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Friday, 11/04/2011, 11:04 am

EXCLUSIVE: Cesar Gracie Makes Formal Offer To Unite Team Penn & Team Gracie Into One Fight Team/Alliance

“I was reminded by something that happened many, many years ago. I think BJ was probably about 17 at the time, we were at a tournament and I was giving one of my guy’s instructions. At the time there was an alliance, it was my school and Ralphs school and we where one team and BJ was on that team.

I was giving one of my guys instructions and I looked over to my left a little bit and I saw BJ’s eyes focused on every word I was saying and he kind of smiled and said, ‘You always have the best advice, that’s why I always listen to you.’

And it just reminded me, years and years have passed since then, but BJ, take my advice now, it’s time to make something new happen. “

These are the sentiments of famed coach and leader of the Gracie Fight Team, Cesar Gracie, as he tells it exclusively to BJPENN.COM this afternoon.

We are just five days removed from UFC 137, and as I sat here in my chair, writing a story about Reagan’s upcoming fight this weekend I was surprised by my phone’s caller ID flashing “Cesar Gracie” on it.

I obviously picked up the call, for one, curiosity and two; I enjoy the company of Cesar and Nate and have always considered Nick one of my personal favorite fighters. What happened last weekend was business and while, yes, I admit, it did hurt to see BJ go down, as the boss man JD tells it, ‘You can let defeat keep you down, you gotta raise up snappin.’

Much to my surprise I was met with a voice of concern on the other line. Cesar was concerned for BJ and the future of his career. So much so that he instantly asked me how BJ is doing and instantly wanted me to play middle man between the camps to try and get BJ back on track and back home where he started his career.

From my personal standpoint, I agree that BJ needs a change. One of the very best and most talented martial artists to ever walk the earth, yet he has only notched official victories in one of his last five fights.

But where do we go from here? Our fearless leader who has taken on all comers across the globe his entire career suddenly retired in the cage last Saturday, and left the world hungry for more of his furious fighting style in the process. I talked to BJ after the fight and he has definitely acknowledged the fact that indeed, maybe something needs to change if he wants to compete at the highest level still.

But is it diet, a new camp, new sparring partners and coaches or a new weight class? That is all dependant on what BJ decides to do and we all support him regardless, however there is one man who has a plan set out for the “Prodigy” and it is our most recent opposition in the cage, Cesar Gracie.

Through me and the discussion that I eventually decided to document for the website, Cesar talks about BJ’s heart and desire to win, the changes he thinks he needs to make in order to resurge as the champion he is as well as makes a formal offer to merge both of our teams in an alliance that will surely be unrivaled across the globe.

I share this conversation for the first time with the world, with BJ and the rest of our team in hopes that if this is the change that is needed for BJ to make a dominant return that it is met with open ears and open hearts.

I’ll let Cesar explain his plan from here on out. (Check the full audio at the bottom of the entry)

“Me looking at the fight that just occurred, a chord struck. Looking at BJ coming out, he had the Hawaiian music, I could see the emotion on the guys face and I could see how much he cared. It kind of moved me to a certain extent, seeing all those Hawaiians that flew over, me meeting with BJ’s mom beforehand and having a conversation with her and seeing just what kind of a person that she is and what kind of people these are.

There was something very honest and genuine there that struck a chord with me and I got to thinking to myself. I’m watching this guys fight and I’m very impressed with his abilities, number one. Not a lot of guys can stand up like that with a Nick Diaz and not a lot of guys can win a round like that in the first round, the judges gave it to him, it was a great round and Nick lost that round on the judge’s scorecard.

But also, being in the game for this long I’ve seen the problems. I see the heart that BJ has but I see, well, wait a minute, how come a guy with this much heart with this much technique and natural god given ability, why isn’t it happening for him now. He’s only 32 years old, which in his mind that’s old, but it isn’t and it boggles the mind looking at that.

So I’m looking at all that and going, what’s wrong?

What’s wrong here is the stuff around him. I don’t know his coaches or anything like that but for whatever reason it’s not happening. This guy is coming into a fight and it’s not that he is totally out of shape, but he is not in world class shape and that’s what it takes these days to make it to the upper levels of fighting.

I’ve had a relationship with BJ since he was 16 years old, so I obviously always like the kid, always knew of his talent. There were things coming up, like when he fought my cousin, obviously he went one path and I wish he hadn’t gone that path, it would have been better if he was with us instead of against us through some of that. But let’s turn the page; let’s look at it for what it is. He’s a genuine person; he’s a guy that fights with his heart. He’s not a steroid user like a lot of these guys he’s not a cheater and you know there’s respect for a guy like that.

I think the joining of our camps, of our teams together, a sort of coalition would benefit him incredibly and it would benefit us too. Guys like BJ Penn, Reagan Penn, Nick and Nathan, you know, Gilbert Melendez all the guys on our team would benefit from having those guys around.

I also look at what’s the psychology of what’s happening. Why is BJ not able to go somewhere and stay there and have to go back to Hawaii? Well, the similarities between Nick and BJ are striking, and when I mean striking it’s almost like they’re the same person. They’ve got the same traits. These guys don’t like to be far away from home.

If I take Nick and I move him to some great place in New York and he’s training somewhere out there, the guys is gonna hop on a plane after a few days or a week at most and he’s going to come home because he wants to be where his surroundings. And BJ is the same way, he wants to go back and be with his kids, he wants to be with his family and you have to accommodate for people.

I think a lot of people say, ‘Come out here, you’re gonna do this tough camp.’ and pretty soon the guy is going to get depressed. He’s not gonna train to his fullest because what is happening psychologically.

You’ve got to make it so the guy can come over and leave anytime he wants. My guys will go over there, Nick and Nate absolutely love Hawaii so they would train there with him and obviously BJ used to live in Northern California when he started over here with us so it just makes sense and it’s what he needs. He’s got too much talent to quit right now and he needs to get with some world class athletes and this is the perfect opportunity, the time is ticking and it’s time to do it.”

Cesar continued…

“It’s just a good fit, everyone is talking about BJ’s cardio, Nick, Nathan and Gilbert, these guys are the kings of cardio, and they do not get tired. BJ has to change some things up, he’s gotta change his diet up a little bit too. With Nick and Nate they eat so clean it’s ridiculous, they don’t get sick ever and they don’t get tired.

