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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 12:39 pm

Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 3 | "They're All Bigger Than Me At 170 But I've Never Felt Like I Can't Beat Them" | UFC NEWS

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11 Responses to “Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 3 | "They're All Bigger Than Me At 170 But I've Never Felt Like I Can't Beat Them" | UFC NEWS”

  1. e says:

    just scrap! love it!!!

  2. maurice says:

    “no fear” WAR BJ!!

  3. CombatRusse says:

    If I may give and advice to Mr Penn, why not train with Randy Couture? And try his natural methods for packing weight while being in shape.

  4. thereader says:

    BJ please get a great game plan and corner. This guy Rory will ground and pound you just like GSP and Matt. Without a super bowl game plan, i don’t see a good result. The last thing we want to hear is, “he pushed me into the fence”

  5. TRUEMMAFAN says:

    i think Penn could have won the fight against Nick Diaz and all those other big guys that he fought except for GSP. i think Penn is one of those fighters that can be almost unbeatable if he just have his gas tank right.

    • Majestyk says:

      Unfortunately, for BJ, his time in the sun has passed. At lightweight, he was embarrassed twice by Edgar, and he has even less of a chance against Henderson. At welterweight, he’s not even in the top 4. Diaz made him look terrible, and Diaz will get crushed by GSP if and when that fight happens. Condit and Rory are 2 more guys that will end up making Penn go back into retirement. BJ should go back to worrying about his daughter seeing him all busted up (as he said in the post-Diaz fight interview), and avoid legacy-tarnishing beat-downs like the one he’ll get from Rory.

  6. gh0st says:

    Say what you want about BJ, but there really is no one else like him. And I mean that in the best possible way.

  7. damn says:

    I’m glad to see him back in the cage, but rory is a horrible match up for bj. Bj will win a closely contested first round, then slowly get his ass kicked as his gas tank depleats until he is either finished or just battered up, depends if its 3 or 5 rounds, as a fan of bj, I hope its 3 rounds. Rory is a young hungry fighter with a boat load of talent, looking to make a name for himself and trains w the best in the world, bj plays with his daughter, goes swimming and jogging, and tanning in the sun. I love bj but let’s be real about this fight. Natural Talent isn’t enough now adays, there’s people w those natural talents but also spent 8 hours a day in the gym honing their talents in order to mess people up and be the best in the world.

  8. thereader says:

    BJ just needs a corner and strategy. He has never discussed his game plans. Why? because his corners have less talent then BJ. He needs a corner with more experience and knowledge, pretty hard to do. Seriously, just skill/scrapping without the best game plan will not win at this skill level and size. you need a game plan. Even a pussy game plan like Jackson’s camp. Their strategies are pussy, but they usually win. Does Bj want to win, or scrap and get his ass kicked. Recently it’s the later.

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