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Thursday, 04/05/2012, 02:38 pm

VIDEO | Rashad Evans Dissects Jones vs. Rampage

Looking ahead to his much anticipated fight against Jon Jones, Rashad Evans is wired for sound from UFC 135, when Jon Jones defeated Rampage Jackson to defend his belt. See Evans’ reaction to the fight and hear his exclusive commentary about his game plan for UFC 145 by watching Jones’ game plan in UFC 135.


17 Responses to “VIDEO | Rashad Evans Dissects Jones vs. Rampage”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    Rashad’s a real dude people call him cocky for what he say’s while trying to sale a fight but that’s because they are retarded it’s is job and benefits him to trash talk if everyone was as lame as Anderson on the selling point the ufc would be less big

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    For someone who is perceived as being unbeatable, Jones really wasn’t doing that much damage to Rampage. Like Rashad said he was thinking too much about what Jones what doing and not attacking. If he had stayed in range Jones might have ended up on queer street. Either way not many people can say they went to rd 4 with Jones.

  3. THOM BJJ says:

    wow.. im starting to like rashad. wtf is going on lol

  4. doc santos says:

    Rashad is a good guy. He is just a little older so his smack talk rubs people in the wrong way. But this is totally my opinion.

  5. Pancho says:

    I hope Jones whips Rashad’s boring ass

  6. Dd says:

    Rashad made a lot of valid points I see him pressuring jones and taking him down like he did to Phil Davis

  7. David says:

    I don’t see Rashad beating Jones for a number of reasons:

    1) Jones has more techniques to fight Rashad Evans with, than Evans has to fight with Jones. Jones has better striking, wrestling, and juijitsu than Evans. Evans’ primary weapon is his wrestling.

    2) Evans has terrible cardio. If he goes beyond the 2nd round, he reverts to a pure grappling based control style because he’s so gassed from the constant movement he does to try and set up his striking. He only has 1 finish in fights beyond the 2nd round. Jon Jones has the same style of fighting regardless of what round it is, so you can’t just expect 1 thing.

    3) Jon Jones’ physical dimensions will be too much for Evans. Nobody has been able to get around his long frame because he truly knows how to use it his advantage, and is not awkward like most people are who are both tall and long. Jon Jones’ length enables him to attack effectively from positions that you wouldn’t normally be able to be effective from, like the full guard, and half-guard with strikes and submissions.

    4) Jon Jones when he has an opponent down, punishes his opponents on the ground. Evans simply holds his opponent down. Evans doesn’t fight on the ground to finish the fight. So if Evans takes Jones down, he doesn’t have to worry about being finished on the ground by Evans because Evans on the ground, outside of his wrestling, is not a dangerous opponent. If/When Evans gets taken down by Jones, you can expect Jones to do substantial damage to Evans, and potentially look to finish the fight while on the ground.

    • Reality says:

      There are some points there that I agree with but many that we can only see when they face eachother. Yes, Jones is devastating if he gets you to the ground. However, Rashad is good at getting off his back and defending if you can get him there. I’m not saying Jones can’t get him there but it’s not an easy task. If Rashad gets Jones on his back there is no telling what will happen since we’ve never seen him there. Rashad has good cardio. That was proven in his last fight. In previous fights it seemed like he would get tired but with Phil he kept up the pace. Jones does have all those great qualities you mentioned and they could be a huge factor in the fight. However, we’ll have to see how these guys match up. Evans has only lost 1 time and has only shown improvements since that time. He’s a smart fighter and I think this is a close fight.

      • CoCiO says:

        uhm, yeah I wouldn’t say jones has the better cardio for obvious reasons..with the weight he has to cut thats taking a shit load of it away + he aint looked that impressive in the later rounds of fights thus far.

    • Alex Daas says:

      Re$pect on some good analysis, but allow me to ratort!