So it wouldn’t be me telling him, ‘Hey BJ you have to do this.’ and it’s not a nutritionist telling him something, it’s actually guys he’s training with saying ‘Hey man, why don’t you try this?’, that’s the only thing that’s going to change someone’s mind. Things have needed to change with this guy for awhile now and my interest in it is that it’s just too much talent to let go.

Not only for BJ, but he has a younger brother coming up the ranks and Reagan’s not going to make it without the help of professionals too and he’s gonna follow the lead of his brother and this is the best time for BJ to say, ‘You know what? I lost my fight, but I’m a man, I’m a warrior and I’m gonna lead the way and I’m going to show everybody what it is to be a warrior.’

A good man gets knocked down 6 times, he’s gonna get up 7 and that’s the thing about our team. Everyone’s wanted to bury it from the get go, ‘Oh these guys, they don’t talk a certain way, they’re not doing this, they’ll never make it, Nicks not gonna be good, Jake will never make it’. (When speaking of their critics.)

Jake Shields joined my team after coming off a terrible loss to one of my guys and instead of Jake Shields quitting he said, ‘Ya know what? I better go train with these guys, cuz they’re doing something different, they do this Jiu Jitsu, it’s the best what they have up there.’ And he joined the team and he hasn’t looked back. He went up and up and up and has become a world class fighter. From being a C-Level fighter to becoming a top A level pound-for-pound fighter, it’s because he made the changes he had to back then.

BJ has been running off talent and talent alone and that’s not good enough to make it these days.”

I asked Cesar his honest opinion on BJ’s career, I wanted to know if in his opinion are BJ’s best days behind him and he said…

“BJ’ best days are in front of him. This is a wonderful opportunity to turn the page and look towards the future. He can rewrite his whole future right now, he can do it. The best days are in front of him he just doesn’t know it yet. We are going to get rid of that negative attitude, he’s a young man, everything is pointing to go up and return.

This guy can make it, he needs pros as good as him to train with, to sit there with, to hang out with and be friends with and reinvigorate his career. That’s my idea on it.”

Just so our readers, our team and myself are clear, this is a formal invitation from your team to ours to merge our camps and become an alliance is that right, I asked?

“Absolutely, said Cesar. This is a formal invitation. I talked to Nathan Diaz just a few minutes ago because he is one of the guys I haven’t discussed this with yet and he said ‘absolutely!’ Nick Diaz told BJ not to quit after the fight because BJ was talking about quitting and that really upset Nick because this guy just gave him a war and he’s thinking the same thing I am thinking, No way don’t quit.

Circumstances put us to fight each other but let’s put that aside now and lets fight a common enemy from this point out. Let’s fight these other guys, these guys that are the lay n pray guys, these guys that are ruining MMA.

For the cause of saving MMA in the world these guys need to get together because people are inspired by that kind of fighting and if we keep having these other guys that just want to hold you and not fight it’s going to destroy the sport that we love that we have been involved with our whole lives.

For the cause of saving MMA these type of people need to unite.”



182 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Cesar Gracie Makes Formal Offer To Unite Team Penn & Team Gracie Into One Fight Team/Alliance”

  1. James says:

    BJ and Diaz UNITE!

    This is such an awesome news.

    This can rejuvenate BJ’s career while also helping out the Cesar Gracie Team!

    • Dion says:

      I agree 100%, I see only pros and no cons.

    • jacob lee says:

      Look B.J. has got good hands and good ju jitsu and his wrestling has gotten better. I think it is no secret his cardio is better at 155, but B.J. is competitive wherever he fights. he won the first round and took all of Diaz’s best shots in the next two rounds and rocked Diaz a little bit in the third. Both of there faces were busted up, and I was kinda mad that it was made into some big deal like B.J. got destroyed! It was his cardio, Diaz had nothing to do with it. If B.J. retires than we gotta respect his decision regardless, he is the man no matter what. But in my opinion if he retires it is because he no longer has the desire to compete and doesn’t feel that he can fix his cardio. i would love to see him fight again and him training with Diaz would be pretty legit. Just think about it the Penn brothers and the Diaz brothers taking on the rest of the world. WAR PENN!

      • BJ Penn Fan says:

        Dude… Diaz did have something to do with it. He beat him. We gotta face it. Do I think BJ could beat Nick? Hell yeah! But did he last weekend? No. And we just gotta accept that. I hope BJ doesn’t retire b/c to me he’s still the best.

  2. Ricky says:

    Cesar Gracie’s been a real Ham lately. This idea is ridiculous. The guy’s trying to make a name for himself all of a sudden on pure talk and nonsens. It’s dumb, really.

    • ryan says:

      i disagree bro, it seems like it would benefit everyone involved. cesar allready has a name for himself, i think they should make it happen

    • Jason says:

      why is it ridiculous? Nick beat BJ without having a true proper camp. BJ had a proper camp and lost. If I were BJ, at this point in my career, I would accept the invite and train with the Cesar Gracie camp and change weight classes too. Training with Cesar, Nick, Nate, Gilbert, Jake would take BJ to another level.

    • Quazzi says:

      Man ceasar gracie has had a name for himself for a long time and doesnt need to hype himself up. I do agree that bj needs to make a change and at the very least team gracie could for sure help him with his diet and cardio which has always been bj’s only real weakness

  3. eddie says:

    Damn…that would be awesome… I got teary eyed last Saturday night.. wish you the best Bj on whatever you decide

  4. SaberTooth says:

    Yah this is a GREAT idea!! I hope BJ wins the mental battle and trains with these guys to beat the cheaters in mma.

  5. Aaron S. says:

    DO IT BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    Ive never been a big fan of the Gracies, but i really think this was a heartfelt offer. If Penn’s camp merged with the Cesar camp, plus the added Hughes training, i think alot of good things would come of it.

