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Tuesday, 05/15/2012, 06:31 am

Erick Silva Would Like Yamasaki To Referee His Next Bout | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Erick SIlva in an interview with TATAME.

Silva comments on fighting abroad.

“I am sure those things won’t get to me. I’m going there to put on a great show. When we’re focused, it does not change one bit.”

Silva comments on his next opponent Charlie Brenneman.

“He’s a wrestler who likes to take guys down and stall them. That’s what we’re working on. It’s not that it’s dangerous, but we are really training a lot defensive takedowns and we’ll try to use his flaws in our favor.”

Silva comments on Brenneman avoiding a striking based battle.

“Absolutely. That’s his style taking down. He does not have great skills to trade punches. I’ve seen many tapes and I know he makes many mistakes in that area. He’s good on the ground and where he’s trying to take me and that’s where I’m working on.”

Silva comments on Mario Yamasaki as potentially referee for his next bout.

“I’d really like it if they call him up, even because I believe he didn’t mean to hurt me. After that he’s been more alert, smart and he’s been doing everything he can so it does not happen again. If he’s the referee he’s going to pay much more attention so he doesn’t make a mistake again. As an athlete, it’s not my job to have any kind of feeling towards a referee like Mario Yamasaki.”


6 Responses to “Erick Silva Would Like Yamasaki To Referee His Next Bout | UFC News”

  1. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Erick Silva will destroy Brenneman. Brenneman will not get one takedown. Silva will soon become a title contender in the very exciting WW division.

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      yea charlie brenneman is a fucking joke with his poofyass afro. He’s another jon fitch type that can only spoon you do victory. We all saw what happens if he tries to stand up and trade in the Rumble Johnson fight and he got headkicked to spain and his afro whiplashed from it hahah. Erick silvas bout to put in work on brenneman

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Erik… Mario wasn’t the problem you were. Learn not to hit the back of the head.

    Erik has some good stand up but I think Charlie is gonna lay on him and gain a decision win. That’s just how it is with some of these wrestler types and I don’t see Erik blasting Charlie like Rumble did.

  3. Was a bad call says:

    It was not intentional I only saw 2 that clearly hit the back the others grazed the side of his head, the other fighter over exaggerated those shots because he was basically done for anyways.

  4. Johnny says:

    Yeah, if they are done you can do whatever you want. ” Yes, I fishhokked him but he was practically done so it should not matter, right?”

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