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Saturday, 06/09/2012, 02:53 pm

Exclusive | AKA Founder Javier Mendez opens up about Cain Velasquez | UFC NEWS

Javier Mendez is one of the best trainers in the history of MMA. He is the legendary founder of the American Kickboxing Academy and former kickboxing world champion himself. He has produced many notable fighters and coached them to championships. Mendez’s credentials speak for themselves so it should be no surprise when one of his fighters wins a UFC championship.

Cain Velasquez’s demolition of Brock Lesnar gained him the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and announced to the world that he was top of the food chain. Cain displayed aggressiveness, ring generalship, and an unmatched will to win. It was one fight later that he found himself on the losing side of a championship bout with current UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos.

Cain’s next fight was supposed to be with Frank Mir, but Mir was shuffled around to face Junior Dos Santos when Alistair Overeem was removed from the bout. Stepping in for Mir was Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva who had recently made a name for himself by dispatching Fedor Emilianenko in 2011. Despite getting knocked out by Daniel Cormier in his next fight, Silva is still one of the best heavyweights in the world.

Cain won his fight with Silva at 3:36 of round 1 by technical knockout. While Cain was favored going in to the fight no one expected it to end as quickly and decisively as it did. Well, no one except Javier Mendez.

“We saw it going that way”, Javier said. “The plan was to take him down. The whole idea was this – no matter what the risk we were going to take him down. That was our goal. We felt his stand up game was pretty decent and we thought that was the one area he had the best chance to survive with Cain. We didn’t think he could survive that with Cain either, but it was his best chance if he could. I honestly don’t think they expected Cain to take him down”.

When a fighter loses there are many reasons that are brought up in hindsight, but Mendez laid it out plainly why Antonio came up short.

“I think they expected it to be a standup war”, Javier continued. “Our number one thing was to take him down. We even said right before we went out there if he does try to kick grab the leg and take him down. It just so happens that the first thing he did was kick. Cain was ready to grab it and take him down. We prepared Cain for that and the goal was to take him down, beat on him, try to submit him, and then take him down again. If he managed to survive all of the beatdowns he was going to get then we were going to pick him apart stand-up wise”.

With his win over Silva, Cain has positioned himself near the top of the heavyweight division once more. Some would say next in line for a shot at Junior Dos Santos’s belt – Mendez agreed.

“According to some sources it’s 100% that Cain will get his rematch with Junior. We don’t have a date, but I’m thinking the fall. The sooner the better for the UFC I think and for both of these guys”.

The first fight was over in 1:04 of round 1 on November 12, 2011 with Cain on the receiving end of a technical knockout from Dos Santos. It was the UFC’s first outing on the Fox network and unfortunately not representative of what Velasquez was capable of. It was revealed later that Cain wasn’t at full speed going in to the fight. Javier doesn’t think it was that big of a deal looking back stating, “Cain was not one hundred percent and neither was Junior so it was fair”.

When it comes to the rematch between the two, AKA is confident, but still cautious.

“You would assume that you are one hundred percent you would like to think you would be really confident in things. Especially with a guy like Cain”, Mendez said. “The bottom line is that if you lost to a guy you need to be more aware of his strengths. At the same time you’re confidence is at a high – your radar is on alert so to speak because this guy put you out last time. You can’t take the chance with a guy like Dos Santos and go in overconfident”.

Some experts have said that Cain’s striking needs to improve before he can win a fight with Junior, but Javier does not. He believes that Cain’s performance against Bigfoot showed what he can do when he is healthy.

“I don’t think Cain’s striking has improved significantly like some have said”, Mendez said. “It has a little bit. What I do think is that Cain is 100% healthy and that’s what’s important. Healthy wins fights. He was able to pull the trigger with no hesitations. If you are going to win that is what you have to do”.


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  1. WrestlingRules says:

    I’m ready for this one NOW. Cain will need to grind him to the mat and then JDS will need to show he has a ground game, It;ll be good…Cain R3 by tko

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      JDS by Ko just like last time. Tired of fighters and coaches using injuries as an excuse in losses. Cain would not have shown up if he was injured just like Fitch just dropped out over a very minor injury. Last time Cain was injured he was out for a year so no way he came into JDS fight injured.