  7. mike f says:

    Don’t let Gracie sponge off you bj

  8. mick says:

    that would be awesome if cesar could tap into the psyche of BJ and bring back the most dominant 155 pounder ever

  9. Guido says:

    WOW brilliant bloody brilliant. Its all up to BJ and if he truly wants to stay in the game. This will help him in each facet of the game. This team has it all when it comes to standup, BJJ, wrestling. Cesar’s camp has legit talent to spar with and they focus lots on conditioning which to me is 99% of this sport. The talent can take you anywhere, if you are not conditioned you will not survive. The better shape you are in, the crisper and quicker your punches and kicks come in. The better conditioned you are you can get fights to the ground at will and out grapple. Its all about conditioning. This sport like wrestling is all about conditioning. You can have guys with equal talent square off and if it goes deep the one in better condition will usually get the W.

  10. mike says:

    Cesar is kinda angling for the spotlight. From my pov, BJ’s moves between the weight classes back and forth is hurting him. He’s done his best work at lightweight despite the loss to Edgar. Actually, I thought moving up to welterweight was a cop out so that BJ wouldn’t have to improve his game, but it hurt him since his speed and endurance is affected by the switch. Also, he loses his knock out ability against larger, natural welterweights. Perhaps a changeup in BJ’s training is in order but this must be done in tandem with a permanent switch to lightweight.

  11. Lil Joe says:

    BJ make it happen! This would mean you have come full circle and the change is now! You are still an elite fighter and an inspiration to thousands of fans! Again…make it happen.

  12. Fortyb4five says:

    That would be really awesome… but Bj has a family to tend to…he needs to be in his daughters life.

  13. BJ S. says:

    Sounds like a hell of an oppritunity! I think this could really help BJ get his heart and love for the sport back, training with new awesome talent. Good luck in whatever path you take BJ.

  14. istone says:

    tean penn/team gracie FTW!!!!!!

  15. Calvin says:

    I think the next mma super fight will be ed soares vs cesar gracie managers who want all the attention but i think cesar brings alot of great points up and bj should try cesar’s plan but take like 6 to 9 month break off first before trying mma again everyone needs a break

  16. James says:

    C’mon that’s put those petty emotions aside.

    It’s for the greater good of both sides. I LOVE THIS IDEA

  17. WarProdigy says:

    Ceaser Gracie does what’s best for Ceaser Gracie. I don’t trust that guy. I’m all for BJ training with top level fighters… But what happens when BJ and Melendez have to fight for a UFC title? How great does it make Ceaser look if BJ comes to him for help with his career??? I think that’s BS.

    BJ definitely doesn’t need Ceaser fuckin Gracie for anything. All respect to Nick, Nate, and Gil…but Ceaser is on crack if he thinks that he’s BJ’s savior.

    I always have been, and always will be one of BJ’s biggest fans. To me the answer is simple. I’ve never seen any fighter as dominant as BJ was when he trained with the Marinovich camp. Someone needs to step up and put them back together. Pat Tenore! You need to put the Marinovich brothers together with the Penn brothers and some top notch boxing/bjj/wrestling coaches and let’s see BJ fight at his full potential and really witness greatness again in that octagon!

    • James says:

      you’re letting those petty, silly emotions and doubts get in the way of seeing what’s best for BJ.

      Look at the big picture. This is a no-brainer. BJ should definitely accept

      • WarProdigy says:

        I disagree. Look at all the ridiculous things that Gracie has been saying to the media lately. He is not trustworthy, he doesn’t really give a shit about BJ, he’s only interested in protecting his team and boosting his rep as a MMA coach. There can only be one UFC champ in each weight division so what happens when Melendez and Penn are both in the title hunt? What if Nate wins a few more?

    • Matt says:

      The answer is Marv and Gary Marinovich. War Prodigy is right.

      • Matt says:

        If BJ just needs to be a family man though and give all this up, I respect him even more for that! Belts and titles mean nothing compared to the value of his girls.

  18. Hostile hunter says:

    Do it Bj!!! Change is needed i what better camp and people to be around.(besides You can get really high up in cali with the diaz brothers)Becuz what ever weed nick is smoking,it seems to bein doin the job :)

  19. John Conforti says:

    Way to go Cesar. First good news I hears since BJ talking retirement. How boring the UFC would be without the likes of BJ Penn and Nick Diaz

  20. v says:

    Jake Sheilds is a lay and specialist

    • James says:

      no he is not.

      He constantly improves position and looks for a submission

      • Anthony says:

        Is GSP Lay and pray? I bet you would say yes – but let’s look at their records:

        GSP – 9 out of 22 wins is decision (41%)

        Shields – 13 out of 26 wins is decision (50%)

        If you claim GSP is lay and pray – Shields is much worse.

        • Harry says:

          GSP just doesn’t go for the kill anymore. Sheilds never really did. BJ ALL THE WAY.

        • Ethan says:

          since GSP’s tko loss to Matt Serra he has finished 3 of 9 fights. And those finishes were nothing spectacular, BJ’s corner threw the towel in, he held matt serra down and kneed him in the body… he just couldnt get better position… and he did armbar matt hughes..

          Not saying he is more boring than Jake Shields.. frankly the last fight of Jakes that i was impressed with was Dan Henderson

        • Zyglrox says:

          You’re grouping ALL decision victories into the LnP category? That’s just silly. You know damn well that collectively, several of those fights took place either entirely on the feet or had plenty of stand up action as well as tightly contested ground work. A lot of keyboard warriors talk about these guys not having the killer instinct and stuff, but realistically, they’re not in there feeling the strength of the man across the cage. You can’t “go in for the kill” unless you’ve already weakened your opponent. These guys like Jake and Georges that have endless gas tanks would absolutely put it on 200% mode and go for the finish if their opponents weren’t game enough to hang in there without wilting and leaving the opening for a submission or stopage via strikes. They’ve done it before when their opponents have wilted. Some of these guys at the top of the heap are tough to kill.

  21. Shane says:

    Good idea from Cesar he genuinely want to help BJ, I respect that. BJ should take the offer this could be really good for his career and Reagans!!!

  22. Chris says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t like this idea at all! I don’t respect Caesar Gracie. I think the man is disrespectful. I’ve always considered him the “black sheep” of the Gracies.

    Caesars and Nicks relationship reminds me of the Emperor’s and Darth Vaders relationship. (Don’t laugh hear me out). Caesar (The Emperor) gets Diaz (Vader) to do whatever he says. I’d hate to see him take control of BJ. I think he just wants another great fighter on his team to do his bidding ie) represent him to make himself look better. That’s all he cares about. His own self image.

