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Monday, 07/02/2012, 02:35 pm

Editorial Spotlight | Why Chael Sonnen Will Defeat Anderson Silva (Again) at UFC 148

Every generation has its popular myths. From the body humors of ancient Greece and Rome to man-made global warming today, some boneheaded beliefs refuse to die quick deaths, waiting instead on history to correct them.

One such bit of snake oil being peddled today is the popular, but fatally flawed, idea that UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva will defeat consensus #1 contender Chael Sonnen in their highly-anticipated UFC 148 rematch July 7. As the story goes, Silva had an injured rib in the first bout, while Sonnen was hopped up on testosterone; in their rematch, Silva will quickly dispatch Sonnen, either via submission or KO.

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

Let me get one thing out of the way, Silva is a fantastic fighter who is rightly considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport. But the fight game is a game of matchups. For every guy you can knock out with a kick to the face, there’s another guy who will put you on your ass and punch you 300 times. Such is the world of mixed martial arts, and Sonnen, to be sure, is in the latter category.

Here, then, is my list of reasons why Sonnen will prevail over Silva in their rematch.

Sonnen’s Promise to his Late Father and his Destiny
Anyone who’s seen enough Sonnen interviews knows his father died of cancer years ago, but not before Chael promised him that he would win a world championship in his honor. This goal of winning a world title has since become the focal point of Sonnen’s life, as made clear by his remarks in the WEC and UFC and in the pages of his semi-autobiographical book “The Voice of Reason.” Sonnen, however, hasn’t achieved the feat. At least not yet.

Let’s not forget that two weeks ago, LeBron James hadn’t won an NBA title yet. Just because something’s highly anticipated, and the wait is long, doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually happen. Like James, Sonnen appears to be on a collision course with destiny that setbacks will not deter. Like James, love the guy or hate the guy, you cannot make Sonnen go away. And like James, Sonnen simply wants it more than anybody else.

Look at what Sonnen had to go through to get where he’s at. He pummeled Silva for four rounds in their first contest, only to be submitted in the waning minutes. Sonnen was subsequently suspended by the CSAC and convicted of felony money laundering. These things alone would break other men, but Sonnen responded with a vengeance, beating two Top 10 opponents in a row and solidifying his #1 contender status.

Sonnen is here, facing Silva for the world title that he promised his father he would win, because he belongs here, because this is his destiny. And there’s precious little you, or I, or even Anderson Silva can do about it.

Sonnen has Already Beaten Silva Once Before
To be clear, by “beaten” I mean that Sonnen imposed his will on Silva in their first contest, landing more than 300 punches on the champion and cracking the veneer of invincibility that has cloaked Silva throughout his UFC career. Perhaps more importantly, Sonnen is the only man to have ever done this to the champion, the only man to utterly dominate Silva for the better part of five rounds, and I believe the only man currently in the middleweight division who has the skill set to finally defeat him. Yes, Silva got the W in their first contest, but at what cost? How will his confidence against Sonnen be affected this time around? And more importantly, will Silva be able to land another Hail Mary submission again? Methinks not.

Sonnen exposed holes in Silva’s game people hadn’t seen before, laying them bare before the world. The man who was thought bulletproof now appeared human. Questions that were unanswered before their UFC 117 showdown were given clear answers. Yes, Sonnen can take Silva down. Yes, Sonnen can successfully work his ground and pound. And no, Silva didn’t have much of an answer for Sonnen’s wrestling, except for maybe the Spider’s submissions. But even that might not be enough the second time around, because …

Sonnen has Improved Submission and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Skills
Do the words Vinny Magalhães mean anything to you? If they don’t, they should. The ADCC submission wrestling gold medalist, world Jiu-Jitsu champion, and one time M-1 Global light heavyweight champion spent weeks with Sonnen tightening up the challenger’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. Yes, the same Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that Sonnen has been mocking for more than two years now.

Magalhães believes Sonnen will win the Silva fight by submission. Is there any truth to that boast? I don’t know, but ask Brian Stann what he thinks about Sonnen’s submissions. Or better yet, watch that one-sided fight if you’ve got nine minutes to burn.

