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Friday, 02/17/2012, 12:10 pm

Evans On Jones | Anybody Can Lose, This Fight Won’t Go Five Rounds

“See, that’s one thing that Jon doesn’t understand. There’s no such thing as ‘time.’ There’s been so many people like him that’s always been ‘the one.’ That’s the secret, there is no ‘one.’ Anybody can lose, any given day, and he’s going to find that out. I’ve got big advantages knowing what he’s going to do, just knowing the range, where I need to fight him at. Just training with him and knowing what he’s good at, where he likes to fight. I already know what I need to do. I’m not going to get in there and get frozen watching all the beautiful stuff he throws. I’m going to get in there and just mix it up… This fight won’t go five rounds.”

To that Jones rebutted:

“Mark his words [this fight isn’t going 5 rounds]”

During yesterday’s UFC 145 pre-fight press conference Jon Jones and Rashad Evans engaged in professional discussion and put the majority of the trash talk aside to promote their fight.

The two will face off in Atlanta at UFC 145. Want to watch the full press conference? Click Here!

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19 Responses to “Evans On Jones | Anybody Can Lose, This Fight Won’t Go Five Rounds”

  1. Ly-er says:

    Hmm I agree somewhat w/ his mindset, since he did use to train with Jones he has that experience factor w/ his opponent, but then that concept should also work vice-versa. I’m sure Jones was studying him real close when they were training partners.

  2. e says:

    damn right it aint goin 5… you getting ko’d in 2 or 3.

  3. Popp24 says:

    Yeah Rashad is right it will end in round 2 when he gets knocked out like the chump he is. Rashad didn’t even look good against Phil Davis. I have always though Rashad to be overrated.

  4. slacker says:

    I think Rashad will make this Jones his toughest fight yet. He’s got a legitimate shot IMO because of his wrestling.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Jones’s wrestling blows away rashads. Rashad is going to get beat down so bad he will prob retire. this is a total mis-match and is barely legal for promoting as a fair matchup. This reminds me of when Rumble fought Yoshida. Rumble came in his usual 8 pounds over and Yoshida weighed in at his walk around weight and next day Rumble was over 2oo lbs and looked like a heavyweight fighting Faber and Yoshida tooka head kick that almost killed him. Same thing here Jones will have 20 pounds weight advantage and ONE foot of reach advantage. This is a horrible mismatch and although i don’t much care for Rashad i care even less for the “FAKE” Jones

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Wrestling is going to be a factor. Who is the better wrestler? Evan’s might put a blemish on Jone’s impeccable TDD record.

    • slacker says:

      I think Rashad will get at least one take – down this fight, but that might be all. If he can get more than that, he has a chance at winning the fight. It’s just so hard for guys to set – up take – downs with their stand – up when Jones has this giant reach advantage on everyone. He can see it coming 10 city blocks away.

  6. spiritsplice says:

    Rashad Must be ready to lose, he couldn’t even finish Davis.

  7. bert says:

    Do you really think he was trying to finish Davis?

    He was suppose to fight for the belt like 3 times now right and was side lined due to injury?

    I personally think he was just trying to win and get back to where he left off in his career.

    I don’t even really like Rashad that is just what I got from watching that fight.

  8. Dick Niaz says:

    If Evans thinks he is fighting the guy he trained with 3-4 fights ago, he is in trouble. If Evans thinks he can strike with Jones, he is in trouble. If Evans thinks he can take Jones down, he is in trouble. If Evans thinks that the Partirdge Family was an entertaining lighthearted show, he is in trouble. ….

    Evans is in trouble.

    He’s got nothing for JBJ. He is a boxer/wrestler with a questionable chin, a huge height and reach disadvantage… JBJ has been there done that. Rampage, Machida and Shogun couldn’t even HIT Jones.

    This is going to be a very one sided affair. JBJ, finish, round 2 or 3, probably submission.

    • cole knight says:

      your a moron jones got peiced up by machida and ran like a little girl fighting a man when he touched his chin rashad has a very good chance of putting this kid back where he belongs sitting in the stands while the REAL FIGHTERS get it on for that strap

      • Dick Niaz says:

        “Peiced up”….. is that what happens when you drop someone unconscious on their face and they lie on the ground lifeless? (needed clarification as I am not familiar with that term)

        You’re right dude, Rashad totally had Machida’s number… getting KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT is way cooler than defending your belt by vicious stoppage.

        I hope english is not your first language.

      • AnonymousE says:

        Knight is clearly a hater, so he’s unable to view any JBJ fight objectively. Jones “ran” from Q because his back was to Rampage with Rampage coming after him with a HUGE right. Run or die at that point. Jones made a good decision.

        Jones could’ve killed Machida. Machida! We’re not talking chumps here, we’re talking Machida! He could’ve killed Matt Hamill (…go ahead, comment about “illegal elbows.” Hamill was done way before getting hit with those elbows).

        As for Rashad, he can say what he wants about knowing Jones in “training.” You don’t go 100% against your training partner. You go 100% against your opponent in the Octagon on fight night. Can Rashad handle Jones at 100%? Doubt it. Rashad has a lot of “self-doubt” right now, so he has to say the same crap again and again to psyche himself up. No matter. Jones is going to put him down.

  9. Steve O says:

    Rashard is a better wrestler on paper only! Did anybody see how he tossed Matt Hamil around like a rag doll or blew through Ryan Bader?? Both better wrestlers,or at least on par with Rashard!! This is a first round TKO!!

  10. magoo says:

    the thing is Rashad is JBJ is not the same fighter you sparred with 4 fights ago,hes picked it up a notch or 2, your fooling yourself if you think this is the same fighter you once trained with,I see Bones finishing you in the !st or second round!

  11. mallyj says:

    How can Rashad win this fight? the only way I see him winning is with a luck punch. JBJ is bigger,stronger has the beatin some of the best fighters in that division. Even chocked out Machida who knoked Rashad Evans out. I just don’t see how he could win. I mean its a fight and any thing can happen

  12. true mma says:

    Jones wins by unanimous desicion.

  13. true mma says:

    Jones wins by unanimous desicion. His reach is the difference

  14. magoo says:

    is that your final answer truemma?

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