    Did anyone see Ariel Helwani’s interview with Diaz? Diaz made it sound like he isn’t interested in fight anymore but does it because he has too. I wonder if that’s because Caesar makes him. Who knows what he fills Nick’s head with.

    Finally he wants to get rid of “Lay and prayers” in MMA? Well I guess it’s time to cut Jake Shield loose then. Sure he’s had some good submission wins in his career but i’ve seen lots of “Lay and pray” from that guy.

    • James says:

      you’ve got to put those petty emotions aside, for the greater good

      you are missing the big picture

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      LMFAO!! Haha, I’m sry to be honest a lot of what u mention seems pretty observant, just cracking up cause of ur “star wars” reference! That was freaken hilarious!!! Anywho I kinda know what u mean, cause a lot of reasons why I’m a big fan of the “Prodigy” is where he stands when it came to the honor of fighting! And if he somehow had his personality & convictions influence by the diaz’s or gracies, I doubt I would be that much of a die hard fan. I mean if BJ can see it being beneficial to him then go for it, just please keep ur guard up & watch ur back (that wasn’t even a BJJ reference, that’s advice on to make sure BJ doesn’t get screwed over my Ceasar, LOL)! I just hope BJ can decide whats best for him & his team, and revive his desire to be the very best that we’re all so use to seeing! **Note: Bring back the Marinovich’s! LOL

  23. Michael says:

    I agree with a lot of what Ceasar is saying and I think it would be some sort of sick misfit super merge taking on the rest of the MMA world.

    However a lot of ‘friends fighting friends’ issues came up for 137. BJ if he stays at WW would be competing against Shields and Nick. If BJ moves down to LW he could be facing Melendez and possibly Nate in the future. This might be a case of an idea being awesome in theory but just isn’t practical.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Had similar thoughts on the subject, completely agree w/ yah dude! But yah something drastic must be done in order for BJ to be the best he can be! Hope he finds the “right” path!

  24. Louis Bocangra says:

    yup that lay prey shit is not warrior like,! GSP!

  25. ThaGreenBandit says:

    That would be sick

  26. Tom Ryan says:

    BJ for what it’s worth, do it! another adventure brahddah! Whether or not you want to be done fighting in the cage, I believe the martial way will be part of you for the rest of your life. Do it BJ!!!

  27. Peleke says:

    I think Nick may have more to do w/this than Caesar is leading everyone to believe. It was evident all through the build up of this fight that Nick did not want to fight BJ because of his relationship w/him and respect for him. After the fight Nick said that he wished BJ would drop to 155 and train w/him and as he put it, “get in shape.” Nick probably genuinely is concerned about BJ retiring and knows they are both of the same spirit and would like the opportunity to train and build that teammate relationship w/him.

    Keep in mind, this is not a charity offer this is a quid pro quo. While I believe BJ would benefit immensely from training w/endurance athletes like Nick and Nate and incorporating much of that lifestyle, which better suits BJ because BJ has stated that w/Marv that the training was great, but he felt he was not spending enough time on fight technique. Team Caesar Gracie would benefit immensely from BJ’s pure technique and experience. Iron sharpens iron.

  28. tenser says:

    Would anyone else like to see BJ tackle the 145 class? I have always s felt that when he fights at 170 he can’t do much cardio to maintain that weight and just gets gassed out..I sony know buy I think that might be cool to see I don’t want him to retire :(

  29. fongsta says:

    I think CEASAR shows he actually cares and hoping the best for BJ, not to retire, but to bounce back, change his trainings and evolve again. BJ’s biggest problem is his training. He’s training with unknown fighters that are not good enough to challenge for even half of a round. Look at all the best fighters in the world these days…they are all training at a camp where they are surrounded by other great fighters. Just look at the fighters in AKA, Greg jackson’s, AMerican Top Team, Black House, …and etc. And BJ is training with… WHO???? for realz eh…. step up BJ.. you are disappointing a lot of your fans… You need to be mentally tough and willing to sacrafice.. if you cant… then you better retire cuz before you lose your “LEGEND” STATUS…

  30. Aaron says:

    yo bj!
    coming from a huge fan and mma analyst, you cannot retire right now! gracie’s right, you’re only 32 and still have that natural talent. a strong mind goes a long way. look at how far randy got with so little. seriously coming from one of your biggest fans do not quit! take some time off, roast smoke pacalolo, and eat some zippy’s. lol jk but seriously reconsider. everyone knows you are capable of so much better! NOW is the time to turn your career around and end it, where it should end… at the top! you have all the skills you just need that cardio dawg. good luck and im seeing it now…. bj penn vs. gsp 2013! get that fucker!

  31. Dev_NY says:

    I think BJ is torn right now. For one, he has a family, which is the most important thing for him right now. I honestly don’t believe he needs Cesar’s help. He needs the Marinovich bros. and his team needs to make room and be able to work with these guys. Cesar is right in that he does not have world class conditioning. BJ has the skillset, heart, and experience. He’s missing that one last piece. Hope he takes some time off and goes back to what worked best. BJ may not believe it, but as a long time fan, he was at his best when working with these guys. His reflexes were amazing in the Diego fight. History proves where it all went wrong. Their relationship separated during the first Edgar fight and BJ didn’t look the same after that. If you do come back BJ, please do it the right way. You always said that you wanted to bring it all together. You still can!!!

  32. Bam Bam says:

    Great offer from the gracie camp. But caeser is still a douche.

  33. Jay Unidos says:

    Truth. Hopefully it happens, but if BJ decides to retire, then I hope Reagan takes Cesar up on his offer.

  34. Alex Daas says:

    I have never written a post thinking that BJ would actually read it but im going to right now in hopes that he does… BJ PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Mike Diaz says:

    BJ does not need more talkers in his ears, all the Prodigy needs (and I am nobody to even exude a suggestion) is to get his cardio up to world class level, which can be very beneficial if one is on the strictest of diets. Cesar pointed out, imo, the changes that need to occur. BJ definetly is torn between competing at the top level and tending to his fatherly duties. Its tough, no matter what the Prodigy decides, PENN NATION is here for him. And PENN NATION desires to see the Prodigy back in 2012. TEAM PENN!!!!!!!!

