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Friday, 04/13/2012, 01:22 pm

Evans And Jones Go Head To Head On Today's UFC 145 Media Call (Full Audio)

Today the UFC held the UFC 145 pre-fight media call. On the line was Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. This is a must listen.


6 Responses to “Evans And Jones Go Head To Head On Today's UFC 145 Media Call (Full Audio)”

  1. NorCalTransplant says:

    “My goal is to knock this guy out… god bless you too”

    “One of my long time goals is to be sponsored by Nike.”

    -J. Jones Aka, Giant Douchebag….

  2. danieljonesfan says:

    They’re tired of it man can hear it in their voices, just fight or as Rashad says with his pin stripes on and his cheesy smile ‘it’s game time’

  3. danieljonesfan says:

    I hear you man. The Jon Jones thing with being humble and working hard all I want to do is improve bla bla bla yet he’s discussing greatness and surpassing Ali in his next breath. Jon, mate that is not confidence or any of these other dress ups, it’s simply being contradictory and believing your own hype. The hype is true as the guy is a great fighter but the more I hear of him the more he comes off as disingenuous, just be who you are! An arrogant guy with bags of talent, don’t try to carry off this persona of moral supremacy as though he’s above arguing trivialities with Rashad, he portrays as being detached from that shit whilst filling his hands with mud ready to sling back

  4. Damn says:

    Rashad is playing everybody, saying what people want to hear. Jon says what he feels, and he feels that he is on his way to being one of the greats, if not the greatest, MMA fighter ever. People who dislike Jon feel uncomfortable listening to a person who is goal-oriented and who is taking the steps to reach those goals and is willing to talk about it before it even happens! Most people are afraid to speak about it fearing that will cause them to fail or people will look at them as being arrogant. Far from it. Jon is real and many people can’t handle his real because they are weak and want to strike first! Thanks for reading all of this..damn, you took the time…

    • danieljonesfan says:

      Not so sure it’s his ambition, isn’t everyone’s ambition to be the best they can be! More so the constant greatness references just irritate people, he’s an mma fighter with talent, we’ve seen it all before, Anderson for example. Like Rashad has said he genuinely believes he’s going to change the world he’s that delusional, Ali changed the world through personality, politics and fighting. Jones only has only the latter of those components from where I’m sitting.

  5. Blacky says:

    How is he so great? He accomplished a lot in a short period yeah, but he is nothing compared to great. Great and legends inspire others, he don’t. People talk so much crap about jones, obviously he gets no respect so on his way to being a great legend, that’s not happening. If he loses to rashad or anyone else his hype is dead, he has left nothing behind to be a great. Just a arrogant young kid that had a good run. Plain and simple

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