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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 05:20 pm

Exclusive | Cesar Gracie: I am extremely proud of Nick for conducting himself in a professional manner | UFC News

The 1st in UFC history Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver introduces the next guest on the Just Scrap Radio Show….

“My man Cesar Gracie, running around.  He’s got Gilbert Melendez of course they’re really tight in the beginning but they’re still close – slightly removed.  He’s got the Diaz Brothers now everybody under the sun is wanting to talk to Cesar about what it’s like with the Diaz Brothers.  How you doing?”

Cesar Gracie:

“I’m doing great.  Were you talking slightly removed with Gilbert ‘cause that’s not the case.”

The interview gets interesting from there.  We have two straight shooters telling it like it is and are both sensible enough to play nice, both understanding the game of MMA and entertainment.

Jens Pulver:

I apologize.  I know you guys are in the same team.  I know you’re still his mentor.  I didn’t mean it like that.  Where did he put his gym?

Cesar Gracie:

“Yeah it’s over in San Francisco.  It’s a really great gym.  I tell everybody that comes out SF check it out – El Nino Training Center.  You can look that up, google it, whatever.  It’s off 3rd and 26th I believe but yeah it’s a great gym.

Abel Pulver:

Cesar, just wanted to get right in to yesterday.  Obviously the NSAC ruling on Nick Diaz:  He got a 12 month suspension and 30% of his purse taken away.  Take us through that yesterday and what are your feelings on these findings by this commission?

This sets off Cesar Gracie to express his views whether you can handle it or not…..

“It was a joke really.  No matter, this isn’t a debate about marijuana/weed whatever– whether it’s good for you or not.  That’s the adult’s prerogative what they’re going to do but I thought it was like a Kangaroo Court.

They weren’t open to facts.  They had what they were going to do, they had in mind what they were going to do and they did it.  They were looking for reasons to be able to do what they were going to do.

It wasn’t like an actually hearing where – let’s find the facts, okay let’s get your side of the story, okay now that makes kind of sense, oh this doesn’t.

The whole time it was like everyone was a prosecutor against Nick and I thought that was pretty ridiculous. I think the commission was looking for a reason convict if you will Nick Diaz and not even look at the facts.  You’re talking about a guy’s livelihood.  That’s what he makes for a living – fighting – whether he wants to fight MMA or Box.  That’s the man’s livelihood.  You got these guys who are in charge of a man’s livelihood and they didn’t even study the case.

They didn’t even know what metabolite was.  They were like ‘oh what is that? We’re not experts’.  They had no clue what it was but when we brought in an expert they just completely disregarded the testimony.  Then, they started coming with the wackiest conclusion –

‘Oh marijuana helps you to focus, Nick? That’s a PPED, then.  That’s a Pro Performance Enhancing Drug.’  Infact, it helps him because of his ADHD that’s why it’s prescribed.  It’s almost like you’ve got some issue and the doctor gives you some legally prescriptive medicine.   And it helps you with that issue.  ‘Well there you go its performance enhancing drug.’  The conclusions they were finding were so absurd and I couldn’t believe it.

One thing I will say though a lot of people think maybe – I don’t talk to Nick or say maybe you shouldn’t do this or whatever.  That’s not the case.  We’ve had this conversation.  Nick is his own man.  I will say I am extremely proud of Nick for going through that and conducting himself in a professional manner.  He showed me a lot of integrity.  To be honest with you, he showed me a lot more integrity than anybody on that commission showed.

Nick was there.  He would not lie.  He wouldn’t give you no song and dance like everybody else does and say their cute little lies that the commission is waiting for.   He wouldn’t do that.  He’s got the principles.  He told the truth completely every time.  That threatens the commission like that because nobody on there seemed to have any integrity.

Then men were completely emasculated.  It was so pathetic.  They get on there and they defer to that one lady that’s like a Nazi out there.  Yeah okay we defer to you – ‘what should we do lady?’ – and she tells them.  GELDING HORSES is how I describe the male commissioners over there. ‘oh you suggest that?  Okay, I’m in favor.’ None of them can think for themselves.  Just a really pathetic, pathetic commission, in general.

I loved it!  I loved it because the public got to see exactly what people have to deal with.  I’ve been speaking to fighters and they tell me …. ‘These commissions, they’re now out there for fighters’ sake.  They’re out there to protect themselves.  That’s a position of power where they can rule over everybody.  It’s pretty pathetic.  I’m glad the public got to see how ridiculous the mistake of a commission really is.”

Abel:  “…..Nevada has a failing economy but stealing from your fighters doesn’t seems like a good way to go about it.”

