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Tuesday, 09/13/2011, 07:42 am

Evan Dunham ready to 'do whatever he wants' against Shamar Bailey

“I’ve fought guys with his style a few times before, I feel real confident heading into this fight. I don’t think his wrestling’s any better than mine. I’m gonna take control of the pace, do whatever I wanna do and win this fight. I know Shamar is coming down from 170 but that size isn’t gonna make much of a difference because I’m used to going back and forth with these 170-pounders [in the gym] anyway and they’re light years ahead in the stand-up and in the wrestling over Shamar.”


3 Responses to “Evan Dunham ready to 'do whatever he wants' against Shamar Bailey”

  1. andy says:

    evan a good fighter gulliard is just doing his thing right now and sean the muscle shark well that was a bullshit decision

  2. Jrock says:

    robbed against sherk and well when melvin connects he connects its not like he got knocked out cold he just droped.he’s bounce back and better then ever this kid still has a whole lot of potential

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