  36. Brandon M says:

    I think its great. BJ has the skills to beat ANYONE in the lightweight. Its just been his training and cardio thats holding him back. Would LOVEE to see this happen!!!

  37. James says:

    And as Cesar says, Reagan’s just starting off his MMA career. Think about his long-term future too. This would benefit him as well

  38. Und1sputed619 says:

    Do it BJ. You have the god given talent to be the best p4p fighter on the planet. 32 is young for MMA, look @ Anderson @ 36 years old. But you have to step your nutrition and cardio game up. All of team Gracie has 5 round cardio. I think they could possibly bring out the best in BJ and make a killer out of him. Please do it BJ. JUST SCRAP 4 LIFE!

  39. dubmatic808 says:

    anderson silva has been offering BJ and his camp a place to call home at black house for years… diaz and co. would seem like a step down

  40. RHendO says:

    LETS DO THIS !!!!!! ALL IN BJ! I know Cesar is a clown at times but i think hes genuine with this proposal they really feel for Bj and hate that they had to fight him. Lets Do IT !!!

  41. james says:

    this would make bj the best, either this or train with anderson silva at blackhouse, doing what hes doing now just isnt working.

  42. imposter says:

    up to bj. i’m sure he has his reasons why hes not with them today….but if happens, they goin smash everyone else.

  43. Tsimanga says:

    DO IT! If BJ had the conditioning of members of Ceasars camp, he’d be unstoppable.

    And for crying out loud BJ. Spend a few weeks learning to kick. Nobodies gonna wanna take you down anyways. You can probably do a wicked ax kick with your flexability.

    Hook up with Cesear. One more run! One more run! One more run!

  44. james davis says:

    This guy knows what he is doing. BJ could have beat GSP if he trained with Nick. Nick needs BJ to beat GSP. BJ will beat Frankie if he trains with Nick.

  45. wayuk says:

    grace camp + bj camp along with hughes camp = ba booom!!!
    now is the time to go back to lightweight and regain your belt, hope you won’t cross bridges with nate & gilbert.

  46. stix says:

    if Nick and Jake can avoid having to fight each other, can BJ and Gil avoid having to fight each other? (assuming BJ goes back to LW, which I think is a necessity)

  47. OCD says:

    Bad idea. He only wants this so Penn won’t go back to LW and whip nate and Gilbert.

  48. Abuka says:

    I would say do it if Melendez wasn’t there. I rather see BJ with Blackhouse no threat’s there at 170/155/

  49. ds says:

    shake shields loves lay and pray change his style ceasar

  50. Abuka says:

    People forgot how great BJ was with the Marinovich Bro’s. I think going back with them will be a better decision then going with Ceaser.

  51. Medicine Man says:

    2 Words Black House, if this happens, what weight class is Bj going to fight in? 155lb? What if Gilbert comes into the UFC and takes the 155lb weight class? This eventually would result in Bj fighting one of his training partners if he joined Cesar’s team. I say leave Parillo, and train with Black House; the top guys in that team won’t interfere with his weight class and probably would teach Bj more than any other camp he has been in.

    • BJtheGOAT says:

      I would agree but it looks like Aldo is going to move to light weight eventually, which creates the same problems… BJ decided a long time go not to train with other big fight camps with a lot of top contenders because he knew he would be put in a position to have to fight them and he doesnt want that. I heard him talk about this in an interview. I do feel, however, that if BJ had the kind of endurance that Nick Diaz has, he would be unstoppable.

  52. dynomania says:

    BJ, I hope you’re reading this. My wife and I went to a Bar in the East Bay Area to watch the fight, and after round one, I knew you had it won, but then you couldn’t keep up the energy level of Diaz. I have watched all your fights as many others have and while I think training with these guys on a regular basis would be great for you, I think two of your best performances were when you trained with the Marinovich bros. You did not get tired, knew you would not get tired, and therefore destroyed your competition. Last Saturday was a great round one performance and made me emotionally sad at the end, but if you could somehow find the right lead trainer to push your cardio and muscle tone through the roof, you would be unstoppable. Wish you the best from the Bay Area, Northern California. All my friends are wishing you the best as well. Keep your head up man. Everyone that watched the fight knows you were the more talented fighter, but Nick was the more talented cardio athlete. I love the idea of you training with those guys at least half your training camp and having a full-time cardio coach like the Marinovich Bro’s, you’d be unstoppable. Last thing, you got to go back to 155 with that cardio and kick ass. Keep family first. All the real fight fans know you’re one of the best to ever live. Only prove what you want to prove to yourself, and if you can’t find the motivation, it’s all good too!

  53. Kyle K. says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this……gracie seems like he has an alternative motive…..but Bj knows him better than any of us do. I think if its a lagit offer then it would be fantastic for Bj I mean look at how good he did against fitch when he braught in matt hughes….I have always though about how good he would be if he went to a camp ran by somebody other than himself. Instead of somebody saying okay that was good Bj next time we go the full 5 rounds. he will get something like NO NOT GOOD ENOUGH PUSH YOURSELF PAST WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WE ARE GOING 6 ROUNDS YOU GOT IT! I think Bj would do great from people like that…….or just bring back the marinavich(sp?) brothers….just somebody to push him past what he is used to. But it’s up to BJ.

  54. wannabe rich says:

    big weight gains and losses reek havoc to a body. most, if not all, top tier fighters are conditioned year round and are relatively close to their fight weight. in my humble opinion, the thing that makes bj great, his desire to fight, not by weight class but by ability, is also his down fall. i think that, more than any other reason, is what keeps him relevant but not “victorious”.

  55. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Bj needs to do it, heal up rest up an train wit these fools!!!!!!

