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Friday, 11/04/2011, 10:00 am

Ellenbger Wants Diaz Fight: "His little patty-cake game will get him put down!"

“He likes to run his mouth, I don’t get him. He just likes to talk and he is what he is. He’s gonna get his coming against GSP. GSP’s motivated, I don’t see what Nick’s going to bring to the table. Jake Shields was a more difficult fight for GSP. GSP’s a lot faster than Diaz, Diaz has no power, he’s not going to knock him out. He should have finished BJ and he couldn’t even do that. His slap-box game… I would like to fight Diaz. Ideally I’d love to fight Diaz, his little patty-cake game he plays, man if he played that with me I’d put him down for sure, 100 per cent. If you did that where I come from, you get your ass whooped.”

In a recent talk with ESPN, surging welterweight contender, Jake Ellenberger gives his opinion on the newest number one contender to GSP’s title.

Nick has looked near invincible in the cage for the past several years, but is Ellenberger the man to get the job done? He took out Shields, and now he has his sights set on Diaz will he not rest until the entire team falls at his heels?


95 Responses to “Ellenbger Wants Diaz Fight: "His little patty-cake game will get him put down!"”

  1. Raja says:

    be a good fight..

    • ThaGreenBandit says:


    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Not a good fight, Jake is dumb just because he got an early stoppage on Shields doesn’t mean shit. Diaz would send his overrated ass to the back of the line he should just stay quiet and pray he doesn’t have to fight Diaz anytime soon.

      • adrian says:

        @ dontbescaredhomie, how was that an early stoppage??? He stopped Shields. Something most guys couldn’t do except for the Hendo fight where it should have been stopped after Hendo KO’d shields on his feet and the fall to the mat woke him up, yes please watch it before you comment back. I know your obviously a Diaz fan, trolling on but have a realistic look at mma, not just Nick’s nutsack.

      • Terrance says:

        I totally agree with you Homie..

      • Early stoppage? Lmao.. Ellen can beat Diaz. The punching power showed against shields was impressive. Diaz doesn’t have a chin.. Tons of fighters dropped Diaz. The Saint will finish Diaz w lights out!

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You’re dumb as fuck if Diaz has a weak chin who has actually stopped him? Just because they get dropped doesn’t mean they have a weak chin.

        • SanSooRob says:

          Gsp going to finish a fight lololol bjpenn couldn’t finish
          Diaz, no way Gsp will. Next your going say Gsp going sub diaz waaahaaaa

        • Philippe says:

          BJ PENN is not a finisher.. he’s a quitter!

          Every fight BJ finds himself in tough situation, he QUITS!

      • ricky says:

        hm its pretty clear youve had nicks cock down your throat before. let me put it this way, Ellenbergers striking would knock nicks mouth right off his fuckin face

  2. No power… tell that to Lawler, Semtex, Cyborg…. No speed… dude pushes a pace like a feather weight. This kid will get his head knocked off against Diaz.

  3. Tom Ryan says:

    Little frog croaks loudly. Bitches do the same thing to get attention. Don’t feed the Jake Ellenberger.

  4. xbabewithbitex says:

    Diaz wouldn’t stand a chance!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, he had no chance against bj’s superior boxing skills and KO power, Daleys superior skills and power, Lawler’s pwer, etc…

      • adrian says:

        Look at the first round buddy, if your talking about superior boxing skills, BJ was winning before his fat ass gassed out. Now put everything together, obviously Nick beat him and I’m not trying to save BJ’s face here. But the bums you mentioned, Cyborg fought a smart fight but just simply beat, the guy has never been a KO artist against LEGIT competition. Paul Daley also KO’d Diaz on his feet, shoulda been a stoppage if you look how stiff Nick fell face first into the mat. Lawler’s power has been absent from him for a long ass time, who has he beat?! Listen, Nick Diaz is legit top 10, but the guy has been fighting people that don’t even get title shots anymore or ever did. Now put him against guys like Josh, Jon or Jake E, those guys would rip him apart so bad. What do you think GSP is going to do to him? There is a reason why GSP is the champion in UFC and not B level strikeforce.