      – Rashad, in his Ufc debut won TUF season 2, at HEAVYWEIGHT. His physical attributes will be just as much a problem for Jones, as Jones’ will be for him. The challenge will be to both men, neither is heavily dominant over the other, its kind of like 1/2 and 500/1000, they look pretty different but they really equal the same.

      – Rashad has been riddled with injuries since Machida, only recently has he come back to full strength and just look at his performances against Tito and Davis, he manhandled them both, similar to the type of dominance displayed by Jones.

      – The ONLY loss on Rashad’s record of 14 fights in the Ufc is to Machida, when Rashad decided to put his hands down and just walk into Machida’s punches because he was so cocky, trying to play to the crowd. That is why nobody liked him, even Dana admitted he hated Rashad’s arrogance. But $uga IS a champion in the octagon and as good a test as anybody for young bones.

      – Jones with all his fantasticness still has ZERO knock outs since being in the Ufc. Rashad however, remains the only person to ever knock out Chuck Liddell, with 1 punch… 1 of his 3 KO’s, 1 was a kick to the skull… Rashad not only has the advantage of KO power, but he is mobile and agile enough not to be a deer caught in the headlights like Rampage was.

      Get off Jones nuts already, Machida has broken the spell in case you were on Mars when he made Jones look like a newb (Jones’ last fight). This fight is going to come down to can Rashad remain mentally strong and execute game plan, he’s his own worst enemy.

      WAR RASHAD!!!!!

      • Scotty says:

        As Jones doesnt have KO power standing, he makes up for it by being able to pick u apart on his feet then take u down to finish u off.. Which i feel much better then having a 1 punch KO power because once u get that notion u have that power, fighters tend to go for it to much..

        But i agree with these points, if Evans can do what he is commentating right there, he has a very good chance of winning.. He was actually right when, he said u have to get in Jones’s face to throw him off guard.. Like Machida did in there fight.. Got into his face and didnt let Jones get comfortable in the distance range.. But got caught in the 2nd slowed Machida down then Jones did what he does best..


    Im one of the few people who’s gonna bet money on Rashad.

  9. Xaninho says:

    Evans has a good shot of being the first one to defeat JBJ in the UFC. He is a smart fighter and understands the game.

    His striking has dramaticaly improved. He will be in JBJ’s face all the time.

    JBJ’s striking isn’t that good. It’s unorthodox and with those freakishly long limbs he can do much damage, but it’s not real crisp striking.

    • Reality says:

      True .. He still needs some polishing .. However, as crisp as it may not be it’s proven to be effective. To me it’s a toss up who is going to win though.

  10. DMAC says:

    He did bite that crawl from suga. Rahad is going to win, he’s wiser and more athletic. Hopefully he listens to his own advice, either in or out but control the pace and USE YOUR WRESTLING!

  11. Tyler says:

    Rashad has better Wrestling and Boxing in my opinion. In addition, I think Rashad has just as Dynamic Athleticism as JBJ just with the exact Opposite frame as JBJ. In my opinion, you have to have a certain amount of pure boxing skills to set up other strikes outside of boxing such as Muay Thai, (the striikes JBJ likes to use), because otherwise, all of the strikes would be completely telegraphed by a fighter with Boxing Skills. Obviously, Muay Thai has evolved to incorporate Boxing Movements and feints to be more functional in K-1 and MMA, But, when it applies to the stylistic matchup of JBJ VS Evans, I think Evans may have the Superior Boxing, and it could be to the point that he can negate anything JBJ wants to do. Not to forget, that Rashad has brought in Tyrone Sprong, the best K-1 striker competing, for the past three camps to sharping up his striking. This fight is 100% toss up, anybody who says otherwise is pretty ignorant. Its who ever performs better that dictates the outcome. But, I have to say JBJ has been performing in the most dominating fashion as a complete fighter than I have ever seen in my life. I have no reason he won’t do the same come fight time. But, Rashad is very capable of making this perfect Champion look like an amateur.

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