  56. Aaron says:

    BJ, it’s not an easy decision either way. No one is in your shoes. You can clearly see the benefits of joining with any other camp. I as a father see the benefits of both sacrificing by spending time away from my family as well as sacrificing what I want to be with them more. I’m sure your teams could find some middle ground. I agree with some of the above statements. If you’re not willing to do what you need to be the best you can, you won’t be the best you can. Children change everything, especially priorities. You may never reach your full fighting potential. Success may come to you by being a dedicated father. And you may be just fine with that. And so should your true fans. I personally don’t live in regret, and I hope you will never look back 20 years from now and wonder how good a fighter you could have actually been. Or perhaps you will look back and know you were the best you could have been without being completely selfish and putting your family behind you. However; mma today has changed since you began, and Reagan may need more than what you have had to make his own name as one of the best. Or perhaps, his youth will do for him now what you feel it can’t do for you anymore (though I know you are still young enough to do it all). I like the idea of your teams joining. I think team Gracie would regularly push you harder than you are used to. I also think you could drop to 145 if you trained right. Everyone’s concerned if Nick, Nate, Gilbert, or Jake will cross with you at 170 or 155. They don’t worry about it, nor do I think you should. That’s a bridge to think about when it comes up. First things first, if you are going to stay, and I believe you do, you owe it to yourself, not anyone else, to see just what one camp with team Gracie can do for you. Half the camp in Cali (bring the fam along!) and half in Hilo. They’re willing. After that, another bridge. Of course your heard all this before and have already thought this. I can relate because I am a father, husband, brother, son, friend, and full time warrior. You will make the right choice for you, and those who matter, really matter, will be all good with it. Never look back and say, “what if.” Play with ideas and make a stand, and the rest will be all good. Everyone knows you are capable of more as a fighter. It doesn’t mean your potential had to be turned into that. That potential energy can be used for any other number of things that you love. I wonder though, what you would want your daughters to do with their potential? I’m sure you would be proud no matter. So, I’m clear, I would love to see you do one camp with them. Possibly two. One for your fight, one for one of theirs. But even more, I would rather you do what you want, and be happy bro.

    -True BJ Penn Fan

  57. magoo says:

    Fk Cesar, didn’t BJ call him out to a five round fight about a week ago? Your a sucker of the penis Gracie,and your gay ass team don’t deserve B!

  58. Timmy L. says:

    Cesar Gracie makes some great points. It seems that BJ’s cardio almost always fails him when he fights above 155. As MMA continues to evolve, the fighter’s training needs to evolve. In today’s landscape, it is very rare that we see a fighter not be involved with a fight team. I think as long as BJ is involved with an actual fight team, he will be unstoppable. BJ has been involved with fight teams before, but only for a fight or two here and there. He’s been with Team Quest, AKA, Nova Uniao and the Gracies. I think if he reunites with any of these teams, he would be better off. There have been offers by these teams too. Matt Lindland has offered to reunite with BJ. Javier Mendez, Bob Cook, and Dave Camarillo have offered to work with BJ again. Dede Pederneiras recently tweeted that he would love BJ to train with him again. Now Cesar is making a similar offer. Heck, even Ed Soares and Anderson Silva of Blackhouse have offered to train with BJ. IF BJ decides to return to the octagon, for BJ to live up to his potential, he has to join a fight team. Just imagine what can be. BJ is only 32, he can erase all of the what if’s by just joining a fight team.


    BJ needs to do it.. The Cesar Gracie camp are the most loyal dudes to their team.. If BJ joins they will not back stab him like others might do. If they say they won’t fight teamates they will actually stick to it unlike jacksons.

  60. RK47 says:

    DO IT BJ! What do you have to lose? You’re only 32! DO IT!

  61. Anjayzer says:

    I’ve been wanting BJ to join a Camp like Cesar’s Gracie Fighter Team or even Black House, I think it will be great for him!

  62. SanSooRob says:

    Nope , he may need drop to 55 and fight Gilbert

  63. Heanai says:

    Please take it BJ, don’t retire. All you need is that endurance man, you got all the rest, you got lots to teach and can always learn.

  64. MW12 says:

    BJ’s cardio issues is nothing new. I’m a fan but have been disappointed in several of his fights (which I believe he could have won if it wasn’t for his cardio). Either way whether BJ trains with Caesar or another camp- he definitely needs to make some changes in his training if he wants to compete with the likes of Nick Diaz-caliber fighters. So, if he decides to make those changes, I think he could dominate at 155. Unless, he puts on proper mass correctly, he may even have a great shot at 170. Either way Caesar is right and the time is now to make such changes, otherwise, it will be a waste of several years of talent (if BJ continues the same kind of training).

  65. jojomajesty says:

    I really hope BJ can take this invitation..he shouldn’t quit…

  66. drew says:


  67. Digs says:

    The only thing that Gracie said that made sense to me is that you need to have worldclass athetes around you to continue to excel.

    Steel sharpens steel.

    I know BJ always has a lot on his plate, whether it’s family, opening a new gym, or whatever….his entire life isn’t about fighting anymore. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone.

    I’d love to see BJ in top form take out opponents again, but i’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that he’s just over it.

    Over Dana’s bullshit. Over the hyping. Over the manipulation. The haters. and above all….not getting paid to get clobbered.

  68. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t know… Cesar is the sleazy cousin of Gracie Jujitsu. If you think about it how many top tier guys are there in Hawaii? If BJ joined or fused their camps together, he could train with some hardcore youth and talent. Unfortunately like others have been saying, he might have to fight Gilbert if he ever wants a run for the lw title though… Ultimately I don’t think this merger is going to happen. BJ seems like the type to be loyal to a fault and I don’t think he would leave his camp. Also he would have to relocate his family.

    Just hire a nutritionist like GSP and forget Cesar. Why settle for less when you can get Royce Gracie instead?

  69. andrew J says:


  70. Ryan says:

    Join them Bj and Reagan!!!

  71. pk9grrr says:

    imo bjs loss shouldnt be looked at as an end of career but more as to reinvent yourself ,change your mentality ,rejuvinate your career with a fresh outlook …i dont know too much about cesar but he seams to understand bj ,his background etc which is a good thing and lets face it …everything has a flipside,you take the good with the bad ..whether its with cesar or another team why not give it a shot

  72. Ed says:

    Some things he says makes sense. The timing makes sense in a way since BJ just fought Diaz. But the first thing that came to my mind is now that BJ has a signature UFC gym, Gracie wants to figure out how to capitalize on that for himself. Also, I think BJ would rather fight Shields than join his team. Part of why I’m a BJ fan is because he does it his way. I know, that hasn’t resulted in wins lately, but you can’t change who you are. If BJ wanted to be a spoke in a wheel in a big gym, he would have done that already. Also, I don’t agree with Cesar that BJ and Nick are the same person. They’re both fighters more than they are competitors or athletes, but Nick is just mad at the world and BJ isn’t mad. Also, it seems like BJ has friends in all camps and in parts of the fight business. Join Cesar’s team and it might cut many of those relationships. I talk like I know BJ and I don’t, but that’s my read. I wish BJ would start mixing it up with kicks and takedowns and train some muy thai and mix it up more. His boxing is great but other fighters are so focused on it now. It’s not like he doesn’t have all the skills. I also think BJ should tell his fans before he fights that he’s not retiring, no matter what he says in the few days after a fight. I’ll stop talking now. BJ’s the best.

