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Friday, 03/23/2012, 08:25 am

Evans on Jones | Beating Jon Means More Than Winning The Belt

“At UFC 145, I think it will come down to who really wants it. We are both going to get beat on in this fight, we are both going to get banged up and hurt, but I want this more… On April 21, at UFC 145, beating Jon Jones up means everything to me. I want to smash him up so bad. I want to be world champion again – but for this fight, beating up on Jon Jones means absolutely everything… I will beat his ass and then tell him that crying won’t get him his belt back.”

In a recent interview with YahooSports, former champion Rashad Evans talks about his upcoming UFC 145 title match against champ, Jon Jones.

Words have been said, teams collapsed and a brotherhood torn all over this fight and for Evans, the beating Jones is more important that winning his title back.

Can ya blame him?

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