        • Eric Laford Faling says:

          I’ll tell you what I think GSP is gonna do to him. He’s gonna take him down because he’s not gonna like getting punched in his supermodel face and as soon as he does GO-GO Gadget Neck Tie! GSP breathin ZZzzz’s in a big fat BOBBA NOOSE although El’ Diablo hears his pleas he still won’t let him loose. Nick’s cardio is one of a kind, he has the best boxing in MMA bar none, and above all else the absolute best BJJ on the fuckin planet! I can’t wait for the welterweight championship to be around the waist of a REAL FIGHTER! and in conclusion as I say almost everyday Thank God for El’ Diablo!

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Your post was so stupid I couldn’t even finish reading it. Diaz got KO’d by Daley while they were standing? You should just stop commenting on here with your ignorance and obvious hate for Nick Diaz.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        You wish you’re giving Penn way to much credit Penn got beat all around. The best thing he did was get Nicks back for a little bit and still couldn’t do anything with that

    • William Green says:

      I second that!!!

  5. Dante says:

    ellenberger is good, but seriously? cause he beat jake hes the man now?
    patty cake over there dropped daley, and just out boxed the hell outta My boy BJ Penn
    J.E thinks diaz is That easy to put away huh.. i bet the house that if elleberger stood with nick he’d be eatin patty cakes all day.. if it went to the ground..subbed in a hurry! if ellenberger cant knock nick out! what else he bring… nadda!

  6. Hostile hunter says:

    Jake E. is a beast.I think he can beat any WW out there.(including GSP)Im sure he could wrestle Diaz to the mat and stiffle his Bjj. On the feet i see Jake knocking diaz out by walkin right through his punches.Either ground,clinch and standing id give the advantage to Jake.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      We’ve all heard that “walk right through his punches” bit before…

    • zach says:

      I guarantee your basing of all of this statement off the Jake shields fight and he’s a joke, Ellenberger is good but not better then Diaz standing or on the ground and is way less experienced then Diaz in all aspects you should base your predictions on fact and not just how you “feel” the fight might go

    • tn94z says:

      He probably “can” beat any WW out there but he did get beat by Condit. Diaz has bigger things going on now. How is Ellenberger going to call out Diaz “after” Diaz has been granted a title shot?

    • Eric Laford Faling says:

      Stiffle Nick Diaz’s BJJ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I keep sayin, HATERS are funny but none funnier than Nick’s HATERS! Whenever I’m feelin down I just come read some of the dog turds that come out of you guys. “GSP is gonna beat Diaz No Problem” “He couldn’t finish BJ” “He throws patty cake punches” and so on and so on… I would ask you “Are you Fucking Serious?” but that’s what’s hilarious is I know you guys are. It’s just unreal to be that Hate can can leave your eyes blind and mess up your mind. *Can’t STOP Laughing my Balls OFF*

    • bringbackbabalu says:

      Huh I hate diaz but anybody bar bj Penn would probs find his bjj to much jake. E is alright all this is based off the shields fight pffft shields is shit

  7. blake says:

    Omg shut up jake! You are no one. You will never be a recognized fighter, u r a nothing! Diaz would whomp u!

  8. Dante says:

    “he shouldve finished BJ and he couldnt even do that”
    Ok, buddy casue brutha BJ is that easy to finish right,
    i’d love to see BJ whip jakes ass

    • chuck says:

      Exactly what I was thinking Dante!!! Penn would wax the floor with this fool. This dudes breath still stinks of his momma breast milk, should take baby steps before calling out guys that are out of his league.

    • adrian says:

      BJ isn’t easy to finish but look. Hughes finished him, GSP made his soul quit before his body did. Hurt him so bad that he didn’t even know what happened or what round he was in. Nick hurt BJ yes, his eye was swollen shut. Diaz has amazing timing with his punches and cardio, now compare that to GSP’s amazing cardio, speed, wrestling, legit BJJ defense, good kicks and cage control. You might not like to hear it but GSP has more tools than Diaz, and when you can really piss off GSP, he goes out of his way to fuck you up, look at Josh Koscheck, the guy couldn’t even fly on a plane for months after.