  73. DaRuckuz says:

    Interesting..Whateva you decide BJ We wit you alll da wayyyyy

  74. steven horgan says:

    like it or not this is what the doctor has perscribed…cesar was reading my mind about the cardio, bj coes in shape but younger guys cardio are on another level thats all bj is missing

  75. Surfari says:

    I love Bj And NIck and the whole team

  76. Ben says:

    Point blank, exactly what I said.

    B.J needs to move out of hawaii after he is done doing the family thing. 32 is not even old.. He needs to eat the right food, think of the right things, train with the right people.. hes either done one or the other and not all at the same time..

    he has the talent to beat anyone but these days, like gracie said, talent wont get you there no more. you have to have all of it and although talent is the most important, you cant win without all these traits these days because of how evolved the sport is.. please b.j listen to what me and gracie said as i never lied about this.. peace respect and love

  77. C91 says:

    I think he should do it. Personally I look at it as worst case scenario. You lose another fight maybe it is time, do I think he will? Maybe, maybe not but all of Cesar’s guys have some of the best cardio in the game if not the best. Not only do I think it’ll benefit him, but I feel we’ll see a reinvigorated Bj. Similar to the old Bj, the one who came out guns blazing but better. If he wants to take some time, by all means take some time it’s understandable, but why not give it a shot. It can be sooner than later, maybe later than sooner, but it’s a move that would be very beneficial imo.

  78. TheXperience says:

    DO IT BJ !!! take a month off and fucking DO IT !!! A Beast gotta train with Beasts !! Lets go… !!

  79. Camthaman says:

    Why wouldn’t it be a good idea.Two teams getting together getting the best of both worlds just knowledge coming from every direction.We need more of this in MMA.I doubt Gracie is trying to mooch off of BJ I really doubt that.

  80. Robbie Wiggins says:

    I think tha offer is genuine and I think BJ would definetly benefit from it, if he dedicates to tha training,but Ceaser’s got top guys at both weight classes BJ fights. What happens if BJ’s gotta fight Gilbert or Nate @ 155lbs or Shields or even Nick again @ 170lbs for a title shot or a title itself. Thats tha problem I see with a stable like that. Tha bottom line is wherever who whoever BJ trains with he’s gonna have to dedicate hiself to fixing whats wrong & thats doing shit he doesnt like to do in training…………CARDIO!!!!!!!!! I really dont want to see BJ retire, but I dont want to see him get fuck’d up either. I honestly believe BJ can win another title,but his heart has gotta be willing to do tha things its gonna take to do it. Either way, I’ma still talk shit & say He’s one of tha greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. mike f says:

    All about the $$$. Gracie wants access to the young talent BJ has access to. And BJ Pennsylvania name carries a lot more sache then his. He wants to make more $$ and knows this is the way.

  82. Cory S says:

    I would personally LOVE to see this happen. I am an avid Penn fan and want nothing more than to see him get back in and destroy his opponents as he has in the passed. I also believe he needs a change his training environment and I think training with the Diaz brothers and others from the Gracie camp could bring nothing but positive things for BJ as well as for those in the Gracie camp.

    For example, training with Hughes seemed to give BJ renewed confidence in his wresting abilities, I think the same applies in this case.

  83. Abe says:

    fuck cesar gracie thats just disrespectful, the only reason diaz won cuz he had better cardio thats all. If BJ wants to retire then so be it, he has been fighting for so long, and he is exhausted. Fucking Cesar rubbing it in by uniting and shit thats just dumb, Cesar should just take his fucking victory and leave instead of keep talking and saying BJ needs improvement and stuff like thats just disrespectful, BJ is a warrior he will come back if he wants to, if he wants to retire then he can BJ fans should understand that and support him he been through battles for a long long time, he cant do it forever.

  84. DUANE says:

    Jd ain’t gonna let this happen. Bj in no way is ready to retire, this would put a belt back around his waist quickly. But I don’t know all the politics and I feel strongly it won’t happen.. Imagine though if Bj had Diaz cardio lol, he kill cats badly!!!

  85. Logon says:


    I am a huge BJ fan and have stuck by him since the start, thru the Hughes lose, the GSP grease gate, and the Frankie Edgar loses.

    I don’t know if working out with Gracie is the way to go, but I do think he needs a better training camp. He’s best fights recent fights were when he was training with the Merinavich Bros. (Florian/Deigo) (and side bar Deigo asking to coach against BJ on TUF 15 give me a fucking break).

    He has been offered to workout at BLACKHOUSE, which would be my first choice if I was BJ.

    I agree I think he should not retire. WAR BJ!!!!

  86. Pouya says:

    this would be awesome!

  87. C91sucks says:

    C91 your wack and pathetic

  88. BJ PENCIL says:

    yeah he should maybe change up camp… cesar gracie has some real names unlike his camp in hawaii maybe this will do him some good.

  89. Jamie says:

    Think about Reagan’s future too! This is a no-brainer, BJ

  90. C91sucks says:

    Lol a mom joke???? Grow up and stop getting mad because we all know your pathetic and a waste of life your mom probably regrets you but it’s ok. C91? Get a real name like… Mom’s mistake. By the way tell your mom I’ll be by later to do what your dad couldn’t do to her.

    • C91 says:

      lol ur stupidity truly does amaze me. If your gunna bash me for a post at least back it up with some logical reasoning. As to why I’m wack and pathetic? I don’t know maybe should grow up and give me a legitimate reason. Nd sure I will let my mother know as soon as I’m done fingering your little sister.

  91. Derrick says:

    Diaz was a least 20lbs heavier than BJ on fight night. BJ wasnt out classed, his cardio wasn’t up to par. I think having a solid team with great cardio will put BJ to another level.