Cesar Gracie:

“The whole commission idea was sold to the public as…. We’re here to protect the fighters.  We’re here to regulate it.  The fighters will get a fair shake.  The fighters are protected this, that and here are the rules and that’s how they get in.  That’s their premise for getting in there but once they’re in the truth comes out.  They’re not there for fighters.  They’re not helping fighters.  They don’t care about fighters they care about themselves.  They’re a bunch of cronies that get on the board like that and they want their little kush easy job.  They want to sit there and revel in that hour that they have to tell fighters how to conduct themselves ‘Here’s the rule – too bad.  You us this much money’ It was completely unprofessional”

Jens Pulver:  “Goodman, Nick’s Attorney said he might take the NSAC to court.  What are your thoughts on that?”

Cesar Gracie:

“We’re going take a couple days weigh all options.  If that  option seems like the best one.  Then we will take that.  I really think they are making an example of Nick.

They had done something.  They gave him a 45 day suspension until the hearing and didn’t give him a hearing which is against their bylaws.  So we had to take it to court.  We took it to court one time and then judge said NO you have to give them a hearing in 7 days.  The commission was very pissed off about that and they were like ‘How dare you make us follow rules.  We make you follow rules’ they don’t even want to follow their own rules.  That’s how pathetic they really are.  They won’t follow their guidelines, their statutes….  Can you imagine going to trial and the prosecutor is your jury, your judge?  That’s who the commission is.  They don’t have any integrity.  They’re a bunch of clowns in my opinion like I said the one good thing is people got to see that….”

If you didn’t hear it live.  Make sure you checkout the archive of Just Scrap Radio Episode 6

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20 Responses to “Exclusive | Cesar Gracie: I am extremely proud of Nick for conducting himself in a professional manner | UFC News”

  1. Jaedr says:

    Take those morons to court and sue them so hard they’ll never forget! not even a nick diaz fan but this is bullshit.

  2. Mwill says:

    Caesar is the one smoking weed now!!!

  3. Peterbeater says:

    At least chael won and can continue taking his PED’s legally.

  4. Michael hamlin says:

    Very stupid

  5. Clay says:

    Nick Diaz could be champ. I think he whooped condit

  6. Bjj BB says:

    So let me get this str8! He can show up to this to defend smok

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Smoking weed but cant show up to fight gsp for a belt?

  8. SMH says:

    Cesar should just shut up already he has just turned into a bag of wind as of late. Diaz should just man up he got caught, it was his second positive test, he lied to the commission back in 07 so he should just have a coke and just train for a whole year and come back or stay retired or go to boxing like he wanted to after the end of strikeforce

  9. ... says:

    What I find really pathetic about all this is look at all this information that’s been gathered over the years about athletic commissions being power trips doing anything in their own power for their sake but not the fighters. I think it’s time the fighters protest the regulations and the rules of the Ufc if they really want a bigger fan base world wide and to really make the sport open up, it’s becoming a political sport it’s just as bad as soccer is and it’s only going to get worse, if people don’t start speaking up, but I forgot it’s America so speaking up isn’t really an option down there.

    • just checking says:

      Yeah the fighters should protest because there is a athletic commission setting these damn rules to keep those damn drugs and steroids out of sports. God forbid we teach our kids its bad to do those things. Fuc+ that damn commission for enforcing such stupid rules. Wow what the Fuc+ this crazy ass world getting too.

  10. Phil Caudle says:

    Well if you think that just the ones who get caught are the only ones using PED’s, you are wrong. All fighters that train to fight are always putting their body through hell, yes ped’s make you stronger and faster but the point behind ped’s is “Recovery” these guys are always getting injured and with a big fight on the line and a injury they are going to do what it takes to show up and to get paid to feed their kids

  11. Noah Plata says:

    its like Nicks a little kid right.. Cesars proud he did something grown up

  12. T.Daddy says:

    LMAO! This guy is something else

  13. Xaninho says:

    Weird that they don’t look at TRT the same way. A fighter with lesser testosterone is in a disadvantage, with TRT he can compensate that. That makes TRT a PED. And yet they just condoned Sonnen’s TRT.

    This commission is ridiculous.

  14. Nick says:

    WHAT A JOKE nick diaz sure is professional since he skipped that bjj superfight for charity thats a mature thing to do and the NSAC is an even bigger joke lets suspend a guy that does roids for nine months but a dude that smoked a J gets a year whatever man

  15. Donovan says:

    I think that whole team has a chip on their shoulders. They always have something to complain about. It’s lame as hell and getting really old. Just take the punishment like a man and move the fuck on. Cesar Gracie is pathetic

  16. f**king guy says:

    Cesar should’ve done what he could to make sure they were in good terms with NSAC so that maybe he could have gotten out of it or a lesser term and then take it to the courts and cause a big rant. But no the babysitter who cant even babysit caused more harm to Nick’s career than good.

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