      • keep fitch (forever) says:

        Lol its funny how this jackass keep fitch forever talks about faking injuries and excuses. First of u cant fake injury in UFC second off are u a fucking fighter??? Do u know what it feels like to train and get ur knee injured? U dont so shut the fuck up and stop talking like u know these fighters in a personal level.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          I have had 8 knee surguries and getting cartlidge removed is painless and is routine and not even considered surgury in medical circles. NO fighter has to drop out of a fight for torn cartlidge. Bisping pulled out because he knew he opened hi big mouth talked a mile of shit about LOmbard and he was the logical replacement for Stann. JDS didn’t drop out of Cain fight for same exact injury. Yes I have trained all my life and i would kick your sorry lay n pray ass in less than 30 seconds. wrestlers are my specialty. knee to face everytime works like clockwork. one dimentional wrestlers are a discrace to MMA. your hero Fitch is teh scurge of MMA and has ran more fans off then all BORING fighters combined. Your boy Fitch is all but done in MMA. All he is doing by backing out of a bad macthups is prolonging his release and YOU KNOW IT. if fans were allowed to take vote who they least want to watch 99.99999% would vote for Fitch, then Breneman, then woodley, then Lentz, midget boy????? Mendes. We all saw what Knee does to lay n prayers.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          pics or didn’t happened bro.

        • multikod says:

          ??????????? ?????? ????????

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          dude you are an idiot. what a loser can’t even think of anme for yourself

      • Leo From New Jersey says:

        agreed im done with the bullsh&t from coaches, he lost fair and square, LETS NOT FORGET PEOPLE THAT WAS CAINS 3RD KNOCK DOWN IN THE UFC…HIS CHIN IS NOT AS GOOD AS SOME MIGHT THINK….YOU NEED A REFERENCE WATCH THE KONGO Fight cain was dropped twice… nuff said he will lose again and all you people that think that cain will lay n pray jds to a loss will not happen,,,,,,quote me b&tch!,,,and btw cain vs big foot,,,,,,@javiermendez dude who cares if cain was 100 percent he cut the man open so what? his ground in pound wasnt devistating the only thing that was was the cut so stfu…..look outside the fu*cking box and realize it wasnt a top 5 HW in the world so nuff said

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          cain is only getting the shot because there is no one else………so obviously they need a sacrificial lamb and that man is cain “brown pride stfu” velasquez….btw im puerto rican so im not a racist

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          lol really bro? puerto ricans are shit compared to mexicans

        • Rodriguez says:

          Your right that Cain is a gettin the shot cause of that, but don’t think that just because your Puerto Rican it means you can say stuff about Mexicans! Puerto Ricans are a whole other culture…

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Excellent post Leo from jersey. Young mexican kid who works out at gym where i spar twice a week has a cousin who trains at AKA and he said everyone there bascially hates javier because he is an arragant pr’ick FATTASS who isn’t involved at all anymore with training. He takes all credit but isn’t doing anything except collecting HUGE fee’s. He said his cousin is baddass and the only reason he can afford to train there is their uncle ahs a chan of body shops and he sponsers him. The reason thsi kid was even talking about it was because someone asked him if he had ever met Koshceck when he was at gym with his cousin and that is when all the crap came up cause Kos had just made thsoe public statements about how he left becasue of Javier. Sounded to me like Koscheck was telling truth that all those guys became world class by training their asses off and sparring with each otehr and Javier is getting unwarranted credit. I have never ben a big koscheck fan but now that he’s not at AKA I have new found respect for him as before i just respected that he is wrestler who became a REAL FIGHTER that doesn’t have to lay n pray to win. I think alot more fighters are going to be leaving AKA by sounds of it

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          @GROFF power to you man lol

      • bxer says:

        I don’t know for sure if Cain was injure or not,but he was out of shape and not to.mention the pressure from the ufc to take the fight,but JDS won the fight no question about it, and I agree I don’t like fighters making excuses because they lose the fight,in IMO if you feel injured don’t fight,but if you take the fight men up and accept the results,know next time Cain fights JDS,Cain will win no problem

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          unless a mircale happens my friend i really don’t think cain will win no problem @bxer,,,,,,he must got of gotten in touch with cabbage carriera and got his chin because that dude is goin back to sleep

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          How do you tell if Cain is out of shape? i mean he always look like a bowl of jello IMO. He just not an adonis and never has been. Now way AKA would let Cain fight if he was out of shape or injured. Cain is all of 28 years old and you guys atlk about him like he has this big disadvantage because he is a broken down old man or something. Cain ahs been fighting for liek 5 years and has 10 fights. Jones has that many in last 2 years. hendo is 42 and he fighst more than Cain, GSP, Fitch combined

    • e says:

      good read! i cant wait for this one too!!! this summer is gunna be MEEEEEEN with all of these sick fights!

