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Wednesday, 07/17/2013, 08:19 pm

Exclusive: Cesar Gracie Confirms Nick Diaz Has Been Offered a Fight By UFC

Earlier tonight, Cesar Gracie was a featured guest on Radio and broke the news that Nick Diaz has been offered a fight by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“As far as his fighting and everything. He’s been in Vegas, he just got back a couple of days ago. There is an offer on the table, that’s all I can say. It’s something everyone is looking at right now and discussing with him. Dana has offered him a fight. There is an offer on the table, I can’t say who it is, but it’s kind of neat I think. But no decision’s have been made for sure.”

Diaz’s last appearance in the octagon was against UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158. Diaz survived the full five rounds, however he lost by way of unanimous decision. Visibly frustrated, Diaz announced that he was contemplating retirement. His name disappeared from UFC headlines and whether or not he was still part of the active roster was unknown.

After his UFC hiatus, Diaz started a promotion named “WAR MMA”, based out of Stockton, California. The event took place in his hometown in late June and went without a hitch. The production was high quality; something that is uncommon in the early stages of new MMA promotions.

With the breaking news that he will be returning to the octagon, it will be interesting to see who he was offered a fight against. Looking at UFC’s Top 10 welterweights, everyone is currently tied up with the exception of Tarec Saffiedine and Demian Maia. Josh Koscheck was recently pulled from his bout with Maia at UFC 163 due to an injury, however it was not disclosed how serious the injury was and how long he will be sidelined for.


62 Responses to “Exclusive: Cesar Gracie Confirms Nick Diaz Has Been Offered a Fight By UFC”

  1. Billy Howell says:

    cung le at middle weight

    • slapper says:

      Just what I was thinking.

      • Bob'O says:

        Yeah, more like you were just what thinking you can slurp on Billy’s pole you idiot. Cung Le ain’t getting shit bro! WHY???? Cause he has not earned the right to fight Nick Diaz you stupid dumb ass. Pay attention to the rankings and then open your pie hole brah. ~Bob’O

  2. Bob'O says:

    You stupid dumb shits, Nick is only going to fight Anderson Silva at 185, and nobody else. Educate your idiotic brains. Nick is an MMA veteran, can your minds comprehend that? He’s fought everyone, so shut your side line pie hole, never have fought a day in your lives mouths. Mayem Miller? LMAO! Nick will make him money while knocking his dumb ass out cold. Wake up man.

    Dana is going to give Nick the winner of Jake vs Rory. Cung Le? LMAO! Fix your drugged up brains. You stupid fucks you. Dream on though. ~Bob’O

    • KIDD433 says:

      I think your giving Diaz a little too much credit Bob’O. Diaz has looked like anything special lately. He’s been getting on Dana’s nerves, not to mention a lot of fans nerves, lost a lot of fans during his whine sprees and tantrums. Threatening to quit is not a smart move while your under contract. He might get loser of Jake/Rory or Maia at best.There is no way in hell they’re going to feed him to Silva. Besides Silva is already tied up in his rematch. I do agree that theirs no way he’s fighting Cung either, that was out of left field

    • Bob'O says:

      Hey retard? If my picture doesn’t show, they know you’re not me you dumb fuck. Chart sharted eh? What a gutless turd. 😉 ~Bob’O

  3. no gi bjj says:


  4. Marty P says:

    Would love to see a comeback for BJ at 155 on the same card as the next time Nick Diaz fights. Personally, I think they should train together a little to get ready for it. Also, the UFC should make Bryan Caraway go up in weight to fight BJ.

    • Thom1 says:

      caraway is a bantam weight dude, thats stupid.

      • krafty11 says:

        pretty sure that was sarcasm about Caraway.. but it would be nice to see Caraway embarrassed in the cage. and Miesha having to use the smelling salts to wake him up after BJ knocks his a-s out.

        • brandon says:

          Caraway would beat bj’s washed up ass. Its funny how all the bj fans pretend he is still relevant in the ufc. Bj had better stay retired unless he is just itching to get smashed again.

  5. sdf says:

    It’s Lombard and Diaz wont take it.

  6. doc says:

    Jon Jones at 200 lbs

  7. doc says:

    My mistake. It is Mayhem. Mayhem was talking about fighting again. And he and Diaz have unfinished business. One more fight for them in the UFC to hype up and make money off of before kicking them to the curb.

  8. DELA says:

    It’s Cyborg Santos! That’s why Ceasar said it was “neat”. She gets the chance to avenge her ex. I Commend the UFC for this match-up. Can’t wait!

  9. magoo says:

    I say he was offered the winner of Macdonald/ Ellenburger, and the winner gets GSP…….. or maybe Hendricks.

  10. Dddddddd says:

    No matter who it ends up being this fight is crucial.

  11. blah says:

    lol I wonder if it’s BJ.. He was talking about coming back. Maybe mayhem but that dude still needs to get surgery so I doubt it.

  12. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Unless Nick needs the money, he should give the UFC the middle finger and spend his time on his new Promotion, “War MMA”. Build it up to rival UFC someday. All Nick needs to do is headline a few fights with top talent.

  13. Bob'O says:

    If it’s Maia, that will be a great fight. ~Bob’O

  14. Keoni says:

    Diaz vs BJ… Rematch so bj can show that chump that bj was just toying w him last time! A focused BJ is a dangerous BJ! A focused BJ can beat anyone at any weight class… He is the p4p greatest ever to live! Even silva said so!!! Silva knows he wouldn’t stand a chance in h@LL with the p4p greatest ever!

  15. Keoni says:

    War bj penn! The true p4p greatest ever!

  16. Keoni says:

    Or bj vs weidman! Bj could be the only 3 division champ! Bj would cRush and devastate weidman for sure!

  17. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Keoni Alert? be-do be=-do be-do….

  18. Bryan A says:

    Nick’s last fight was a title shot against the best welterweight p4p in the world so he’s gotta be up there close to number 2 contender or something.

  19. confucius says:

    maia’s last attempt and staying relevant in the sport is to become a human backpack. granted he finished story but jesus he hadnt even had a sub win since 2009. It appears to me hes just going to backpack every fight to victory from here on out. Plus to also out fitch fitch should be grounds enough to get cut.

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