  92. C91sucks says:

    Umm… I don’t have a little sister. Stop acting like your so smart it’s a wonder what google can do for you:) that’s how I found out your husband oh excuse me your wife has aids. Its amazing how you think your so much better than other people on here just because you know a few big words lol your pathetic and it is the truth you couldn’t make it in life so you spend the whole day on the computer with no life your the reason why we should make all of you lazy asses work instead of living of your mom. Moms mistake I feel for you man, remember always say no drugs! Unless they are pathetic like you then go for it get a life tell your daughter I’ll be by later.

    • C91 says:

      Aside from making me laugh that lame attempt you call an insult isn’t enough to piss off my 10 year old little brother. Again no logical reason as to why your running those little cock sucking lips of yours but that’s cool. Cut down on the essay next time I don’t have all day retard. I’m done talking to you, you can reply and take about my family all you want, and how I google everything but we all know who’s more pissed off here and it’s not me. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a giant load for your mom’s throat to choke on.

  93. Xaninho says:

    It all depends on what BJ really wants. Does he want to get back in the cage? Does he really want to have 3 month trainingcamps before a fight?

    It looked to me that he’s just not there with his mind. He has other things going on in his life, like his wife, daughter and one more daughter on the way that are understandable more important to him.

    There’s no point in forming an alliance with Gracie if BJ doesn’t want to fight anymore I guess..

  94. C91sucks says:

    Don’t worry I just made your daughter choke on me while your wife watched wishing you were half the man I was. And your sure on here all day stop acting like you have a life your a pathetic excuse for a man same thing your mom said when I pounded her into her bed. Your daughter will be home late tonight she has something to swallow it may take awhile if she anything like her mom:)

  95. Billy says:

    Would love to see this happen. I believe Cesar geniunely wants to see BJ back to dominance. Fingers crossed.

  96. Boberg says:

    I really hope BJ reads all the support he gets from ppl here!
    I personally think this is a great idea, after all, they already call themselves “friends” so what is there to lose?!

  97. lkjl says:

    The reason BJ prefers to not train with other camps, or with other fighters is b/c he may fight them. So to avoid the whole conflict, he just doesn’t train with them. The question now is, Gilbert and Nate are both lightweight. How is he going to deal with that?

  98. Brian says:

    Wow! That was inpirational, even for me. And I totally feel the same way. Maybe he should try something different , because I truly believe he can get better, and b.j. Is the greatest fighter out there.

  99. Yo says:

    This would be great for BJ’s cardio. He’s always had cardio issues and if he was to join with Cesar Gracie’s camp he wouldn’t have that issue anymore. Look at all there top fighters Diaz bros, Shields, and Melendez. They all have great cardio no doubt. BJ’s cardio would improve too!

  100. stone cold says:

    go train with black house or cesar gracie or both. u can beat anyone just need some changes psychically and mentally.

  101. always been a fan of both sides….deadly combination…

  102. Gabe says:

    100% all da way Hawaiian. Braddah BJ, if you out dea reading dis, no scadum, go gettum, dea’s always room fo improvment. Dis combo going be killa! Go fo um! Haaawaiian!

  103. CODES OF HAWAII says:

    lay and pray fighters!!! get’um boys!! take those lay and pray guys out!

  104. KingGareth says:

    More quality sparring partners= increased skills.

    • DAMN FKN STRAIGHT! He tried black house it was a bust.. Do something no one would think he would.. If Bj goes down to LW I say go up to tristar what is there to lose. Sometimes your enemy could be best weapon. Pride and Ego stands in our way sometimes… actually most of the time.

  105. Lil'Ray says:


  106. RK47 says:

    I would also say that training with Matt Hughes full time would be great…if only he didn’t live so far away.

  107. dipset says:

    Quit?No way BJ…i gotta say, words that came outta cesars mouth were touchy…BJ’s got alotta talent. he is in his own prime..Bj reunitting with Cesar will b the smartest thing right now in his career…watching the fight, bj coulda easily seal the deal but something was missing…no mind set watss so ever n cardio was not being mean but we all saw it..its hard to leave home, but taking the step forward with this type of career n joining Cesar will make a beast outta BJ…War BJ…

  108. ryan says:

    it wasnt to long ago all use were hatein on nick and his camp because bj got destroyed, now use like the idea fukin joke use guys are not propper fans at all just fat smelly geeks

  109. Respectexpected says:

    When Nick Diaz said post fight that BJ belongs at lightweight and if he had trained with Nick he probly would won a few of those fight’s he lost, I had to agree. Triathalete’s are no joke and Hawaii is no stranger to Iron man competetions, lets go BJ. Show them WAR!!!!

  110. Derek loa says:

    Team blackhouse ftw!!!!

  111. Justa Thought says:

    Ruele # 1 for success in life (in any area): Surround yourself with the best people you can and learn from them. The Gracie Team is full of Champs, Former Champs, and top 10’s. With a merger of these two camps I’ll bet Greg Jackson would have a hard time sleeping at night. Whatever happens, I hope you find what you are looking for BJ. “A man sometimes meets his destiny on the path he choses to avoid it…”

  112. John says:

    Join the scrap pack BJ! Let Melendez rule the strikeforce 155 and you reign over the UFC 155 once again.

  113. luis rodriguez says:

    Im trained with cesar on a few occassions and all i can say about him is he is a very genuine and positive person who is always helpful to whoever hez around. Cesar gracie would be a great addition to anyones camp. The guy is a true coach……….i cant say that about some of the other gracies ive trained with at all. It would be a proper fit for both camps.
    However Penn has been competing nonstop since his late teens, maybe he just tired of it. If hez lost the fire to compete and train then he should take some time. But the graciefighter team is the type of team to reignite that flame…….i hope they merge

  114. Drew Mathieson says:

    BJ PENN is the most talented fighter I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching fight. The only reason I’ve seen him lose a fight is because of his cardio, not because a lack of talent, but he already knows that. Where is, “The Prodigy”!?

    A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
    –William She’d


  115. Dex says:

    This is a fantastic idea if BJ wants to continue to fight. He needs to do something different. I would love to see a drop to 145 and take Aldo’s title. HE CAN DO IT.

  116. Conman says:

    I’ve never been so happy! .. This is such good news! .. im guna go outside and armbar someone! BOOM BOOM!

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