    • Leo From New Jersey says:

      that was the prediction everyone thought in the first fight……..not that dos santos has exposed cain’s chin just like kongo did even doe he lost to him, he will loser again,,,,i hate the cain fanatics that think he is a miracle fighter…..he won’t win his hands arent as fast enough, he boxing is only done in the pocket jds is a in and out boxer, cain tds are good but junior has shown m0re then good hips carwin, mir, and cain could not take him down……1 D2 AND 1 D1 so enuff with the wresling bullsh*T that he will take him down and smother him,,,cain lost and im sure jds will handle him again!

    • Leo From New Jersey says:

      that was the prediction everyone thought in the first fight…… that dos santos has exposed cain’s chin just like kongo did even doe he lost to him, he will loser again,,,,i hate the cain fanatics that think he is a miracle fighter…..he won’t win his hands arent as fast enough, he boxing is only done in the pocket jds is a in and out boxer, cain tds are good but junior has shown m0re then good hips carwin, mir, and cain could not take him down……1 D2 AND 1 D1 so enuff with the wresling bullsh*T that he will take him down and smother him,,,cain lost and im sure jds will handle him again!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Why the double post…..JDS is a GREAT boxer but the base of ALL great fighters is wrestling and JDS hasn’t been tested on the ground yet. Cain was flat and got caught and will come to this fight looking much different. Great Boxers are check mated in the clinch and on the ground Cain will f’him up…Cain r3 tko…..

        I got one question for you Leo, well actually 2. Are you an American? Second, what kind of fuckin’ Patriot roots for a fuckin’ Brazilian????

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          LEO FROM NEW JERSEY @wrestlingrules that answers the FIRST Question and second I root for the better fighter in my POV….i don’t care about race, age, country, to me its about who is best and looking at things from a none bias POV.of couse i have favorite fighters, but i truly don’t believe cain has anything to offer dos santos besides a tkd…..this is threw the comparison of both fighter and i base alot of a fighters capability to be great on how good there chin is and im not some bias ignorant fan( not saying that you are i am speaking in general) that is saying things out of emotion….he has been dropped 3 times and In my books thats never good,,,obv course its mma anything can happen but i don’t believe he ll win i don’t hate him , i hear some much on blogs about cain will run threw jds blah blah blah and its makes me wonder like what kind of chump does every one think jds is? and im puerto rican and italian , so no race card

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Ok fair enough I see and respect your right to your POV, I don’t agree one bit with it but at least that is your position. This has NOTHING to do with race, we are all of one race…the human race!! But what this is about is pride and patriotism to the country and her people that you are apart of and provide you and you family with their life and enjoyment. Since you are in New Jersey and an American, I would expect you to be a Patriot to AMERICA and in my POV a patriot would never root for a fuckin’ fighter that is from some other country. Now that doesn;t mean that I don’t respect or value the skill and abilities of all people in the world BUT I would never ROOT for some person, fighter, or Olympian from another country against someone from my country. But that;s just me….

          Cain won’t run through JDS but if he can get JDS close and to the ground JDS has not proved himself there. And I am ROOTING for Cain to do it cuz if he does JDS is done.

          From what you said, then if Cain wins and you said that you like to root for the champion then I suppose you would then root for Cain? Right??

          Yah you would drop JDS as a f’ing loser and start being a Cain fan wouldn’t you?

          Remind me to never ask you to go into battle with me. You’d be useless!!

          Of course, if I am wrong, then please forgive me!!


