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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 06:15 am

Ellenberger Knows Former Opponent Hieron Doesn't Like To Get Hit | UFC NEWS

“He likes to rely a little too much on his athleticism and it’s gotten him a long way but I’ve fought him before. I’ve seen what he can do. I fought him when he was probably the most dangerous. It’s harder to fight somebody for the second time when you kind of have a good idea of what they’re gonna do. He doesn’t like to get hit. I know that. I fought him once. Boy does he not like to get hit….I want to make a point. Not as much personally to avenge a loss but to make a statement.”

Top UFC welterweight contender, Jake Ellenberger, recently told that his upcoming UFC 151 rematch against Jay Hieron is a fight that he is all too familiar with.


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