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Friday, 09/27/2013, 10:40 am

EXCLUSIVE | Chad Sermon Looking For Redemption After Head Kick Video

Chad Sermon was a Youtube hit after he received a devastating head kick at Hardrock MMA. He started the fight in a three point stance and his opponent Brian Kerr kicked him in the head. Chad has faced many challenges, but he is finally getting his rematch with Kerr in November.

The original head kick video can be viewed below.


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    He did his best Jon Jones impersonation. Plot twist? He’s terrible at impersonations. Why’s the other fighter unhappy? You just blatantly cheated you knew what was going to happen in that situation. Even if his hand was off the ground for a second chances are you were going to get in trouble for the kick. That was pretty dirty of you. As for Chad Sermon was it? Be yourself. If that was you being yourself then I retract my original statement because that was a terrible way to come out.

  2. Potato says:

    So Brian Kerr gets told before the fight that Chad wants to crawl out and doesn’t want to worry about having to bother with an effective guard, so can Brian not use head kicks?

    Brian’s the taller guy with longer legs so telling him “no head kicks” right before the fight would have an impact on his fight plan and give a huge advantage to Chad.

    Why would Chad Sermon ask for or get special treatment like that? is he a lower ranked fighter who needs his opponents to fight with a handicap?

    If he’s getting a rematch I hope both fighters have the same set of rules to fight by this time.

  3. doc says:

    So everybody knew that he was going to come out like a JBJ wanna be and try the leg lock?

    Okay, so the kick was dirty then. He could have just strafed around and waited until the ref made him stand up.

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