Frankly, more than landing submissions, it will be avoiding triangle chokes and armbars that will present Sonnen’s biggest challenge. Yet for all the talk about how weak Sonnen’s submission defense is, he successfully avoided a submission for four-and-a-half rounds in his previous contest with Silva. Who’s to say he can’t do that for a full five rounds this time? And if the best defense is a good offense, Sonnen has plenty of weapons in his arsenal to help …

Constant Pressure, Olympic-Caliber Wrestling Will Prove too Much for Silva
The way Sonnen and Silva approach the first moments of a fight couldn’t provide any more of a contrast. Silva often starts slow, circles the cage and seeks to feel his opponent out and gauge his range. In time, this gives way to Silva dropping his hands, moving his head, and maybe even clowning his opponent before unleashing the lethal precision strikes he’s known for.

Sonnen comes out like a bull, gets in his opponent’s face, and doesn’t allow the guy to feel out much of anything, except for the canvas, on which he’ll likely end up within the first minute. Sonnen’s an NCAA Division I All-American, an Olympic alternate, and a men’s Greco-Roman wrestling silver medalist. The man eats and breaths wrestling and dominates fights with his takedowns.

Contrarians will say “Sonnen’s wrestling and takedowns didn’t look so hot against Michael Bisping,” and admittedly, they didn’t. But Sonnen isn’t fighting Bisping, he’s fighting Silva, and I’ve got 23 minutes of video to illustrate just how much better Sonnen’s wrestling is than Silva’s. Unless Silva has magically figured out how to stop Sonnen’s takedowns, the 37-year-old champion will be in for a long night July 7.

Sonnen’s Striking is Grossly Underrated
There is this crazy idea out there that Sonnen is pillow-fisted and can only win fights by tackling guys and leg humping them. If you hear anyone making this argument, it’s best to not even talk to them, because reason means nothing to a fool. Whether it’s Diaz-style pepper punches or significant strikes, Sonnen is landing them in far greater numbers than his opponents.

Our friends at FightMetric can help me better make this point, which I am perhaps inartfully making. Against Bisping, Sonnen landed 135 total strikes to Bisping’s (who is a kickboxer) 102. He also landed more significant strikes, 40 to 30. Against Stann, it was worse, with Sonnen landing 106 total strikes to Stann’s 24. Sonnen landed 28 significant strikes to Stann’s two.

This list goes on and on and on. Sonnen outstruck Nate Marquardt 214 to 37, landing 39 significant strikes to Marquardt’s 11. Against Yushin Okami, he had 144 total strikes to Okami’s 29, landing 91 significant strikes to Okami’s 25. Sonnen outstruck Dan Miller 133 to 32, landing 36 significant strikes to Miller’s nine.

Perhaps most telling are his numbers against Silva. In their first fight, Sonnen landed 320 total strikes to Silva’s 64, and 89 significant strikes to Silva’s 29.

And you may not have seen it lately, but Sonnen has won seven fights by KO or TKO in his career. Admittedly, Silva is no Kyacey Uscola or Tim Credeur, and perhaps few people expect Sonnen to knock Silva out, but Sonnen won’t get knocked out either. The challenger has never truly been knocked out in an MMA fight, and Silva won’t be the first to do so.

History Will Repeat Itself for Sonnen, not Silva
Silva fans will tell you that the Spider won his first fight with Sonnen, and next month, he’ll do the same. That’s not how I see history repeating itself.

Instead of 2010, let’s go back to 2007, when Sonnen fought undefeated, all-world Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu badass Paulo Filho for the WEC middleweight strap, eventually losing to Filho by controversial submission in a fight Sonnen was dominating. Sound familiar? Sonnen would destroy the WEC champion (again) in their rematch, winning a unanimous decision, but not the title, as a bloated Filho failed to make weight.

