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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:25 am

Evans Reacts: O.K. With Sonnen Leapfrogging Division, Wants Rematch With Machida | UFC NEWS

“For the most part, I commend the UFC for making the fights happen that the people love to see. But as a fighter, I was like, ‘Man, what’s it gonna take for me to get a chance to get back up in there?’ I wanted to fight Anderson (Silva), but it didn’t end up happening because they said I needed one more fight to be a contender at middleweight. But I guess it’s not the same for everybody”

On what’s next:

“I was hoping in December, by the end of the year, but it looks like it’s not going to happen until maybe February or March. Who am I going to fight is the main question? I want to stay at light-heavyweight because there is unfinished business. I can’t go down unless something really beckons for my calling. I like to fight at 205 and have done fairly well there. The guy who I really want to fight is a guy I lost my first fight to. I would like to fight Lyoto Machida again. He looked good against Bader. I want to get that one back, bad.”

Last night on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, talked about the newly announced title match up between Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones.

He also discussed his eagerness to get back in the cage with the man to hand him his first professional loss, Lyoto Machida.


23 Responses to “Evans Reacts: O.K. With Sonnen Leapfrogging Division, Wants Rematch With Machida | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob'O says:

    Bad choice. Machida will put Rashad to sleep again. ~Bob’O

    • Clay says:

      Rashad is really good and would more than likely lose by decision. I feel like he’s lost his ‘fire’ tho. He is getting past his prime but still has many wins left. Lets see what happens. Lyoto is a beast

      • yess123 says:

        how do you know what his prime is…Hes 33 years old, and its not like hes been looking bad..If anything hes actually getting better..It be a damn good rematch, if people are expecting this fight to go like it did last time, thats just stupid.

  2. Jonfitchisgay says:

    I guess Rashad enjoys sleeping.

  3. Doc says:

    I thought I heard Sonnen SWEAR he’d leave the UFC “if” Silva could beat him, again.

    Silva beat him, again.

    Why is Sonnen still here?

    The only thing worse than talking smack and losing is making bullshit promises and renegging on them.

    Sonnen is an idiot.

    • enthusiast says:

      yeah, because the presidential candidates don’t do that or anything…they have about 10 million more bullshit promises than Sonnen. he’s a lesser evil.

    • Duhhh says:

      Your an idiot for believing him LOL. He was clearly pullin sum WWE esque schtick.

    • idiot 1 says:

      You are all idiots who reply to this saying agree. Doc, you are a bigger dumbass than ever. Sonnen is getting this shot because it will bring in a lot of money and the TUF season will be funny as hell with them two. Dana only cares about money, if you dont know that by now then there’s something up with you. And to your chael sonnen is still here even tho he said he would retire, Anderson silva never agreed to those rules. He even said that in the post fight press conference of the second fight i believe and also in a interview. Idiot.

  4. halfway says:

    I like Rashad but I hate his cocky antics at times (i.e., Machida, Forrest).

    I think he’d do better this time around but Machida is always capable of two things, boring to death or KYTFO.

  5. whatever says:

    Sonnen talks his way into fights doesn’t fight his way into it. He lost to bisping imo, he looked awfull in the silva fight. Now he gets Jon jones. Just becouse hes good at trashtalking.Perfect example that this is not a sport it’s a company. I love it though i’m just sayin…

    • Duhhh says:

      He looked awful in the Silva fight? He dominated 90% of the fight AGAIN, its just a matter of Silva being a pure finisher, all it takes is one punch and he seems to be able to take 100.

      Jon Jones is a little bit overrated but only in terms of his “inability to lose.” He is beatable (IMO), without that stupid (albeit extremely effective) side kick he does to the opponents legs Vitor knocks him out. That said, the side kick works and establishes perfect space to give him constant reach/distance advantage for his gampeplan, and its deadly on the knees. Until someone finds an answer for that tactic, he will remain champ. Like most believe in this topic, hard to believe that will be Sonnen, but who knows.

      • Get your finger outta your.. says:

        Since when has Jones’ kicks “to the knees” been deadly? Name one fighter he stopped because of the kick to the knees? Rampage? No, son, he choked Rampaged to tap. And Rampage came into the fight with damaged knees.

        Jones puts fear into his opponents after the first and/or second round. Did Belfort let his hands go? No. Was Rashad statue-esque after the second round? Yes. Why? Fear of not knowing what Jones was going to do to them next.

        • Will says:

          You don’t get it… The fear of not knowing what’s going to happen comes primarily from the side kick to the knees. Rampage said this himself. You can’t put hands on Jones if he’s cutting your legs away. And better than basic muay thai low kicks; Jones is going after the knees directly which can cause major problems. IMO I think the direct knee strike should be illegal.

        • To Will says:

          Did or did Machida not put his hands on Jones? Did or did Belfort not put his hands on Jones? YES to both fighers. So the possiblity exists.
          Has Jones disabled any opponent due to knee strikes? NO. If Jones wanted to take out someone’s knees, don’t you think he is more than capable of doing so and would have already done so? He is and he would’ve. So, Jones puts that fear of it happening into his opponents, which forces them to fight differently.

          Jones has so many more surprises in the future. The dude is only 25 and growing with the sport of MMA. It will be like watching Michael Jordan all over.

  6. MMAnalyst says:

    Rashad vs winner of Rua/Gustafsson?

  7. Steve O says:

    Here’s a novel idea Rashard, put on better fights and stop letting Greggy cost you quick returns

  8. Kjtrlt says:

    Evans v machida II would be worthwhile to see. A lot for machida to lose though, he’s supposed to be the contender, but what if he lost to Evans? Rashad can’t beat Jones, so where’s that going?

  9. 2_3_zone says:

    Davis should get Jones, Evans vs Bisping 2

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