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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 06:23 am

TUF Live Ratings | Episode 9 Marks Slight Improvement Following Lowest Rated Episode In History

By Jamie McAllister
TUF rebounds with a slight increase in viewers following the lowest rated episode in the shows history the previous week.

Episode 8 received just 929,000 viewers & episode 9 last week received 954,000 viewers. Marking a slight increase in interest following the decline.

The episode featured the final opening round match-up featuring Mike Rio vs. Andy Ogle. Ogle secured the second round submission over Rio and claimed the final spot and moving Team Faber into a lead of (5-3).

Dana & UFC executives are said to be satisfied with the ratings however changes will be made before “TUF: Live 2″ later in the year.

While on Spike TV “TUF” averaged 1.7 million viewers before it was moved to FX due to the deal with FOX & this seasons premier only received 1.3 million viewers.


8 Responses to “TUF Live Ratings | Episode 9 Marks Slight Improvement Following Lowest Rated Episode In History”

  1. Zack says:

    Cuz it’s getting old. Less gayness more fighting. What is this like the 15th season now. Plus I stopped watching after fabers team got punked. And the lack of talent makes it hard to watch

    • Vegas says:

      After looking at ratings history, at least for the last few recent seasons, I don’t see an average of 1.7 viewers throughout the entire season like what indicated in the article. Episodes peaked that high, but 1.3-1.5 was pretty normal the last few seasons.

  2. Devon says:

    I think I speak for a lot of people in the reason im not watching it is usually because its on a friday night and i’m usually out. If they changed the day its on to like monday or something, then it would be watched more often.

  3. Matthew B says:

    Yeah for sure. agree with ZACK…after faber thought it was a good idea to be gay and punk the other team…no pun intended, i realized i could get better UFC coverage on FUEL…..Dont we have enough small guys already…The UFC should do more heavyweight and LHW…..Contact ever college football drop out and of course mma outlets, boxing, wrestling, etc and pursuade them with the chance of contract…It seems easy give us more talented big guys..Hell pay me and ill be there fighting prolly getting knocked out but

  4. Kalab says:

    Why would a drop out football player be good in Mma? And there are plenty of LHW and HW do you watch UFC?

    • Jon Jones says:

      Do you watch TUF at all? the last season that LHW were in was season 8 and the last season HW were featured was season 10… its now season 15. Since then there has been one middleweight season and that was season 11, meaning the last four seasons have been 170 or lower, meaning more litte guys. Next two seasons should be L and HW imo

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