        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          I would not call my self a patriot for the country by no means, My family are extremely pacifist with no disrespects to you at all cause I believe you might have history with our military ( again with the up most respect) i could be wrong, i am just very bland and blunt when it comes to predictions, and yes if cain were to go in there and destroy jds HELL YEA ID ROOT FOR HIM thats a huge feat, and as a fight fan I think anyone would be proud if he could do something like that…but I just don’t see it again 2 different views but i respect your POV,,,,example I really like charlier brennaman and i wanted him to win this weekend but if i had to put money down id go with silva , silva did win and because of the fashion he did it i became a bigger fan of him,,,you know what i mean now?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Leo – pacifism has no bearing on Patriotism at all. Patriotism isn;t about war and such it is about PRIDE….Pride in yourself, pride in your family, pride in your friends, pride in your neighborhood and pride in your country. You think there are any Brazillians that root for Jon Jones, GSP, Bendo, Cruz? Hell NO they’re not fuckin’ Brazilians…damn dude. You sound really young and really liberal……Peace

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          pacifist in the sense i don’t believe in war, and i have no loyalty to anything unless it bares first hands on my life, I lived in tahiti so if you want to know why i am not 100 patriotic thats y. i am 20 years old yes very liberal

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I have hope you grow into patriotism then you will be able to be counted on in war, on the job and in your family. Pacifism is a hard life, this life requires you to fight for what you believe in. You won;t understand ingfight by watching mma and being a pacifist, you actually have to fight. Liberalism is a disease, a mental confusion. I wish you luck in your fight!!! You’ve done well for a 20 year old, I usually am a little more vicious.

          btw: Cain is gonna ragdoll JDS….

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          @wreslingrules……you want me to act 20 i will wreslthing is for pussy’s! and cain sucks ass! there u go and go blow america!

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          @wreslingrules………cain is a ugly assss bit&h if u like him so much go blow him !,,,,,,other wise hope off my f8cking sack and get you a new one! i hope you fail in your life endeavors

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hahahahahahahaha..I knew you were NOT a pacifist….a pussy yes, but no pacifist. Oh yah and you DEFINITELY are afflicted with the mental disorder of liberalism…You fucked up in the brain right?…..I agree that America blows up communists and fascists.

          Oh yah and Cain will ragdoll jds….

          Ah my life is complete and fully successful, cuz I just found out you are stupid, mentally diseased, a homosexual, easily annoyed, no soul, empty inside, and a shitty fighter….You know I made you do everything you just did, don’t you pacifist???? Pssst…I knew you weren’t a pacifist, just a confused liar….America doesn’t need baby’s like you…GTFO

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          lOL okay old man! have a good death well i live long and prosper!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That;s the difference between you and me baby Leo. You hate people, I hate the beliefs people have. Like I hate your pussy liberal punkass beliefs…You wish me bad and I wish you luck in overcoming your mental disease. I have hope for you and you have none. Yes, I do you wish you well and that you wake up form your disease otherwise you will not live long nor prosper. I am 27 and will probably outlive you if you don’t change…..You deserve to be humiliated and shamed for what you do….HooRah

        • K2 says:

          @WrestlingRules LoL Root for Cain cause he’s American. Cain thinks he’s Mexican. So you’re rooting for a Mexican. Not that I’m racist, but the whole “rooting for Cain cause Cain = American.” That doesn’t say say “AMERICAN PRIDE” on his chest and those aren’t American flags that he comes out to the ring with. Those colors aren’t Red, White, and Blue that he’s always wearing You conservatives need to open your eyes and mind and see the big picture. Hell the Statue of Liberty isn’t even American. She’s fucking French.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @K2 – you have some REAL good points. But it doesn’t nullify that Cain is not an American supporter and a patriot. The Brown Pride tattoo may seem racist to some, but you need to understand the cultural piece a bit. The Brown Pride is support for mexican people in both US, Mexico and around the world. Not that any other peoples suck. He is NOT supporting the corrupt Mexican government just her people ( obviously, there is a money thing too!! PPV buys in Mejico, means more dinero por Cain).

          Now the point about the flag, I AM in COMPLETE agreement with you. Unfortunately, some Americans of Mexican descent use the Mexican flag as a support and pride for Mexican people. They would be much more smart to use an American flag and drop the Mexican flag because it is a symbol of the Mexican govenrment which I would expect most are against.

          Believe me, Conservatives are the only grownups in this world and we/I do see the big picture. You just need to separate the person form his/her beliefs and you will too. BTW: Liberalism is a mental disease categorized by the Mental Health Association. Have you ever noticed how liberals are so elitist???

          Lastly, the Statue of Liberty was a ‘Gift” to the US from the French…..And it symbolizes the Light shining through the darkness of socialism, communism, oppression, islamism and all other fascists who want to oppress your freedoms. If you are an American you would know what patriotism is and not make these weird assertions….You must be foreign…well life isn’t fair!!

