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Sunday, 07/08/2012, 11:18 am

Exclusive | BJ Penn Willing To Sponsor UFC Friendly Drug Testing | UFC NEWS

Disclaimer: “In no way are we implying that Rory MacDonald is going to fail his drug testing, we are only trying to insure that the fight happens” – BJ Penn.

We announced here on BJPENN.COM a few weeks ago that former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, BJ Penn was set to be the first UFC fighter to undergo the VADA testing program for his fight with Rory MacDonald.

In the initial phase of the deal Penn was under the assumption that everything was up for negotiation and one of those things would be that the results of the tests be released after the bout to insure the fight happens and protect everyone’s time and investment, including the UFC.

It is because of this inability to be flexible with the fighters and the UFC that this proposed, groundbreaking, agreement between Penn and MacDonald is now in jeopardy.

“I was under the impression everything was negotiable,” said Penn. “VADA says they cannot negotiate when the results will be released. I do not know that my opponent is 100% clean. Only Rory knows this answer. If I train for 3 months and my opponent fails the drug test, how do I get paid? How do I get compensated for my time?”

Penn went on to say…

“VADA needs to blaze the trail and be UFC and fighter friendly. If I train for 3 months and don’t get paid how will I be able to feed my children? They need to release the results after the fight so the money is guaranteed! This isn’t amateur sports. I’d rather fight a guy on steroids and get paid than to not get paid at all.”

BJ closed with…

“If VADA will not bend and help us clean up the sport in a way that makes everyone happy and secure, than I am willing to sponsor the testing myself from an independent laboratory or agency.”


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  1. AKC says:

    BJ you are the man! I admire how proactive you are in trying to clean up MMA! More fighters should follow your lead!

  2. Respect says:

    Wow! BJ that’s why I respect you so much. That’s some cool stuff there brother.

  3. Twayne says:

    The fucking G.O.A.T man! Da’ Prodigy is the fucking G.O.A.T!!


  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    He should be sponsoring on losing weight and getting into shape. Rory is going to smash BJ

    • Nojoja71 says:

      GET FITCH’s d*ck out your azz already! BJ ain’t going to beat up Fitch again. Rory ain’t going to do shit.

      • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

        Rory is going to rub his acne into BJ’s face and BJ will tap get over it you faggot pussy. Go fuck yourself you twat.

        • PlopFace says:

          You should tone it down a bit if you want to keep people from realizing your just fucking with them.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Fitch lover what happen with your boy lay n pray-ROIDER Sonnen? You spouted non-stop how he would beat Silva

          Go back and watch Rory at weigh ins Nate Diaz fight he had the second worst case of BACNE (ROID ACNE) I have ever seen WORST case ROID BACNE was what Sonnen had at Silva weigh ins which we all KNOW now was caused by having a 3400 testosterone level. Rory is a ROIDER just like GSP has always been

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Hey keep Fitch faggot. There is a difference between taking roids and elevated testosterone levels. Chael tested positive for having high level of TRT that doesnt mean he took steroids you dumbfuck there is a difference. Its funny to me how you accuse fighters you dont like to be on roids. How the fuck is GSP or Rory on roids if they never tested positive for it? I dont like Rory but your logic is retarded you accusing a guy of steroids because he has back acne? what the fuck is wrong with you moron? I like GSP I think he is a phenomenal athlete if you cant find proof of him taking steroids in one fight then you cant accuse him of a steroid user. Your a total dumb fuck moron, and go fuck yourself. Quit accusing every fighter you dont like to be on roids, i dont like Rory he sounds like a pedophile just like Anderson that dont mean im accusing him of steroids, but either way he is going to kill BJ thats the truth, just like how Jones will kill Hendo.

        • Jim says:

          Well they do train off there backs on sweaty mats…

        • Sam P says:

          @GET RID OF FITCH (forever)
          You should grease you ass the same way anderson did in the first and second round and wait for me to slide my lunch into your ass!!! you might comment more then anyone on this site but you have the mma knowledge of a 12 year old kill yourself david carradine sytle and cume fight before the johny hendricks luck shot I know you want johny hendricks to donkey punch you whille he puts a g i joe in your ass

    • Respect says:

      lol dude you are right. I was like what the heck is BJ doing in Nevada partying? He should be training.

