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Monday, 04/09/2012, 01:55 pm

Rashad Evans Blog | Jon Jones Is Not A God

By Rashad Evans:
I went to Puerto Rico last week to promote my April 21 title fight against Jon Jones on pay-per-view.

The reception I got was the craziest I’ve ever had in my UFC career. It was the coolest thing I’ve done in this sport since I won “The Ultimate Fighter 2” in 2005. The fans were so insane; there were hundreds down there to see me, and then boxing legend Felix “Tito” Trinidad – who is in Puerto Rico – showed up and I got to meet him. I was a huge Tito fan when he was doing his thing in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was a great fighter who had skills, speed and a lot of power. It was really great to meet him and, even though I got in my workouts, my mind was off of UFC 145 for a few hours and it was one of the most insane experiences of my life.

I came back home feeling very energized and ready for the last couple of hard weeks of camp.

Funny, for this fight there’s been a lot of questions about smack talk and there’s going to be more come fight week – believe me – but meeting Trinidad and tennis star Victoria Azarenka a few weeks ago have been two of the coolest things I’ve done in the UFC.

Soon though, it’ll be time to get serious. The April 21 fight symbolizes so much for me. It feels like everything I’ve been going through, everything in my whole career and in my life, has all been leading up to this moment and this fight.

Yeah, I want to beat Jon and prove a point that he’s not this god we all need to pray to at night. He said on live TV that America could learn from him. I Googled it: There are 311,591,917 people living in America right now and Jon Jones thinks that 311,591,916 of them need to learn from him. He’s a drop in a bucket like the rest of us. The guy praises himself going to sleep.

But the thing is, opponents have been buying into that, too.

Watching at ringside last September at UFC 135, I couldn’t believe the way Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fought Jon. He gave him too much respect and way too much distance. You have to be “in” or “out” with Jon – either out of range looking to come in with strikes and takedowns, or you got to be in his face throwing and pushing his ass against the fence. He’s got too much reach on you to be in the mid-range – that’s his sweet spot – and you can’t get caught out there with him.

I know Jones has tweeted and been doing interviews about me. That’s what happens in big fights and especially this one. But I’m at the point where I’m not really bothered by anything he says. What he says makes no sense anyway. He thinks he’s something so special people need to bow to him when they seem him on the street.

Does it motivate me? At this point, not really. There’s really not much more he can say to me to motivate me. I’m already motivated for this fight; I’m motivated beyond reason. Yeah, I want to be the first guy to really beat Jon, yeah, I want my title belt back and I want to show my former trainer what’s what.

But this fight is not about proving a lot of people wrong about Jon Jones; it’s about proving me right… Continue reading over at YahooSports!


14 Responses to “Rashad Evans Blog | Jon Jones Is Not A God”

  1. James Wolfe says:

    Evans will get a beat down like he has never seen. Finally, maybe, just maybe someone will shut this clown up once and for all. Rashad is NOT in the same league as Jones. It will not even be close. He loses in every department, speed, reach…good luck taking down Jones. He will play with you for a couple of rounds then finish you. You will be busted up real good. I can’t wait. Shut this big mouth up Jones.

  2. PJ Benn says:

    I like the pic in the back.

  3. Tim Tebow says:

    I agree with Rashad, Jon “Bones” Jones is no God, there is only one God and he is my lord and savior. For Jones to even say he is a God is horrible. But I am excited to be a Jet, and I’m excited for this fight

  4. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    where is this interview where jones says “america could learn from me”

  5. whitezombie says:

    Giggity, giggigt goo. Alright!

  6. B L says:

    They should just make out already these guys have a crap load of sexual tension for each other!

  7. Dd says:

    A couple guys I train with trained at Jackson’s while rashad was still there and they said for the most part rashad had jones number. And most of what rashad is saying is the truth

  8. Khaos says:

    I cannot stand jon jones voice his smile his smug arrogant attitude his fake humble persona the way he sub conciously talks down to everyone he’s a prize fraud character wise..but skilled although most of that is because of his insane height and reach advantage let’s see him fight someone his own height like Anderson does..then I’ll truly rate him.How can u hate rashad his cockyness 99% of the time is when he’s joking he one of the most intelligent funny mms guys out there he’s lost 1 fight in 20 odd u can’t count him out he’s an elite fighter giving away height and reach to nearly everyone..go figure.

  9. pthance says:

    I can see fear in Jones eyes. This kid is fraudulent and gonna crumple under pressure when Rashad takes it to him.

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