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          oh now you are italian too?

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          another question when has jds ever even been in a clinch? that lasted more then a second?cain boxes in the pocket jds has never in any fight ever traded in the pocket so cain would half to shoot on one of jds 1-1-2 combos

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Here is where you are too myopic. So you don’t think anybody can clinch JDS ever?? I’m talking about the future Leo not the past. JDS has a target on him and EVERY hw is picking out every move frame by frame and creating gameplans and tactics to exploit his patterns, That’s what pro’s DO….That;s why Jackson and TriStar are so good cuz no matter what the haters think, these guys are game-planning and creating tactics for a fight. Don;t know if Cain can do it, but I am ROOTING for him to do it and if he does, I believe JDS, is toast…

          You see I know a secret…the secret is JDS doesn;t like to grind it out and if you make him grind one out he will lose heart and be mentally broken..actually its not a secret to the hw’s…just to some observers.

          Once again, my apologies if I am wrong about you.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Man who cares where a fighter is from (unless they act like Spitbsbing arragant Brit ,they all act like that) JDS is the nicest fighter in MMA and UNLIKE Jones he isn’t fake at all. JDS is humble and respectful to everyone. Cain has absolutly no personality whatsoever. he’s just blank and his “BROWN PRIDE” Tattoo with 10 inch letters stenciled and spray painted on his chest offends alot of people. Damn that Tatt must have set him back $5.00, 2.50 for spray paint and 2.50 for the stensils. Everything is about race to him. If anyone is prejudice its Cain for sure. This 21st century and everyone is not suppose to see in colors or ethnic back grounds but its ok for UFC and Cain to stand up on stage in LA and scream Brown Pride to world and talk about Cain’s father like he is some kind of folk hero for beating the immagration and or border patrol by ILLEGALLY sneaking into the United states. Are they trying to inspire 500 million mexicans to follow Cains father acrosss the border so they to can become Heavyweight Champion of world. Look at that one dude (scalling??) who has some white suprsmist type crap tattoo they didn’t waste anytime getting rid of his ass. I’m just saying its ok for cain to be racist Brown pride crap written allover himself size of a billboard. there is such a double standard when it comes to racism in U.S. I grew up in Northwest and all my friends were black and filipino, Mex and we never even thought of each other as being different but Cain preaches only hang with your own kind crap. BROWN PRIDE we need to stick together and unite as brothers. That is exactly what he preaches by screaming brown pride. JDS is exactly OPPOSITE what UFC needs as a champ. Not getting DUI’s, or taking 2 years off for knee injury and he fights every few months like a champ should, doesn’t dodge bad matchups and back out of fights speaks better english than Spitsbing, he gives back huge amounts to his community, always has a smile on his face. If you had amillon dollars for everytime Cain had a smile on his face, well you would be BROKE. The man does not smile because he hates white people plain and simple and doesn’t l;ike being around us obviously.

        • Leo From New Jersey says:

          yea the whole pride thing is a little well it might be going a little far , Agree with the JON JONES STATMENT,he trys and jds does not thats y people love him @groff

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Whew, I actually read all that and first of all Cain, does love this country and Mexican people. Brown Pride is about having good feelings about yourself and not about hating anybody. The shows on the stage is about support and money. The Mexican market could be huge for the UFC so get real. JDS is a nice guy and he does alot all the things you said, but you don’t think he stands in front of the Brazilian crowds and talks Brazilian Pride. Come on Now He knows he has to sell UFC in Brazil. So Please none of this shit. I’m talking about Patriotism…..You are proud of ALL your countrymen NO MATTER their faults. You fuckin’ believe in them even if they are fucked up and/or confused. You root for them and believe in them NO MATTER WHAT…You may not like them or know they are slime but you ROOT for them to win in a fight and in their personnel struggles. And Americans don’t fuckin’ ROOT for Brazilians, Canadians, Brits, etc. They root for Americans. At least they do in my world!!!

