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Friday, 10/05/2012, 11:41 am

Erick Silva: If Fitch Stands With Me It Will Be Suicide | UFC NEWS

“Fitch has to speak up because they stand with me is suicide for him. Charlie (Brenneman) also said that he wanted to take me to the ground and eventually finalized. I think I forget that I am a black belt in jiu-jitsu.”

The fast rising welterweight, Erick Silva, recently told Brazilian media outlet,, that if his UFC 153 opponent, Jon Fitch decides to make their fight a stand up battle he will lose.

For more years than I care to count, Jon Fitch has been regarded as one of the top 170 pound fighters in the world. While he may have hit a recent skid in his road to the top, Fitch should still be regarded as a dangerous opponent.

That being said, who ya got next weekend? Will Silva continue to impress or will the Fitch of old return?


11 Responses to “Erick Silva: If Fitch Stands With Me It Will Be Suicide | UFC NEWS”

  1. bdizz says:

    I’d rather watch paint dry than a Fitch fight.

  2. Keyboard Warrior says:

    I’d rather watch corn grow than a Fight fight.

  3. Dana is Greedy says:

    Im watching just to see Fitch get beat up n sent packing to Bellator…He should stick to his b.s. reality show where he can pretend to be a fighter…

  4. FitchIsGai says:

    I’d rather watch 1 guy 1 cup than watch Fitch fight.

  5. Bjj BB says:

    Please stand with him fitch! So i can watch the most boring fighter get ktfo again!

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    lol no love for Jon Fitch on this site.

  7. RowdyRodd says:

    E. Silva for the win. Probably showcasing his Jits since we’ve all seen his punching power. Fitch will try to wrestle (no surprise, there) then get caught with a submission.
    Fitch is a boring fighter, good dude, but over-rated as hell.

  8. EP says:

    watching this fight only for 1 reason … to see Fitch get KTFO’D in round 1. Thats it. Fitch is a fkn disgrace to the amazing sport of MMA.

  9. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Only watching this fight to see Fitch get KO’d and then RELEASED. Fitch will wrap around Silva’s leg and hump it for 15 minutes. Hopefully the refs won’t allow boring ass “FITCHING”- STALLING. IMO Fitch is the most overrated fighter in all MMA. he hasn’t won in over 3 years yet he always crys how he is being passed up for a title shot

    PLEASE I’M BEGGING THE UFC ‘GET RID OF FITCH” before he scares/bores anymore fans away from MMA

  10. Xaninho says:

    I think it’s safe to say virtually nobody likes Fitch and we all want him to get KTFO and cut from UFC.

  11. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    whats funny is Fitch thinks he is the most excting fighter in world and everyon else sucks compared to him. So friggen tired of hearing how Fitch is ranked #2 when in FACT he hasn’t beat any of the CURENT top contenders. Even Erick Silva is only ranked 20th. Why didn’t UFC have Fitch fight Rory ROIDER or Kampmann, Koscheck

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