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Friday, 04/13/2012, 10:38 am

Jones Says Evans ‘Not a Martial Artist’ but ‘a Guy Who Grabs His Crotch’

By George Deutsch:
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones (15-1) and #1 contender and former champion Rashad Evans (17-1-1) continue to exchange heated words prior to their upcoming UFC 145 bout on April 21 in Atlanta, Ga.

The ongoing trash talk between the two former friends and training partners under Greg Jackson has continued to escalate, with each man analyzing the other’s alleged weaknesses and lobbing insults that are becoming increasingly less thinly-veiled. The Canadian Press reports:

“The difference between me and Rashad is Rashad is not a martial artist by any means,” said Jones. “I think it’s funny when he does commercials in a meditation scene. He’s sitting there pretending to meditate.

“He doesn’t meditate. He’s a guy who grabs his crotch at people. He was actually talking while Lyoto Machida knocked him out. … That’s not a martial artist to me. I don’t respect that guy.

“I’m going to try to teach him what he should have learned in the Lyoto fight — just to close his mouth.”

Evans suffered his only loss at the hands of fellow light heavyweight Machida, who knocked Evans out in the second round of their UFC 98 fight in 2009, claiming the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship from him. Jones, in turn, beat Machida at UFC 140 late last year, defending the championship and earning “fight of the night” honors from UFC.

In a recent Yahoo! Sports blog posting, Evans weighed in on Jones.

“Yeah, Jon has gotten better since he was that skinny kid in the gym I used to spar. But he’s not changed as a fighter. He’s improved, but he’s still the same fighter and just as importantly, he’s the same kid who has had it all his own way and thinks he is the best thing since Muhammad Ali.

“When it comes down to it, I’m already sick of talking and thinking about him. … He knows what I know about him. He knows.”

For his part, Jones has couched the fight in terms of good versus evil and his positive energy versus Evans’ negative energy.

“Now it’s me, it’s my turn,” said Jones. “It’s Rashad — it’s just where he comes from. He comes from a negative energy. And I want to show that good always prevails.

“I train, sleep, eat. Train, sleep, eat. Play with the kids a little bit and get right back to training, sleeping and eating.”

The rest of April promises to be a good month for fans of UFC’s Light Heavyweight division, as contenders Alexander Gustafsson and Thiago Silva face off at UFC on Fuel TV 2 on April 14, followed by the Jones-Evans clash a week later.


30 Responses to “Jones Says Evans ‘Not a Martial Artist’ but ‘a Guy Who Grabs His Crotch’”

  1. Greg says:

    Don’t we all grab our crotches now and again?

    • steve says:

      yes Greg we do. its primal. but Jon Jones doesnt. he is a martial artist. he only bear crawls. good for him though. it only took 4 years to become the wisest martial artist since bruce lee. with the best jab sinca Ali. well…. in his eyes anyway

      • CALI says:

        Thank you! hope rashad exposes this tool….

        • provost says:

          im with you there.he big succsess comes cause he is bigger than everybody.look at him next to andre arlovski he is bigger,an arlovski is a chizzled 245 pounder.

      • abe says:

        Jones didn’t mean he doesn’t grab his crotch ever and Rashad does all the time. It was just another way of saying that Rashad likes to think he’s a badass and think’s he can beat up anyone. MMA fighters don’t treat it that way because to them it’s a sport. Everyone knows Rashad likes to shit-talk cuz he did it to Rampage. Shit talk has no room in MMA and that was all Jones was saying.

  2. Jake says:

    ^^^^^haha true

  3. Christian says:

    The titles of these articles have been shit lately.

  4. San Da FC says:

    Funny how Jon Jones has been saying the whole time this match wasn’t personal for him. Now he’s throwing insults at Evans. Dumb ones in my opinion. I think Jon Jones will win, but I really hope Evan knocks him out.

  5. Baby J - Hendo - Sonnen - Smooth says:

    So by jones’s logic nick Diaz is not a martial artists because he talks shit to his opponent? Lmao that is a joke. Oh and rashad doesn’t meditate? Lol ….jones is pathetic as a person. Great fighter but just a self righteous, wierdo. He says weird shit constantly. .

    • rover says:

      diaz isn’t a martial artists when he’s in the ring. he’s a thugs that’s usually just looking for a brawl. being a good fighter doesn’t mean you respect the ways of martial arts.

  6. DMAC says:

    Rashad I pray doesn’t do a rampage and be scared to pull the trigger. Anytime Bones opens his mouth it’s sickening.

  7. Dick Niaz says:

    Both of them should just shut up and fight.

  8. Wayne says:

    It is weird hearing this coming from a guy who dumped Rampage over his head after the round was over

  9. Nick says:

    Its funny how the UFC tries to classify this guy as someone who is good, and a hero. He is an amazing fighter with a terrible personality. His mask of being humble faded the day before the Shogun fight. I was rooting for him, and wanted him to be successful. He was even my second favorite fighter, but as soon as I heard his cocky antics I wanted him to fail

  10. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:


  11. Jorge says:

    Jon jones always says some dumb .. Hate to say it … Stereotypical oreo cookie nig Shit .. Idk why he attempts to sound so sophisticated when in all reality … how young is he? Where’d he get his degree to gain some validity in his statements. He’s like the 17 year old who knows everything .. I hope rashad knocks this wanna be smart ass back to school!!! So he can stop sounding like the self proclaimed intelligent guy we all knew from high school …

  12. Brett says:

    By the way he is talking, it seems jones has beat himself mentally

  13. CanILive says:

    Lol you trolls have no idea how humble he actually is

  14. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Who gives a crap about grabbing nuts? You guys were suppose to be boys. Jones acts like he doesn’t but he has a glass house.

  15. jon says:

    i wonder y its ok for rashad to talk crap to jones and the moment jones replies everybody is ready to crucify him. Y’all are just haters! Jon is gonna win the fight and everybody here will be back saying how they knew it was going to happen

  16. Kalab says:

    Rashad just needs to get on the inside n do work with his hands, which he will do and be successful at transitioning to the ground!

  17. James says:

    Neither Jones nor Evans are martial artists. They are athletes…

  18. Jujitsu Player says:

    I don’t buy in to Jones good v.s evil/ meditation/ martial arts bullshit; but I DO think he’s a phenomenal athlete and fighter. I don’t particularly like the personalities of either fighter but for me its got the makings of fight of the year. Jones has legitimate claim to being one of the best P4P guys in MMA and beating Rashad will just help confirm this.

  19. Jorge says:

    Jones pela!!!!!

  20. steveb says:

    I want to see Rashad talk shit like Nick and KO Jones and send him packing for 265 already. Jones will be a wash out soon.

  21. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Jones too win – 4th round sumbission

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