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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 01:06 pm

Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 1 | "It Will Be Nice To Let Tri-Star Know Last Time Was A Fluke" | UFC NEWS

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36 Responses to “Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 1 | "It Will Be Nice To Let Tri-Star Know Last Time Was A Fluke" | UFC NEWS”

  1. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Sounds to me like he has a lot of revenge and resentment about that GSP fight. That sounds like positive fuel. Only Mr. Penn knows what he needs to do to win a fight. All those others just want a piece of the pie who are telling him what to do and how to do it. People that come out of the woodwork and from no where train like animals and machines with next to no equipment and those are the champions of the sport or at the highest level. I picture him running under the water in Hawaii running with rocks…straight spartan training. I also hope that this anger he has fuels him in a positive way so that he is willing to walk through this fire that he is challenging himself with right now and in the next few months. Either way it sounds like the “The Champ Is Here People…The Champ Is Here” -Bundinee WAR BJ WAR

  2. A.James says:

    I don’t want to come off as an ass but Im ready for BJ to drink Rory’s blood!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Can’t wait to see how bad Rory’s massive acne is this fight and I wonder if TRISTAR will have their go to guy Phil Nurse working the vasoline again. Roery could have called out 10 other fighters Kos, fitch, Ellenberger, Kampmann, Ebersole, Eric Silva but alot of them are closer to his own size and he knows how bad Tristar looked after they were exposed for greasing. This is a revenge fight for Rory if anything to show his mentor GSP he is team player. I hope BJ gets in the shape he was in Diego fight and rips that JUICER/HGH’er a new one.

      • CombatRusse says:

        I think that even with all the PED of the world, Rory McDonalds won’t be able to take down and control BJ. He’s not GSP
        I hope BJ will crush that guy : a TKO due to a flurry of punches while Rory is holding for a single leg would be a perfect scenario.
        I also hope that one of BJ’s camp will at least spit on that cock sucker Feraz Zahabi

      • Donnybrook says:

        JUICER/HGH’er hey… you mind filling us in about that, wheres your proof?… or are you just talking out of your ass and desperately trying to swallow BJ’s nuts.

  3. Paul Harris says:

    Drink his blood! Yeahaaaa!

  4. Ben says:

    Im so fucking happy bjs back!!!!

  5. Guamy says:

    Rip his fucking head off BJ. Then Drink his blood. wait dont drink his blood cause then you might test + for Steroids LOL

  6. Rondo says:

    Hate to brake it to you fellows, there are no flukes at tristar, your mistaking them for G Jackson’s academy. And I sure hope BJs in great fucken conditioning, which isn’t a fluke then and only then will there be a war,let’s hope he does …..Shout out to BJ be that guy ,big fan and good luck!

  7. Donnybrook says:

    WTF is with all this steroid shit when referring to Rory… did I miss some story about Rory getting busted for roids or something?

    • diek says:

      Haters just hate. They think that having pimples on his back is definitive proof that he on steroids. I hate to fucking break it to you dummies, it ain’t proof. One of my buddies in the Army had the same problem when he was Rory’s age, and he did not take steroids. Idiots. On a separate but related note There is one person who beats BJ more than anyone, himself! His last fight against Edgar, it was written all over him, he was not in the fight. And then he pisses me off. He is a bjj ‘prodigy’, how about this concept, use it. Stop trying to box with people who can out box you. Mix it up!

  8. jones says:

    I LOVE BJ SOOO MYCH FOREVER,,,BUT IF HE WANTS TO FIGHT AT WW HE NEEDs work out and get alot bigger,,these guys at ww are too big,,he is going get handled and rag dolled…this is bad fight…i wanna see bj at 155 or 145 for a title run….we know he cann take edger cuz he beat him the first time

  9. Zack says:

    Haha ya Bj don’t be lickin the blood of your gloves for this fight or you’ll be testing positive for roids

  10. bxer says:

    If there are two more fights for BJ,first beat Rory and call out Gsp,then beat Gsp that be awesome

  11. Tim Bradley says:

    Bj is a pussy. He’s on roids, frenchie is on roids, bj will lose because he is gay.

  12. Bjj BB says:

    @ Tim Bradley, lmmfao with your third grade insults!! its not hard to tell you never seen bj fight b4 nor do you really watch the sport, my advice is to stfu!! And go find a chat room where there are kids the same age as your insults you fucking pussy!!

