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Wednesday, 02/13/2013, 10:27 pm

EXCLUSIVE | At Just 19 Sergio Pettis Says He Is Ready For Call From The UFC | MMA NEWS

For now, the last name Pettis is associated with UFC lightweight contender turned featherweight title challenger Anthony “Showtime”
Pettis but MMA fans will soon recognize another. Anthony’s younger brother, 19 year old Sergio Pettis is on the rise and hungry to make a statement in MMA’s bantamweight division.

Sergio currently sports an undefeated professional record (6-0) with a recent victory over prospect Jimmy Jones at RFA 4 this past November. Radio recently spoke with Sergio and got his thoughts on his career, his brother’s upcoming featherweight title fight and more.

On being “Showtime’s” brother

“All of the people that I fight, and my coach always tells me this but they always think that if they beat me they are also beating my brother. I’m a kid still, I’m only 19 years old and my recent opponents have tried to bully me a little bit but I just kept calm and stuck to the gameplan,” Pettis told Radio.

“My brother and I both started martial arts at a very young age with Tae-Kwon-Do and he was really great. He was doing all of these flashy kicks and now he’s in the UFC and he’s the best striker in his division.

Nobody was expecting him [to finish Cerrone], not even me. I was expecting a war and I was really nervous for him but as soon as he turns into “Showtime” he’s a totally different person. He’s calm, he’s ready and having him in my life is amazing. He knows what to do and what not to do and he’s helping me not make the same mistakes, I love my brother.”
Wants to fight in the UFC before age 21

“If the UFC calls me tomorrow I am for sure ready to go. My contract states that if ZUFFA calls me then my contract with RFA is cancelled. My goal is to be in the UFC by the time I’m 20 years old which is this year so sometime in 2013 I want to start my quest for a UFC belt.

I think I can strike with all of the guys in my division in the UFC. I’m still new to this and I don’t think I perform to my full potential yet. When I’m in the gym that’s when I’m at my best but I do feel the pressure from being Anthony’s little brother and people want to see me do kicks off the cage so I let that get to me a little too much.

On Anthony calling out Jose Aldo for featherweight title fight

“Anthony has been talking about fighting Jose Aldo for awhile. He’d always tell me that he’d love to fight Aldo but he never told me he was going to call him out after the Edgar fight. I saw it all going down on Twitter and I texted him at like 2 in the morning asking if he really called him out and he said yes. He tells me everything so it was a little surprising that he didn’t tell me that one.”

He is going to be a really big featherweight and have the reach advantage against Aldo. The only thing he’ll have to worry about is matching Aldo’s speed because Aldo is a very fast guy. Aldo did show some holes in his last fight though, he doesn’t check kicks and I think my brother is more creative than him. He’s going to expose Aldo and find that hole in his game and everybody is going to attack it once my brother defeats him.”

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7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | At Just 19 Sergio Pettis Says He Is Ready For Call From The UFC | MMA NEWS”

  1. Really**people says:

    thats what u think kid. green and yellow pride always zillllllllllll zzzilllllllll braaaaazzzzziiiiilllll

    • frank says:

      lol please shut up with the whole brazil and pride bullshit. pettis is going to massacre aldo with in the first 2 rounds and have your country looking like fools. pettis is a much different striker than aldo. USA USA USA > brazil

  2. Portospick says:

    He doesnt look a thing like his brother.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Well if he’s anything like his big bro he’ll be an exciting addition.. hopefully he gets the call someday! He’s right about Aldo’s hole in his game, Frankie started landing leg kicks at will in the later rounds (one would think he or his camp recognized this and will work to patch that hole). Taking leg kicks from Pettis would be a whole different ball game then from FE.

    • T.DADDY says:

      You keep talkin about Pettis leg kicks… Aldo has the best leg kicks in mma… Look wat he did to Faber… Look what he did to Frankie… He kicked Frankies legs out from under him a few times… I know you have a gay man crush on Pettis but ur butt buddy will get his shit pushed in when he steps in the octagon with Jose.. you wanna talk about holes in peoples game? Pettis can’t defend a takedown.. he has zero wrestling… That’s a BIG HOLE in someones game… Aldo has no weaknesses…

      • Sasquatch says:

        My delusional little retard friend… don’t go stringing yourself up in mommy’s basement after Pettis puts a striking clinic on your protein provider. Sh!t pushed in!?… sounds like you’ve had experience with that sort of thing, Aldo and his team ran a train on you didn’t they.

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