dana (White).”

Cyborg’s next fight will be a Muay Thai match for the Lion Fight’s world title on March 28. She faces Jorina Baars for the first ever women’s welterweight title. If Cris is victorious she will be a two-sport world champion.

By Pedro Carrasco | Twitter


34 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Cyborg Responds To Dana’s Recent Criticism: ‘I hope the best for Dana’”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    No worries Cyborg, Dana’s newest best girlfriend Ronda Rouseys got a face like the back of my sack….lol

  2. lethalq says:

    Bashes cyborg for “not being clean” but employs multiple fighters who has failed multiple test, like Barnett, Marquardt, Bigfoot, and allows legal cheating in TRT. Cyborg is as clean as any other fighter who failed a drug test.

    • ^ says:

      A couple years ago i would of disagreed, but the fact you’re right is becoming more and more apparent.

    • Neil Varone says:

      Its not like he has not tried to employ her. He did try to employ her. So that s irrelevant. He has also made public statements about his opinions on TRT, it is not illegal therefore it is not cheating.

      • lethalq says:

        More like they couldn’t make a deal so now he will trash her just like he did Fedor. Also the UFC could make their own rule and not allow trt if they wanted to.

    • Phil Asophical says:

      Sir can you point to me where Barnett and Bigfoot failed multiple tests in the UFC. ? Marquardt was let go. UFC doesn’t run the athletic commisions so the TRT thing isn’t on UFC

  3. yes says:

    Can anyone write for this site because this guy has no journalistic skills, everything he said is 100% false. The UFC did secure cyborg, she signed a contract to fight at 135 and they where trying to do Rousey vs Cyborg for 157, out of competition drug testing got announced and suddenly she can’t make 135 and wanted to be released, even though she said she wanted to move to 135 in her post fight interview against hiroko yamanaka, she failed the post fight drug test and it is obvious that if you can make 145 on steroids you can easily make 135 off them. She looks exactly the same now as she did on steroids and at this moment in time Rousey has beat more ranked 145ers than cyborg. Please do us all a favour and don’t post stupid bias articles with no facts.

    • lethalq says:

      You are a sad ufc puppet. Cyborg never once said she can make 135. She was with ufc as a part of the strikeforce buyout and that is it. She left the ufc cause they said there will be no fights outside the 135lbs division. A weight cyborg cannot make. When she signed with invicta they announed random testing. Cyborg has passed every drug test since failing. Cyborg leaving the ufc had nothing to do with testing. You are going by what Dana and rousey say and of course they will spin it so they look in the right.

      • Xaninho says:

        She already said she could make weight, but didn’t want to because she feels stronger at 145.

      • yes says:

        yes she did, in the cage after beating yamanaka, then she tested positive for steroids, if you can make 145 on them, you can make 135 off them, she got caught in 2011 but was cheating her entire career. Invicta is run by one woman and her biggest draw in cyborg, why the fuck would a small promotion who is struggling for money bust their biggest draw? No i’m not going by what Dana and Rousey said, i’m going off facts, read up, go watch the ortiz cyborg press conference. She was signed to the UFC, she did leave when out of competition drug testing got announced, she did say she wanted to move to 135 and Ronda has beat more ranked 145ers than cyborg. all Facts, you just can’t handle the truth.

        • lethalq says:

          Cheating her whole career? Yeah that is why she failed every drug test ever…. oh wait no she didnt. Her natural weight is 170… a cut to 135 is out of reach. Women can’t cut as much weight as men.

  4. Brandon Canterbury says:

    I wont watch her next fight, the low level comp is not impressive. She is not impressive.

    • Nic says:

      Do your research on womenʻs MMA She is FAR from low level she is the best most well rounded female fighter in the world

      • Brandon Canterbury says:

        I am a huge WMMA supporter I wanted this thing in the UFC far before I knew of Cyborg or Ronda back when it was Erin Toughill tearing people up. She is fighting low level comp and I do not see any way she could handle Ronda. Lets not forget in an attempt to slam Gina she faild and got put on bottom then mounted, Rousey would have broken her arm by then.

        People talk Cyborgs power and yes she has it but lets not act like she has amazing one punch KO power because it isn’t there. All of her wins are TKO and it takes her lots of punches to get them even against the small asian girl who fights at 125 and moved to 145 just to fight her. I think Cyborg can win against some top girls like Kaufman and Gina was good as well but Ronda would put her on her back and take her arm home, I also think Sara McMann will beat her as well.

        • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

          that fight was what really made me think that Cyborg was juiced out of her mind…it literally looked like a man beating a woman….I almost quit watching women’s MMA after seeing it

  5. Max Glazer says:

    Dana White is a 2-faced arrogant dude who trashed what he can’t get. He couldn’t get Fyodor so he was talking him down. Before he got Overeem he was trash talking him. I recon someone needs to teach his arrogant face a lesson. Fighters will eventually get sick of his 2-facedness and one day he might get clocked. I hope he will.

  6. Nic says:

    That was a bitch move on his part plus smh Cyborg would beat Danaʻs ass in a real fight …He should quit being a pussy and prove that Ronda is the “best” by doing the Cyborg vs Rousey at catchweight 140 pounds but he will not because he knows Ronda would get slaughtered

  7. Bruce Lee says:

    Dana is the biggest shit talking bag of dicks ever so over his opinion in everything wish someone else would take over his role and conduct themself and UFC business with a little more finnesse

  8. dalton says:

    Does Dana really think that we are all that thick to believe that they dont all take PEDs of course they do, an they take other drugs to rid them from the body or mask them in case of drug testin. But so what its widespread,his problem is he is singlin out certain people and that will come back to bite him in the ass!!! Get really dana and some time the wise thing to do is shut up!!!!!

  9. Rick O Shea says:

    Yeah im pretty sure Dana must be on some of the real Mr White’s crystal. He is making himself into a cartoon villain. Maybe Cyborg isnt clean but how many fighters still fight for the UFC despite being past user? Jesus Christ, one known past user is on TRT to negate the previous abuse and he’s No.1 contender at 185lbs and has only fought in Brazil in recent times because he probably would not be given an exemption in the US. Lorenzo and Frank need to look at the effect he is having on their business. Would the UFC be so much worse off without him?

  10. Doc says:

    She is being nice because she still wants to fight in the UFC someday.

  11. Jeremy Johnson says:

    look at that woMAN’s dome and tell me that she isnt on any drugs…are you serious guys? only reason that woman cant step down in weight classes like every other relevant fighter out there is because shes is on more pills and shots that the heroin addicts on the streets. she knows it and thats why she declined. like shes going to go as far in Invicta as she would in the UFC? come on guys, common sense.

  12. lethalq says:

    Also only if the men where held to this kind of fire for a failed drug test. She fails a test like two years ago and is still raked over the coals. Men fail a test and its forgotten in a week.

  13. Budgiecat says:

    I cant tell which ones the man and which ones the woman in this article

    On one hand you have a supposed woman that looks like and fights like a man

    On the other hand, you have a supposed man with a woman’s name that whines cries and spits bitter venom like a woman scorned on her worst period day

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