      I don’t like GSP, I’m here cos im a BJ fan, even though he has a shitty camp, shitty cardio and lost his fire. Its just common sense to look at the fighter with more tools and know that he has a higher chance of winning.

      • pk9grrr says:

        a man with soo many tools yet he fought like a girl with jake shields and didnt want to use his favorite humping tool..comon sence and mathematics is logical but faith and the human spirit is amazing when it prevails

        • Shawn says:

          Ummm…what fighters do you know that finished the remaining 3 rounds of a 5 round title fight with ONE eye, and still put a hurt on his opponent? Exactly. Fools need to watch the fights as mma fans, not pseudo mma fans with WWE mentality. I’m not a fan of the Diaz as a person, but I do respect him as a fighter. Ellenberger may be on a high right now after beating Shields and acting all tough, which I don’t like either. But as a fighter, you can’t take anything away from him. Even with BJ loved him from day 1, and he is a legend in my eyes. But I’ve always questioned his conditioning. It shows on all his fights lasting more than 2 rounds. So you may not like GSP, but don’t disrespect his abilities or his accomplishments. Just go watch all his fights again and report back if he’s the lay and pray guy you and others paint him to be. Or the guy that runs around. I guarantee you, you won’t see that. He always presses the fight. Most of his opponents are the ones that end up back peddling, and has to chase them down. That’s why this fight with Diaz is going to be a good one. Neither fighter backs up. Hopefully Diaz doesn’t start.

        • pk9grrr says:

          id rather sit outside with a nice cool one, and watch the flys playfighting on my compost heap then watch all GSP fights again

  9. doc says:

    Whats up with all the Diaz fan boys?

  10. dream says:

    wtf this must be a joke, Just because Ellenberger beat Shields hes the one to open his mouth up now. Dude Diaz would eat your punches and make you tap, your a joke Ellenberger . Diaz would bring you the the 3rd round and just play with you, he can finish you whenever he likes thats how good he is. You try finishing Bj , bjs a beast no one can finish him. those slap boxing you call is some stockton boxing homie. we out here

  11. sgt thai clone says:

    if he didnt mention Diaz,s name there would be no artical on him–kinda like KJ Noons Jake , you only wish you were 10 percent as exciting as NICK DIAZ

  12. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    Pedro, seriously, fix your fucking grammar. It’s getting ridiculous. How are we supposed to take any of your articles seriously if you don’t know how to use puctuation properly? Something everyone should do, but you, as a journalist, should be required to.

    I have read maybe two articles from you on Nick Diaz that have not been utterly biased against him and the only reason those two weren’t were because they were purely informative. You, sir, are a disgrace as an author of any kind.

    Now about this article, I’m sure Ellenberger will feel high and mighty when he takes Nick down after getting out “slap boxed” and begins to pin his shoulders down and use brotherly punches and elbows that wouldn’t hurt my little sister. Like Nick said, if you want a fight, you have to say it out loud. This is Jake’s “Look at me” strategy to get him next in line either for the title after one more fight or to make himself a contender should Diaz lose to GSP. This is, of course, assuming he can actually beat Nick using his no-lube hump points style. Where I come from, men only do that with other men naked.

    • Streetsweeper says:

      You’re trying to correct someone on his grammar yet you don’t even know how to spell words right idiot. It’s “punctuation”, and while I usually couldn’t care less when someone has issues with spelling, when you call someone out on stupid shit you might want to do it correctly yourself. Also Pedro’s grammar is fine and bias has nothing to do with it, this article is purely informative. Ellenberger decided to speak out on Nick and Pedro simply provided an outlet for that. No bias here at all so maybe break out your little dictionary and see what “bias” actually means first. You mad bro?

