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Monday, 10/29/2012, 01:58 pm

EXCLUSIVE| Brittney Palmer: “Nobody does this job better than Arianny and I” | UFC NEWS

Palmer: “There’s only two girls right for this job, Arianny and I, that’s it”


Brittney Palmer is much more than a pretty face and a smoking hot body. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing several personalities in the MMA industry and I can honestly say Palmer is one of my favorite people to talk to in this sport. She’s intelligent, funny, and is always improving herself in various different ways.

With the recent launch of her 2013 Brittney Palmer calendar, Palmer spoke with about the calendar shoot and other hot topics in her world. The interview was so juicy and fun that we had to split it up into two parts. Our philosophy is, you can never have too much Brittney Palmer and anyone who disagrees with that clearly needs to get their eyes checked out.

The calendar, which is a sequel to the 2012 edition, became available last month and is already selling out like crazy. Much like the first one, the calendar is 100% developed by Palmer herself and it’s a project she takes the utmost pride in.

“I’m the creative director, producer, and I pretty much handle everything that goes into this calendar,” Palmer told

“It’s very cool to be this much hands-on with a project like this to where I can really put a good stamp on it.”

A Vegas girl turned Cali girl, Palmer displayed her surfer babe persona and love for the beach in the first calendar shot. This year, however, Palmer reached a whole new level of both hotness and maturity. Now residing in L.A, the beautiful blonde bombshell showcases a different side of her sexiness beyond the waves and sand.

“The approach [that I took with this calendar] is really looking at where I am with my life right now. I just moved to Los Angeles and I’m a surfer chick that absolutely loves the beach so that’s why with the first calendar I really focused on that take on who I am,” Palmer said.

“However, now, I am maturing in not just my personal life but in my career and everything is growing. This calendar still has that vibe of the 60’s and 70’s but it’s really a more mature look at it.”

Last year, Palmer took a brief hiatus from her Octagon girl duties with the UFC to focus on art school and evolving as an artist. During her time away from the sport, MMA fans rioted on social media and tweeted UFC President Dana White nearly on a daily basis about how much they desired to see the former WEC cage girl back in the UFC.

Palmer returned to her Octagon girl duties last November to a huge ovation and an increase in celebrity. In March 2012, Palmer graced the cover of Playboy Magazine. Of course, Palmer doesn’t view herself as a famous star but she does believe her name is becoming bigger by the year.

“It definitely seems like there is more of a buzz for this Calendar [than last year’s]. My name has grown over the past year so it seems only practical that I now have a bigger fan base.”

But even with the rise in popularity, Palmer notes that she doesn’t typically get noticed a whole lot by fans when out and about on the town. Perhaps MMA isn’t quite as mainstream as we’d like to believe, at least not to the point where ring girls are getting bombarded with autographs at a local Starbucks.

“I think I look a lot different when I’m fully clothed than when I’m rocking the UFC Octagon Girl outfit so not too many people recognize me when I’m out and about,” Palmer said.

“Sometimes it happens, it’s very rare but I’m so grateful for my fans and I love taking pictures with them. Unless I’m with the UFC and I’m walking out of the hotel lobby, I really don’t get recognized too much.”

If you haven’t already purchased the new calendar, you need to hurry up and strike while the iron is hot. There is no better way to start a month than by looking up at a beautifully shot photo of arguably one of the sexiest women in the world today. Looking at this calendar, you wish there were more months in a year because 12 simply isn’t enough Palmer.

Of course, there were several photos that didn’t make the cut but Palmer has made most of them available for viewing through her website and social media outlets.

“There’s tons of shots that I did that we ended up cutting out but it’s really fun being the creative director and being my own boss on this project. I don’t waste time, I’m not going to sit there and wait and do 500 frames. If I look at in 20 different frames and one looks great, I take it and move on to the next one,” Palmer said.

“Time is money so we just kept the shoot rolling and shot the entire calendar in two half days. I don’t mess around and I had to get rid of a couple of shots but I posted those on Twitter and Instagram so everyone can see them anyway.”

Since being brought over from the WEC merger, Palmer has essentially become the ultimate tag team partner to fellow Playboy cover girl Arianny Celeste. There are many gorgeous ring girls but Palmer believes none do it better than Arianny and her.