  5. Bob'O says:

    You can’t expect a fighter to train that long and hard but then not get payed. That puts your fate in too many hands. Nice job bro. ~Bob’O

  6. Majestyk says:

    I understand BJ’s concerns, but the results being released PRE-fight don’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker. If Rory (or any fighter) tests positive, then perhaps Dana could have some pre-agreed upon replacement ready to step in. That way BJ would be guaranteed a paycheck. If that wasn’t possible, and BJ had to wait several more weeks/months to fight it could still be a good thing. As I’ve said before, I think BJ needs to train harder YEAR ROUND. If the Rory fight were called off at the last minute, and BJ had another opponent lined up several months later, he would begin preparing for THAT fight from a much higher starting point. That could only increase his fitness level and his chances of winning. Long term, being in better shape could only INCREASE his chances of winning, and correspondingly, his bank account.

    • Klaus Steele says:

      I don’t get how this would be any different than a late fight card scratch due to injury, or replacement for injury.

      And who’s BJ kidding, if he’s ready to fight the UFC will find him an opponent for the same card if (big IF) Rory did happen to fail. If he was a facebook pre-lim fighter I could understand his concern, but as a top draw, PPV headliner guy he’s really being silly worrying about money or getting to fight, cause UFC will make sure of both.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Do you guys have any idea how much easier it is for someone like GSP or Rory to train and get in shape while using PED’s compered to someone like BJ who is 100% natural. JUICERS have huge advanatge in endurance and strength.

      100% POSITIVE Rory was JUICED Up for nate Diaz fight

      • Sam P says:

        @GET RID OF FITCH (forever)
        you would think you have been butt rapped by every wrestler in mma by the way you don’t get / hate that wrestling is the best base for mma.One day I will fill my pants lunch with trt and feed you more slimy sticks then the amazon rain forest till you think dan henderson’s trt is justified

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Hendo has NEVER CHEATED like your boy CHEA Sonnen who set a new world record for having thye highest testosterone level ever recorded. That is blatent cheating where he knew he would gain ahuge advantage and Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt who everyon eknows has always been a steroid abuser since his days in Pancrace and he was BUSTED straight up for ROIDS by nevada athletic commiosn testing positive for DECA/Nadrolone. Hendo is 41 years old and Sonnen has been CHEATING with TRT since he was 30. As far as wrestlers go most of my favorite fighters started their careers in mMA as wrestlers but have become well rounded exciting fighters to watch. your boy Sonnen is a one dimentional lay n pray pillow fisted pice of shit who would get his ass kicked all day long if he was ever to fight someon ehis own size. Sonnne has JUICE and drop 40 lbs to be able to compete. Same goes for Fitch and EVERYONE thinks (KNOWS) Fitch is 100% one dimentional lay n prayer who walks around at over 205 lbs and is scared to death to fight anyon e even close to his own size and he is so dam miserbly boring. Even Dana white can’t stand Jon fitch and says he stinks up his fight cards. As afr as wrestler sin high school they all got theri ass kicked because they were all PUSSYs just like you. You are typical little boy who grew up in the most useless generation ever in america. Your whole life has frevolved around watching wrasslen and wishing you could meet Brock Lesnar. Sam P I promise you will never amount to anything during your sorry life and I predict you will be in prison within 2 years probably sharimnga cell with CHEAT Sonnen. mark my words Sonnen will be heading to prison before he is 40

        • Sam P says:

          @the cutie pie get rid of fitch
          chael isn’t my boy but he isn’t that big either anderson is a lot bigger then him you are retarded but I still let you eat my lunch while I punch your mother in the ribs with a fist full of man heat

        • Sam P says:

          @get rid of fitch
          why do you say hendo doesn’t cheat yet you write 50 books worth of comments on trt being cheap you are gayer then a san francisco drunking naked mile run that’s why I love your manwhich breath

  7. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    So what he’s saying is he only cares about getting payed and not about his own safety. The whole point of drug testing is to protect the fighters. So let’s say bj fights rory and is critically injured, then we find out rory was juiced up, what good will that do. Bj has some major flaws with this idea and it seems very self serving.

