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Friday, 09/21/2012, 10:36 am

Evans Thinks Jones Has Weak Spots, Has Given Belfort The Info | UFC NEWS

“I picked up a lot. I was in there for five rounds. I saw a lot, and I felt a lot. I have a pretty good idea of some the things he’s strong at and some of the things he’s weak at.”

“I hit him with a few good shots, and I had a few good opportunities, in the fight, but I just wasn’t able to stay at the level for the whole fight. I’ve been working on myself to make sure that never happens again. I let myself down, in that area — being conditioned to fight that kind of fight and to keep the kind of pace I needed to stay at. I think that Vitor — we train him enough to be able to fight where I wasn’t able to.”

“No. I’m not gonna fight Belfort. I’ll figure out a fight for me. You know, Jon Jones was saying, ‘I dunno what Rashad’s doing. He’s coaching somebody to fight for the belt that he wants.’ I do want the belt, but when you compete, and you really have a love for competing, you understand what it’s really about. What’s for me is for me, and what’s for somebody else is for somebody else. I believe I’m gonna get mine, either way. I don’t see a problem with helping somebody else become champion.”

“I would consider dropping to 185, but the problem is, I’m kinda heavy right now. I might have to do a practice cut to get down there before I make any commitment to fight at 185. I’ve never cut weight like that, not since college. And, I always told myself, I said, ‘If I compete again, there’s no way that I’ll turn myself into what I did in college, as far as living just to cut weight and stuff like that.’ If the offer is interesting enough, I’ll drop down. But, if not, I’ll stay at 205. It makes no sense for me to drop down to 185 to be right in the same position I’m in now at 205.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, recently told MMA Uncensored Live that he believes Jon Jones has some weak spots that Vitor Belfort can exploit this weekend.

It’s almost time for fight night, who ya picking BJPENN.COM?


11 Responses to “Evans Thinks Jones Has Weak Spots, Has Given Belfort The Info | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Fuck Vitor and Hashad, I go JJ all the WAY JJ for the win! JJ the best and is game for the best. Fuck BRazil and Fuck GSP! Lame ass excuses ducking diaz

  2. Xaninho says:

    rashad evans has a tight butthole…i love it when sugar rashad puts his nut sack on my chin………..

  3. Xaninho says:

    when jon jones and sugar fought it was better than gay porn….

  4. Go fuck yourself says:

    You are an angry little gay troll.

  5. Jones will be Rashad AGAIN on Sep 22 says:

    he don’t know dat he setting himself up for anada fall, mahn….belfort losin will be like losin again to Jones for Sugah! two times in one year, mahn… not good for Sugah..

  6. Bjj BB says:

    I guess its true when they say those who cant do, teach. Cause rashad couldent take advantage of jbj so called weak spots, what makes him think vitor will?

  7. I see Jones as the Champ no matter how many bruhs sell him out chump. JJ come up with some wild ish to let’em know they aren’t ready.

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Rashad seems like a cool dude, I hope he gets another title shot.

  9. punchkick says:

    let it go rashad

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