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Monday, 07/02/2012, 02:53 pm

Exclusive | Ben Henderson On Everything From Being A Momma’s Boy To Facing Edgar In Rematch | UFC NEWS

Just Scrap Radio: Now, instead of being the hunter you’re the hunted . Is it more difficult now, to focus on these guys like Nate Diaz, Grey Maynard. Do you keep your eye on these guys that could be contenders- or do you just let it play out and take what unfolds.

Ben Henderson:

You kinda gotta let it play out. I can’t be so focused on everyone else. I’d give myself a headache. I just take it as it comes. I keep my eye out obviously see who the next 2-3 guys in line are. Eventually it’ll boil down to the number one guy. Some guys like to take time off and want to wait for the championship fight. I respect guys like Anthony Pettis, hats off to him. He had a #1 title shot. He was offered a fight against Clay Guida, he took it. He didn’t have to, but he said I’m a fighter. He could have waited if he wanted to, but he took it, and he ended up losing pretty bad and losing the title shot. I just gotta keep bringing my A game. I’m the hunted. I’ve got a bulls eye on my back but I enjoy it, I like it. I can hear the thousands of guys who want what I have. Guys who aren’t even in the UFC just fighting the small, local fights, that want what I have- my belt. As I’m talking, there are guys that are training their butt off to get what I have. I enjoy that. It motivates me to work even harder. Knowing that that kid is out there training to beat me. But I enjoy it.

Just Scrap Radio: What was it like going back to Korea? Thoughts on the Korean Zombie
Ben Henderson:

He’s right up there. He’s skilled. I think after Aldo is healed, Korean Zombie’s next in line for Aldo’s title. I think it’ll be a fun fight. He’s really good. The biggest thing I like about Korean Zombie is his improvement. How much better he’s gotten since his WEC days. He gets better every fight. Some people think once they’re in the UFC that they’re good where they’re at. He’s not one of those guys. He’s trying to get better, he’s not complacent and he shows that in all of his fights. He’s known as being a zombie and just taking it and walking forward, but he realized after his fight with George Roop, he got KO’d by head kick, that he can’t do that against these upper echelon fighters. So he worked on that and came out awesome since then. I’m really excited about Korean Zombie. I got to train with his team; they’re super nice guys, with great coaches, and a great team vibe. They train hard. As far as UFC in Korea, I hope so. I will definitely be on that card. But I don’t know. I’ve heard rumors about another UFC in Asia though.

Just Scrap Radio: Have you been to Korea with your mom?
Ben Henderson:

Yeah, both times I went over to Korea, I was able to have my mum accompany and chaperone. IT was pretty cool to be able to go with her back to her home country.

Just Scrap Radio: Are you a self-professed momma’s boy?
Ben Henderson:

Absolutely, I don’t deny that at all.

Just Scrap Radio: Do you still do hot yoga?
Ben Henderson:

Yeah, I didn’t have a place to do Bikram Yoga here in Pheonix for a long time. The closest place was maybe like 45 mins away. But they just opened a Bikram yoga place like 2 mins away from my gym so I’ll be there frequently, but yeah I still use it to cut weight.

Just Scrap Radio: Does it help you avoid injuries? Benefits of yoga in your fighting
Ben Henderson:

Well to be honest, it’s not just the physical stuff, but it does help a lot physically. Flexibility, injury, and cardio, the muscles being able to breathe, there’s definitely a lot of physical benefits. For me, it’s my quality me time. Life’s so hectic, even before I was a fighter, I started doing yoga. I guess I started doing yoga right when I started fighting. I was always very hectic, always late somewhere. Everything is so hectic. So for me, being able to do yoga, and take 90 mins and just breathe, doing stretching, relaxing, not watching tv or on my phone.

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7 Responses to “Exclusive | Ben Henderson On Everything From Being A Momma’s Boy To Facing Edgar In Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    The champ until diaz comes a knocking!

  2. stephen riddle says:

    I really want to see pettis vs. Diaz or a rematch of maynard vs. Diaz i think diaz would whoop that ass this time!

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    Frankie beats him up and then he needs to go to 45.

  4. Mike b says:

    I thought Edgar won that fight.but I looked at fight metric and it said Frankie landed 81 total strikes while Ben landed 100 strikes and did more damage.and Frankie got 5 takedowns but didn’t pass guard or attempt submissions.but damn takedowns don’t count anymore or something.numbers don’t lie I guess.cant wait for the rematch.frankie needs to take that fight back fuck that!

    • ballsackface says:

      whats a takedown if you do nothing with it. you are there to fight

      • Mike b says:

        Heyulikeballsacksonurface listen u like ball sacs on ur face….Frankie came to fight and yes he didn’t do no damage when he completed the takedowns but if u have ever watched an mma fight or actually fought in one take downs do count.ive seen thousands of mma fights and fought in a few,and I’ve seen fighters complete td but did no damage and they still scored them.its irrelevant anyway the fight was over fucking 5 months ago.thanks for ur feed back ihadmyballsaconurgirlsface….

  5. thy says:

    He clearly beat Frankie. This time I hope he finishes him though. Great guy hope he stays a great champion.

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