  13. steve says:

    seriously? i think he wouldnt knock gsp out but who needs to when the bitch taps from strikes. and you think you would put him down? dude has an iron chin. and its not patty cake its called wearing your opponent down because you have superior cardio then messing his face up because you have superior boxing.

  14. blake says:

    Ellenberger is only popular from losing to rick story and carlos condit.

  15. brian says:

    i like both of these guys and i’m sure it would be a great fight, but jake is delusional if he really thinks that way of diaz.

    nick will put a hurting on GSP and will most likely do the same to jake…although i think it will be a closer fight.

  16. Robert says:

    I like diaz and it would be a good fight but but i think jake wins this fight. has more power can prolly match speed and his wrestling a way more superior. if he can stay outta the submission he’ll take this fight. but diaz gotta get passed gsp first and i think diaz pissed gsp off and that might be what gsp needed to finally finish a fight. gsp by tko 4th round by tko.

  17. Michael says:

    Ellenberger can fight, he’s legit. But if he does fight Diaz and win, it will be by laying on top. He can’t box him and he won’t pass guard. He would have to Fitch him to a judges nod.

  18. Chris says:

    Get in line son.

  19. Ninjaman says:

    It should be Diaz vs Ellenberger and Condit vs GSP. To bad the UFC has no backbone to honor their committments to their hard working, under paid and disrespected fighters.

    • YoMAMASLOVEjuice says:

      No it shouldn’t. You don’t know sh*t, which is exactly why you do not have Joe Silva’s job. Nobody wants to see GSP fight Condit. Nobody really want’s to see either of them fight at all, especially against each other. Diaz had the fight first and made a dumbass move that got him pulled, so Dana had to make it right cause his hard work and fan base can’t be denied… Besides, 30 minutes of dry humping sounds as entertaining as reading an entire article about your misinformed opinions. Diaz is legit as f*ck, as is every fighter mentioned in this post. The main difference is some are more entertaining to watch. Word to your mama’s love juice, son!

  20. smithers89 says:

    Patty-cake ha really tell tht to BJs face, Bj nevr gets cut nd his face was ripped up GSP didnt do half of wat Nick did to BJ nd Of all ppl u think ud beat him HA thy brought him to the UFC to fight the best because he is the best million bucks GSP trys to lay on him lik he does to evry1 cuz he ant standing wit nic…. I see him gettin tapped!!!

  21. Eric Laford Faling says:

    Haters always make me laugh but there are none funnier than of the pound for pound BEST welterweight in the world’s Haters. Nick El Diablo Diaz is gonna prove what I’ve been sayin for 4+years right when he defeats the golden boy GSP superbowl weekend, but to comment on the matter at hand Jake Ellenberger… does this guy think he should get some kind of Brock Leznar reach around and fight the world’s most elite fighter without paying his dues? Let him fight Diaz, ‘Nate’ Diaz LOL little brother would love Stockton slap his mouth for being for talkin that smack. Nick has dominated 11 in a row including retiring 2 Hall of famers Frank Shamrock & BJ Penn and George will be number 3. As I say almost everyday Thank God for El Diablo…

  22. Mike says:

    Would someone please tell me why everyone thinks Diaz is so good? Who the hell has he beaten that is a top 10 contender in his entire career? If your stupid enough to classify guys like Daley and the other rejects that got sent to Strikeforce because they couldnt win in the big show, then dont bother replying. Yea he beat a completely washed up BJ Penn. BJ came in with no cardio and gassed after round 1. BJ hasnt beaten a top contender in 3 years, and no Matt Hughes being as washed up as he is is not a top contender so dont put his name out there.

    • steve says:

      at the same time. who the fuck has ellenberger beaten? i was a bit iffy when diaz came to the ufc because i like you think these strikeforce guys hold no merit in the ufc. but bj is(maybe was now) a top 10 contender he beat diego and kenflo. and the way he beat bj. no one has ever beat bj like that he didnt even look that bad after the second gsp fight. diaz is good. is he gsp good? probably not. but hes in the top 5 welterweights

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Let me guess; You’re another one of those guys that hates Diaz because of his attitude, so you simply refuse to give him his props for being a highly skilled mma, right?