  8. Bob says:

    Yo bj im to the point of saying fuck it you should consider TRT! I think your test levels might be low bc your age. Who agrees bj should consider TRT???

    • Majestyk says:

      If his levels are low, why not? Drug tests are to ensure that a fighter’s levels are not too high. Trt therapy is to ensure that a fighter’s levels are not too low. It’s about leveling the playing field. For those who disagree, I ask you this. What’s the difference between a fighter who has lasik laser surgery to correct his vision, and bring it back to 20/20, and someone using trt to bring there T-levels back to normal? There’s obviously a potential for trouble if the person shows up on fight night with elevated levels, but this is where mandatory periodic monitoring needs to be implemented. Not just to ensure that the fighter’s t/e ratio is acceptable come fight time, but to ensure that the levels are not overly elevated during the training period leading up to the fight.

      • Bob says:

        I agree and I hope bj reads this and takes it to consideration

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Nate “THE CHEAT Marquardt and Sonnen both were busted hvaing massive elavated testosterone while using LEGAL JUICE. also the insanely high level of 6 to 1 whihc is allowed just invites cheating. Why should any fighter who has been busted before in theri careers for ROIDS be allowed to use testosterone. all its doing is rewarding MMA CHEATERS for past bad behavior. No way someone like Nate THE CHEAT and Sonnen who have already proved they were CHEATING with TRT should still be allowed to use it. All Nate The cheat did by telling world he’s off the JUICE was to get the commisions off his back and so he would not have to do any of their testing because of his failed tests. Now all he has to do is keep shooting JUICE in hi ass and get private testing done to make sure he is under the 6 to 1 INSANLY HIGH testosteonre level allowed. TRUST me NO athlete who ahs RUINED their bodys ability to produce testestorone with past steroid usuage can just stop TRT. As we speak there are doctors that are investigatiing all these fighters whoa re currently getting TRT to prove none of them have ever had tyhe condition to which TRT is prescribed for HYPO GONADism (NO NUTS) sorry anyone who was an athlete and competed all their live don’t just suddenly stop produing testosterone. They all RUINED their bodys with steroids. I just got done talking to the Fight Doc via e-mail and he said he belives by later this year or next year TRT will be banned. I still cxan’t belive even though Sonnne cheated ans got busted for JUICING during the first Silva fight they didn’t even bother testing him (randomly) for this training camp. BULLSHIT CORRUPT. Mark my words the days of LEGAL TRT are numbered

        • Majestyk says:

          @GET RID OF…..You can capitalize the words “CHEATING” and “INSANE” as many times as you want, but it doesn’t make your argument any more convincing. Whether you think a 6:1 ratio is “insane’ or not, the reality is that there are people that have very high levels naturally, that’s why the 6:1 ratio was decided upon as the cutoff. I guarantee you that guys like Chiek Kongo have naturally higher levels than the average fighter. Despite what you believe the future holds, using TRT to restore low levels IS currently legal. Mandatory periodic pre-fight testing would ensure that everyone was competing below this accepted level. Testing would ensure that no fighters would have an unfair advantage. That would include the months leading up to the fight (to ensure no unfair advantage during training), and of course, the fight itself.

        • Sean says:

          Well said GROFF…TRT needs to go, its the same thing as roids…listen to Rampage honestly describe the effects of NORMAL dosages of TRT.