The UFC has been known to hire guest Octagon girls such as Holly Madison for special fight cards or even occasionally bring back former full-timers such as Rachelle Leah and Logan Stanton for one night. When asked who Palmer thinks should be the next guest Octagon girl, she had this to say.

“No one, it’s always cool when they bring in Holly Madison but this is a business as well and I’m going to say that Arianny and I are the best. That would be like me asking you who else should host [ Radio]. There are only two girls right for this job and that’s me and Arianny, that’s it.”

In addition to being a UFC Octagon girl, Palmer is also an incredibly talented artist with a knack for painting famous rock stars and celebrity figures. She has even created a portrait of our very own B.J Penn for a lucky fan.

“I spent some time in Hawaii and I love it, they have such a great UFC fan-base there it is amazing. B.J Penn is a great fighter and I actually did a painting for one of his fans in Hawaii of B.J with the [UFC] belt on,” Palmer told

“You can see the picture, it is copied on my website and it was so cool to paint him because I think he is an incredible fighter. Rory MacDonald is also an amazing fighter so it’s going to be a great matchup on FOX in December.”

To purchase your copy of the 2013 Brittney Palmer website, go to Check back to for part 2 of our interview with this trailblazing UFC Octagon girl/Playboy cover girl.


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  1. the original steve says:

    job requirements: look sexy, count to five, hold up card walk around an octogon. yeah I’m sure no one else can do it.

    • RealityKings says:

      hey they need to be able to walk up and down stairs, AND they need to be able to sit on a chair in a sexy ass bikini. I respect them.. i also want to do other things to them but no need to elaborate lol

    • Raul says:

      Hahahahaha! thats what I was thinking as well! “Sorry hun! but anyone sexy enough can do your job, doesn’t take a lot of brain power to walk around a ring holding a sign for 10 seconds…”

    • Fortyb4five says:

      I bet your fat ass couldn’t walk up those 3 steps into the cage..

    • Guss says:

      Lol! Ya know! They are the hottest though. The One FC girls are pretty sweet too.

  2. Mat says:

    LOGAN STANTON yo bi¡$%es! Thats a natural hot girl. I mean, you are hot… sluty kinda hot but Logan’s the real deal

  3. lolwut says:

    they should probably kiss

  4. jean says:

    hottest ring girl ever seen on a ring for sure…

  5. TNA says:

    Tits and ass

  6. Cappadonna says:

    Wow…as if they even had an interview with her lol…what makes her worthy of one

    • Mitch Ciccarelli says:

      What makes you worthy of leaving ridiculous comments like that? And what on earth do you mean “as if they even had an interview with her?”.

      Yeah that’s what I do, guy, I transcribe interviews that never actually happened. Right? You really need to think before you comment on another article.

      Brittney is a great girl, a lot of MMA fans are very interested in reading about her as well as appreciating her phenomenal looks. If you don’t want to read an interview with Brittney, don’t read it, it’s as simple as that. Absolutely no point in you leaving a rude and idiotic comment like that.


  7. Nelsonx says:

    Yeah I mean really they are the only two that can do it. Wow how am I not surprise by that response lol. I’m sure every mma fan wants to know about the octagon girls Hahahahaha what a complete useless article on mma

  8. Mustardpancakes says:

    This is just sad. As if you need talent to walk, pose for picks, and hold a card. We all learn that as babies growing up. Wait till you lose your looks by either age pr some accident and see how loyal the UFC is to you. If you can’t say remember there were other ring girls before you…..Nothing is permanent but I guess ignorance is bliss for some

  9. Blake Sylver says:

    Excellent story, I am going to bookmark EXCLUSIVE| Brittney Palmer: “Nobody does this job better than Arianny and I” | UFC NEWS MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights.

  10. SlipSlap says:

    ?What? All they have to so is smile and wiggle their butts. My dog could do as good a job as those two, albeit he’s been dead for 5 years, so he may smell a bit, but he had one heck of a wiggle, and he smiled.

    Any half decent looking chick could do as good a job as these two ‘ladies’.

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