  23. Cammydnft says:

    All this talk about Diaz is bull Gsp is gonna destroy him, I can’t be the only person out there that thinks if Diaz comes up against a top level wrestler like Fitch he will get bullied top 5 WW 1.GSP 2.Fitch 3.condit 4.Diaz 5.Ellenbger.

  24. bruiser says:


    • 3ric says:

      How disrespectful man. Penn went out and fought his ass off. The thing is he just ran into reality that Nick is just the better fighter at this time and that shocking reality has many of his fans doubting the man himself and thats just a shame. Penn is a warrior but Diaz is the warlord.

      • Eric Laford Faling says:

        Agreed 3ric ^^ it’s really sad everyone is quittin on BJ like this, talkin trash about his cardio. it reminds me of when Diego Sanchez fought Penn with his “world class” cardio which was worth Jack Squat after BJ rocked his world in the first round then all that cardio went out the window. BJ is just a human being! He got beat up for the first time in his life and that will tire any human out, I really hope BJ Penn doesn’t call it quits while there is still so much lack luster talent in this division like Jake Ellenberger for example. Not everyone can be a Demon straight out of Hell like Nick Diaz…

      • Shawn says:

        Penn didn’t lose because Diaz was a better fighter. He lost because Diaz has way better cardio. After the first round, you can clearly see that BJ was getting pretty tired. He beat Diaz the first round, but all that assault and defense, wore him out. He didn’t have much gas left in the 2nd and 3rd. He was fighting back with pure heart. Just imagine BJ having the same amount energy as he did in the first round in the last 2. He would have been the one wearing Nick down with the punches and take downs. Diaz’s face was already swollen in the first round, just imagine what it would have been like if 2nd and 3rd were a repeat of the 1st. Some people really need to train before they start shooting their mouths off. Watching MMA doesn’t make you an expert, or even knowledgeable in the fight game. You don’t know what it’s like in there for fighters, so have no merit in criticizing them.

        • Eric Laford Faling says:

          ya and if BJ had wings he would’ve flown around, and if he breathed fire he would’ve burned Nick alive and if he had razor sharp shark teeth he probly would’ve eaten him ‘IF’… … …

  25. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “The only reason he won was because…”, “The next time it’s gonna be different…” , “He got lucky…” No matter who wins the fight, there’s always gonna be someone trying to deny the victor his spoils. Always gotta be someon making excuses for the fighter that came out on the bad end of the loss. According to someone, whether it’s this person or that, it seems that every ko is lucky, every sub is lucky, every fight is fixed, there’s a legit excuse for every fighter that lost, etc… It really does get old.

  26. JMango says:


  27. 3ric says:

    GSP cant speak up for himself so his boyfriend irl comes to back him up huh. I hope the GSP camp believes all that Jake said in this interview while they are training so when it comes to fight night they find out everything they thought was wrong as Nick beats the hell out of GSP.

  28. Julio Figueroa says:

    Jake Ellenberger you can kiss my ass you moron… you are no one in mma, your win against Shields doesn´t count, because there was an early stoppage (anyone who know a little of mma know that Shields Chin it´s another tale, he has survive Henderson punches, Daley, and so on… he´s been ko too many times but he always overcome…and remember that he was mourning the death of his father… now you want some attention opening your mouth dumbass…ok you got my attention little clown imitation, now show some balls challenging Condit, Fitch or Kosheck…. now beat them and i buy whatever you say!!!

  29. Soven says:

    Elllenbger Vs Penn…since this motherfucker thinks Nick Should of stopped BJ…lets see him try to Finish BJ

  30. Chris says:

    I think this might be the fight where you GSP actually finishes a fight. Since he’s gone so long without finishing he’s due for it. Diaz fans prepare he’s gonna get his ass whooped and your still gonna come up with excuses to why he was robbed or some bullshit

  31. fourtetshou says:

    Speed and Power is nothing if you can’t use it.