        • Sam P says:

          @GET RID OF FITCH (forever)
          I know when you have no education and you finally think you have a valid point a uneducated fan like yourself has not much more to say beside you half ass point but get over it like I got over our long sweaty summer night at your mothers cabin were we used the same grease as anderson silva and tried to make man on man babies till the sun came up leaving more scars then a overeem fight with frankie edger I have 😉

      • Gabi says:

        Lasik and TRT are totally different. That’s like comparing a ankle support bandage against loaded gloves. TRT does need to go. Fighters need to fight w natural talent. That’s how they for there in the first place. If a fighter gets to a point on their career where they have to use steroids to be “level” which is actually above “level” field. No one is negative for testeron so there is no reason for it to need it. Before fighters fought w what they had. It’s cheating plain and simple.

        • Bob says:

          I am against roids and TRT but if the commision keeps it legal then I am saying bj should consider because hes at an unfair advantage. Testosterone is the key hormone to us Mens inner beast mode and if the commision doesnt regulate it then let bj even it out!

  9. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    This isn’t just about TRT it’s about all performance enhancing drugs. And ya leveling the playing field is a major issue, but fighter safety is and should be the main concern. bj is talking about revealing test results after the fight so I don’t see how that will even the playing field. If the test results show that any fighter is on ped’s before the fight happens then the fighter in question shouldn’t be fighting period. for bj to say that the fight should continue because he wants his money is negligent and does nothing to remedy the ped problem.

    • Majestyk says:

      @Filthy…….I agree with your point about fighter’s on ped’s not being allowed to fight in the first place. Periodic mandatory monitoring will address the issue of keeping t/e ratios within allowable limits as well as serve as a deterrent to users of other types of peds. As far as safety goes, fighter’s seem to be more concerned that they are not competing at a disadvantage than they are at the possibility of being hurt. That’s part of a fighter’s mentality. That’s why the UFC should step in to eliminate this problem.

  10. RNC says:

    What reasons could VADA have for not negotiating?? If they want to screw over the fighters and promoters then they aren’t acheiving anything worthwhile.

  11. ballsackface says:

    I understand where BJ is coming from but isnt that what the NSAC already do, test and then release results after the fight unless by random testing
    his scenario can still happen under current ruling via NSAC and overeem shows an example of that.

    they are all tested before the fight and tested after with results given after the fight

    chael v anderson 1 shows this

    think BJ needs to wake up a little

  12. Fail Sonnen says:

    I think BJ just needs to shut the fuck up and concentrate on his own performance and winning the damn fight. I’m sick of watching him lose to douche bags. I like BJ he’s one of my favorites and I’m sick of seeing him lose and sick of him coming to fight not prepared and or out of shape. His focus needs to be on Rory and getting that W.

  13. NIgga says:

    There is a difference betwen MY DICK and my Testicles o.O

  14. NIgga says:

    Everyone should just roid and go in there and beat the shit out of eachother IMHO that would be E L I T E and fair :)

  15. GRT 3000 says:

    well…roids never helped this guy.

  16. diehard ufcer says:

    Why would somebody come to bj penns website and talk shit on the man. Rory is badass n it will be a great fight. Bj wants to fight no matter what n get the dough hes to get

  17. Jay Unidos says:

    BJ is doing what the UFC and ZUFFA should have done a long time ago. As it is, BJ is fighting guys 20-30 pounds heavier than him at fight time when he’s a welterweight, and to have to deal with PEDs on top of that is completely unfair.

    On the other hand, BJ might be better served spending that money on a sublet in San Jose or Santa Cruz, where he could train with Marv Marinovich again. If anyone watched the Tito fight, then you can see pretty clearly that Jason Parillo is probably not the best guy to be running camps, or even in a position to influence decisions concerning strength and conditioning.

  18. Jack Fujimori says:

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    They have stuff from Rampage Jackson as well.
    Everyone check it out. Enjoy!

  19. Dick Diaz says:

    Hm, I thought Rory might be on something due to his bacne and what seemed to be a very big increase in size in his post-Condit fights but after going to the beach this weekend and seeing my friend who is 19 having serious bacne… i’m not so sure now…

  20. jack bell says:

    Drug testing should be fair indepentend and unbias,VADA is the way to go.

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