  13. mean maori mma says:

    can someone explain to me what greasing is

  14. PeterBeater says:

    Bj better be in shape bc rory is a beast, Bj needs to go back down to 155 where he belongs. He needs to get off of his lazy ass and get into shape and fight in a more natural weight class. He can beat most WW’s, but isn’t big enough to handle the top guys on a consistent basis. Talent will only get you so far in life, he has plenty of it but doesn’t posses the work ethic to keep him at the top.

  15. brandon antony puluke mirante says:

    lets do it bj, all u gottah do is leave da islands for da hole training period and ull be a fawkn beast brah a true beast, jus go train a black house or extreme couture aka, any were besides home u need to focous a 110 percent for dis kid no distractions

  16. RogE says:

    Im really starting to hate hearing that theUFC is prompting fighters to call out other specific fighters…if this shit is true than they are really & truly damaging mma!!!…its as real as it gets!?…I hope..

  17. DBKlein69 says:

    bj is letting his pride get in the way of good judgment. im wondering if any of u delusional bj fans have ever seen rory fight. he’s not just gonna beat bj, he’s gonna embarrass him. this kid is a freak and a gsp protege. bj should come back at 155 and take the pettis fight. rory will finish him inside 3 rounds.

  18. Hayden says:

    BJ needs to come in shape: 350 bench, 400 squat, 400 dead lift all for reps, mofos have been out muscling him not outfighting him.
    BJ we love watching you fight, get serious, get strong, and send that kid to the hospital!

  19. EP says:

    DBKlein69 its obvious youre just a GreaSP Nuthugger… go on his page with your idiotic rants. The real question is do you know what the fuck ur talking about? Do watch the sport, at all? Bc if you did, you would know that Rory has never beat a Top 10 WW fighter ever in his career. His last 3 fights were Nate Diaz (who has since moved down to 155), Pyle and Che Mills… The only top 10 WW he fought was Condit and he got beat. So stop propping rory as if he a freak of nature just bc he beat che mills, mike pyle and nate diaz…. The kid made a HUGE mistake calling out the legend,… now the Prodigy is going to come back and beat the fucking shit out of this kid. Rory has absolutely Nothing on BJ. BJ is going to destroy this kid and show him not only whats its like to fight a top 10 WW, but whats is like to fight a legend in this sport and the GOAT. BJ will be licking Rorys blood off his gloves at end of this fight. I cant wait I am going there live to see it. TEAM PENN for Life.

  20. Rondo says:

    DBklien69….. Gotta be a BJ fan or bandwagon fan….. Haven’t seen you around this site for awhile.But as I remember honest as always, luv BJ but this kid is gonna destroy him like never before…. GSP was a walk in the park, Nick Diaz was sugar and spice, Rory McDonald is gonna make everyone say……what the fuck happened? That was crazy……dumb fight to say the least!

  21. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Win lose or draw bj will go down as one of the greatest in history because if his fighting spirit an picking Rory to come out of retirement shows it! im rootin for bj 100% but I hope he trains hard cuz Rory is a beast

  22. snoop froggy dogg says:

    I personally think he lost some muscle I think he should start his training camp by keeping it basic! lifting again get stronger to a point where he can switch to the marinovich training method STRONGER an fight at a 170-185 caliber I JUS WANNA SEE BJ WIN! ESPECIALLY AFTER THAT BS PACQUIAO LOSS if he loses it’ll be the worst fight year for me…

  23. mean maori mma says:

    f@#kn str8 up i never like watching that fight aye gsps takedowms are too mad someone kick his face in alredy lmao bjpenm4life rorys goin down 1st round classic prodigy styles

  24. Lol says:

    Damn, you all are a bunch of haters. Really? Rory is using PEDS? What’s your source, keyboard warriors? and where in that article does it say BJ hates GSP and Faraz?

    Try again, nutthuggers. God damn, you all hate on GSP for no GOOD reason. and if BJ loses you say “ohh retire already”. Now you all are jumping up on his cock. Funny thing is, I remember you all saying Diaz didnt deserve a title shot because he “only beat a washed up BJ that needed to retire anyway”

  25. Donnybrook says:

    It’s hard to root for BJ with retarded fanatical fans like the one’s talking shit making faults accusations above ^^… smarten the fuck up you ass lickin ball sniffers!, your not helping BJ out with your idiotic comments.

    • ^This says:

      I agree wit Donnybrook. BJ is one of my favorite fighters, but then I read some of the dumb shit that come out of his groupies’ mouths and it fucking sad really. I can understand supporting BJ, but y’all gotta be retarded to think BJ will run over Rory coming out of retirement.

  26. drnconstructions says:

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