    What Nick Diaz possesses is great timing and unbelievable cardio. So, he can use his speed and power when he wants to, but instead fires 50% and mixes it up.

    Nick Diaz is a beast. And sure, Ellenberger might knock him out, but if Ellenberger can’t keep up with his pace, he’s done, just like everyone else who fights Diaz.

    Same goes with GSP. GSP has not finished in a long time, and I don’t think he has the power to knock Diaz out. It’s a bad fight for GSP. What’s he going to do when he can’t knock Diaz out? Try and ground and pound? Diaz has sick BJJ.

    Either standing or on the ground, GSP is in for a world of hurt.

    And on a personal note, I hope Diaz beats GSP. That guy is such a fake. At least Nick lets it all hang out.

    • Shawn says:

      lol. I guess you really weren’t watching the last few GSP fights. He may not have finished his fights, but you look at his opponents at the end of the fight. They got finished. To me Diaz and GSP are ying and yang. The “bad guy” vs the “good guy”. They both have great cardio, they both have excellent hands. Both are accurate with their jabs, and speed is the same. The only difference I see, is Diaz is a better BJJ guy, and GSP is a way better wrestler who stays busy on the ground. I can see this fight going the distance with both guys looking like they’ve been put through the meat grinder. This is one of those fights that I wouldn’t put money on. 1. I’m a fan of both guys. And 2. It’s a tough call to make.

  32. BJ PENCIL says:


  33. Ed says:

    So you bet shields two days after his dad dies now your the top welterweight fucking bitch would murdered!

  34. rod says:

    Who is he?…rite a contender…no one in the game has the conditioning nick has…he’s better than…10 otherfighters better skilled all tried….please!

  35. jose alvarez says:

    the fact that anyone thinks nick is going to walk through st.pierre is insane. first off nick diaz has fantastic bjj yes but you all seem to be forgetting st.pierre has a black belt in bjj as well.
    then you all say oh well nick is going to knock out gsp blah blah blah what happens when he throws a punch and gsp goes for a takedown ? diaz can hardly stop an average wrestlers takedowns let alone gsp. gsp put fitch down and passed his guard which no one before st.pierre was able to do so with that said do you really think if st.pierre can control fitch on the ground that he won’t be able to control diaz on the ground ? if you think that st.pierre won’t totally neutralize nick’s bjj you are out of your mind.

  36. Shawn says:

    Ellenberger vs Diaz. Interesting fight. But I can see Diaz wearing Ellenberger down and peppering his face with jabs and short punches. IMO, the best boxers in the UFC right now are (in no particular order) Penn, GSP, the Diaz brothers, Valasquez and A.Silva (who all throw punches the same way, and the proper way…no arm punches). Those “slap” punches may look weak, but they all add up. 3 rounds of those can do more damage to a guys face than one big KO.

  37. omar says:

    all of a sudden ellenberger thinks he’s da shit,diaz would smash ellenberger easy

  38. KingGareth says:

    Ellenberger will have to show more than punching power to win against Diaz.

  39. P R O D I G Y says:

    Jake Ellenberger would smash Dick Diaz. Wouldnt even be close.

  40. Kyle says:

    Let them fight then I say.

  41. Nick says:

    Wow, realy getting tired of hearing a bunch of guys that r obsessed w/ mma sit here and bitch at eachother. its just a fucking sport, ppl win and ppl lose, there is no one fighter that can beat every1 so the ppl that occasionaly beat a good fighter arent automaticly cheating. i seriously only read like the 1st 10 or so messages cuz of dip shits like you. but back to the main topic, i dont think jake is ready for nick. jakes last fight wasnt enough to say if he is good or not. one of the prerequisits for a fight is being emotionaly ready, and shields head was not in the game. i think that fight needs a rematch or ellenburger needs another closer to home fight b4 he moves up. i hate nick diaz w/ a passion but i have to admit hes a fucken beast.

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