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Thursday, 05/24/2012, 03:52 pm

Exclusive | Cesar Gracie: Nate Will Fight Anybody – He's Fought Everybody | UFC News

The last segment of Cesar Gracie’s interview, Jens Pulver fondly brings up “Baby D” Nate Diaz and asks Cesar

“What do you think about the terror he’s going on right now?”

Cesar replies in detail….

“I think Nate Diaz is the future of the 155lbs division.  In the past there were issues, there strength issues, there were power issues.  The skills have been there with a guy like Nate Diaz.  He’s actually gotten better with his skills but as he has grown.  He’s a tall kid.  Kind of lanky if you will sometimes what happens with guys like that is it takes them a little bit longer to get the strength into their bones because of their length and everything.  And now what’s happening is he’s grown into that.  He’s got the strength, he’s got the mentality.

I told him the last fight ‘This is your world now.  People have a time and this is your time. You got to make things happen now.  You got to go out and beat these guys.’  The confidence is there.  He understands he’s a veteran.  He’s been there long enough and he understands he should be beating these guys.

He fought a very tough guy, a guy I personally like – Jim Miller. He definitely got the better of him on the ground -obviously, he submitted him, standing up and in all categories Nate Diaz looked like the better fighter that night.  I agree with you Jens – he’s grown into his own man.  He’s looking great.  I’m very impressed with him

Jens Pulver:  Now that’s there’s a rematch coming between Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar, what do you do with Nate Diaz?  Do you advise him to sit?  Obviously, Dana said that’s something he might do – sit and wait for his title shot or what you say?  Obviously you’re his manager, his coach and his mentor.  What kind of advice do you give Nathan?

Cesar Gracie:

“Nate will fight anybody.  He’s fought everybody.  They throw people at him and he’s 155/170.  The guy is a fighter’s fighter at this point though it’s time to start to think about your legacy a little bit.  I kind of agree with Dana.  I think he should fight for the title.

He beat Gomi he looked great but people were like ok great admittedly he was not the Gomi we saw years ago.  He’s still very dangerous we saw him ko Tyson Griffith and everybody but his not top 10 guy.  Nate looked great beating him anyway.  He beat Cerrone. Cerrone was in line for a title shot by the way.  He was supposed to beat Nate Diaz and get that title shot.  Guess what?  Cerrone got beat by Nate Diaz obviously he takes that spot but they wanted to see him fight someone else.  We petitioned for the Pettis fight but Joe Silva said Miller will get you to the title quicker.  Nate like a soldier went out, took the fight and did what he does.  He’s just going to be a couple months sidelined.  We’re waiting for the winner of Henderson vs Frankie Edgar.”

Cesar goes on to tell Pulver Nate’s plans as he awaits a chance at the 155 title shot. He also extends Nate’s training invitation to Pulver.  You can listen to all the details and the conclusion of the exclusive Cesar Gracie interview at Just Scrap Radio Episode 6 Archive

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19 Responses to “Exclusive | Cesar Gracie: Nate Will Fight Anybody – He's Fought Everybody | UFC News”

  1. E says:

    do your thing nate skys the limit.

  2. AIC says:

    Nate would get out pointed by Edgar. Edgar would do what he did with Penn. But Henderson I think would be a better fight.

    Edgar is fast and smart. He knows what he can and cannot accomplish. His cardio is great and he can force people to get frustrated. Thats how he gets his points. If a ko or tko or sub comes along the way then good for him, but he will only try for points.

    Hendo would be in Nates face more, thus giving Nate a better fight and more exciting I think.

    We’ll find out soon enough.

    • dynomania says:

      either fight would be interesting, but I don’t see Frankie beating Nate.

      • Devon says:

        I could also see nate winning. Look at the Edgar/Maynard fight, Maynard was a lot slower compared to Frankie, but still ended up catching him with some very hard shots. If Nate can land a good shot like that on Frankie, it will be done. Nate would just swarm him and punch him into submission. Frankie would have to fight like Condit to beat a Diaz.

  3. Brock says:

    I believe its Tyson Griffin.. not Griffith..

  4. ainad jt says:

    Who proof reads for this website?

  5. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    Edgar would run away from nate and try and get his usual flash takedowns. Nate is in a whole different league than Edgar. Hendersen and nate are two best Lw in world. Edgar is just praying Aldo will move up you he can move down. I lost all respect for Edgar when he turned down an instant title shot (after losing) to Bendo. Who else gets a title shot coming off a loss but Frankie Edgar. Well maybe Fabertism also but that was in WEC

  6. Seedy says:

    Cesar is a fuckwit….

  7. T.DADDY says:

    nate has been on beastmode his last couple fights.. i just hope he dont start acting like nick……..

  8. spades says:

    What we have with this family is what is happening in the NFL right now. You have an little brother who is living in the shadow of the older brother (Eli Manning and Peyton Manning).

    However, what a lot of people are not seeing is the little brother IE. Nate, Eli, are better then the older brother. I think the only chance Cesar Gracies’ camp has at bringing home a UFC title is Nate.

    Not really a fan of the family( Also consider Cesar Grace a publicity seeker) however, can’t really deny that Nate has been ripping it up.

  9. Coco says:

    I like turtles

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