  2. ASDF says:

    Did Dos Santos really have surgery after? Or did he bring in the doc to follow him around with cruthces to deceive Cain, and lure him in to thinking the distance was safe? Don’t hate me, or call me stupid, just wondering if it wa a ploy to get in close on Cain.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      JDS had knee surgery shortly after Cain fight. Very minor same exact injury as Bisping has torn cartlidge 99% of fighters train and fight with loose cartlidge. Bisping used it as an excuse to get out of hvaing to fight Lombard after Stann dropped out. Yeah right Bisping just happens to drop out the very next day after stann drops out of the LOmbard fight. sorry i don’t buy it. Bisping talked a mile of crap he he didn’t think Lombard deserved the contrac UFC gave him and that Lombard is overrated. Everyone knew UFC and FANS would pay big money to see Lombard knock Bispings head off his shoulders HENDO style. Bisping ran like a pussy. Carlidge is a one hour outpatient procedure and has very little to no down time from training. Bisping had almost 2 months until Boetch fight. TOTAL BULLSH”T. Lombard wants Bisping bad just liek Vitor does

      • Nuitari X says:

        This guy is a surgeon and he also lives with and talks to every fighter in the UFC everyday. In case y’all didn’t know where he gets all his info from. Get rid of fitch (forever) is the most informed person in the entire mma world………………….BWAAAAHAHAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Donnybrook says:

          I like to read his comments once in a while for a good laugh and that’s about it. I can’t believe he didn’t some how bring up GSP in his comment… maybe his man crush is starting to fade.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Its not my fault GSP is afraid to fight and milking a 4-6 months injury out for a year. GSP knows the NEW BREED of REAL fighters are 100 times stronger and faster and hit 100 times harder than Matt Serra. You guys are living in the past. I have been a huge MMA fan since UFC 1 and I happen to follow it as a hobby as do most of guys I train with. We talk more about MMA and whats going on during training helps get thru pain and grueling times to push thru. I’m in better shape now at 50 than i was at 25 and I thought i was a jock at 25. you learn how to train smarter when you get older and don’t waste time with crap that cause injuries for example (don’t do leg extensions) they cause ACL and meniscus tears. Don’t ever squat weight below parallel. When sparring take extra time make sure hands wrist are taped up good. Listen to your body if something hurts don’t push it and just assume its nothing. last but not least ONLY havce surgury if its absolutly 100% necessary because EVERYONE is getting MRSA from hospitals EVERYWHERE and not only does it make you sick enough to die if not treated it takes some of the strongest antibiotics to cure it and once your body has been thru all those horrible antibiotics you are never really same because next time you get an infection that needs more antibiotics they will not work anywhere near as well as they did before and often not at all as your body becomes resistant to them as well as the MSRA itself is becoming resistant to all antibiotics. Its a serious problem right now and at some point all these new strains of staph will no longer be able to be treated. I’m so glad all my surguries were back in 80’s 90’s because people are dying every day from MRSA. I know a 60 year old lady who was in very good health that went in to have a cortisone shot in bad hip from and old skiiing accident 30 years ago and she caught MRSA from the E.R in mount vernon Wa and dies a week later. Hospital is no longer responsible because its an epidemic and tehy cannot get rid of it out of hospitals

  4. Dave says:

    Just a quick question…. Why do you hate bisping so much??

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Because he is an arragant douchbag who disrespects everyone and he is overrrated by light years. When’slast time Bisping was matched up against a top MW striker? Not since he was Hendo’d. UFC protecting Bisping from all the top 10 strikers like Vitor, Stann, Belcher, Palharis, Lombard, Franklin,

  5. Dave says:

    But aren’t all the fighters arrogant to a certain degree? Always saying they’re going to knock the next opponent out, saying they deserve a title shot.. Etc.. And bisping fights who the UFC put in front of him, it’s not actually his fault you don’t agree with the match ups is it? He hasn’t turned any fights down as far as I’m aware.. But has taken fights at short notice…
    Now in my opinion if you really want to lay some hate on someone how about koscheck for his blatant cheating?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I think with Bisping its his personality that people don’t like the most. Plus the UFC needed and needs a top Brit to grow that market and that bitch Hardy kept losing. So he was given easier fights. But once you strip that away, Bisping is a REALLY good fighter and deserves to fight for the title soon. He is a point fighter, but he dominates even though he rarely finishes. He did a real good job of nullifying Sonnen that the way over-rated Silva couldn’t do. So other than his shitty attitude, he is real good and I want to see him fight for the title of course since I am an American I would NEVER root for him, but if he is fighting a Brazilian it might be a toss-up who to root for…..

  6. MMA ALL DAY says:

    I am happy that these two are fighting again. when ever i watch these two fight it does not feel like im watching HW it feels more like LHW

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