Sonnen looks to — and will — do the same thing in July by besting Silva, a BJJ master and world champion who is as-of-yet undefeated in the UFC. Being more of a professional than Filho, you can bet that Silva will show up on weight to the contest. And for his efforts, Sonnen will further help him trim some fat, as he relieves Silva of the 12 lbs. of gold that have been encumbering the Spider’s waist for too long now.

Pass the Testosterone, Please
Is allowing some athletes to utilize testosterone replacement therapy fair? I don’t have the answer to that question, which is beyond the scope of this column, nor am I (or most fight fans for that matter) an expert on the subject.

Here’s what I do know. Sonnen will be allowed to use TRT prior to his bout with Silva. He was granted a therapeutic use exemption in May due to his hypogonadism, and even Nevada’s own consulting physician, Dr. Timothy Trainor, said Sonnen should be granted a TUE. The NSAC will require Sonnen to cease testosterone injections at some point prior to the event, and will test him the morning after the contest, to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Does this give Sonnen an edge going into the Silva fight? I don’t know; maybe so. But those of us fortunate enough to not suffer from such a medical condition cannot fully appreciate how much of a setback it truly is. What is clear is that Sonnen was granted his TUE, consulting physicians agreed to and even recommended the exemption, and whatever disadvantages he may face on fight night, abnormally-low levels of testosterone won’t be among them. Advantage Sonnen.

What Happens in Vegas (is Better for Sonnen)
Sonnen in many ways seemed disappointed when his rematch with Silva was moved from Brazil to Las Vegas. But believe you me, he shouldn’t be. Yes, selling out soccer stadiums and setting attendance records is fine and good, but wouldn’t winning the title be better? Consider the facts.

The challenger is 5-1 in contests occurring in Las Vegas, with his only loss coming to Filho, which he avenged. However, in fights occurring outside the U.S., Sonnen’s record is a less glamorous 3-2-1. And take away the pushover Bodog fights in Costa Rica and Canada, and Sonnen’s record outside the U.S. stands at 0-2-1.

My point isn’t that Sonnen can’t win fights outside the U.S., it’s just that he’s less likely to, statistically speaking. Thus, the change from Brazil to Vegas, which Sonnen calls “the fight capital of Earth,” is a very good thing if you’re a Sonnen fan.

Sonnen Represents Hope and Change
Some in the political sphere make promises and throw around buzzwords like hope and change, but don’t deliver. Bumbling chief executives aside, Sonnen represents a sea change from Silva, a new regime that will put a refreshing new face on the middleweight division.

Sonnen is colorful, articulate, interesting, and even polarizing, but all in a way that makes fight fans want to tune in and see what he will do next. Many fans love Sonnen, and others despise him, but very few are indifferent to him. Moreover, the challenger is media savvy in a way the champion is not. Where Silva offers garbled Portuguese and an interpreter, Sonnen offers clever, intellectual humor, often spoken in verse.

Plus, people get tired of the same things over and over again. Filet mignon might sound good, but how about having one three meals a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year? At some point, what was once good loses its flavor. What once satisfied fails to satisfy. This is the law of diminishing returns.

Silva has been champion since 2006, and he’s been a hell of a champion. But six years is a long time, and perhaps it’s time for some change at the very top of the UFC middleweight division. Many feel that change is coming. Silva himself has been openly talking about retirement and his increasing age. He’s said he isn’t looking for a superfight with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, because he doesn’t think he’d win.

Who better to pass the torch to than the hungry Sonnen, who has made clear he won’t rest until he wins a world title? And if Sonnen wins and Silva isn’t ready to retire, how cool would a rubber match be? Change, my friends, is in the air.

Sonnen has Nothing to Lose
In the end, it all comes back to the promise Sonnen made to his father before the elder Sonnen left this Earth: that Chael Sonnen would one day be world champion. In the intervening years, things both good and bad happened to Sonnen, who has seen his fortunes change with the winds of circumstance.

Not too long ago, you could argue that Sonnen didn’t need fighting. He was a successful realtor, he was making inroads into Oregon Republican politics, and he was also a fighter. He not only had a lot going on, but he was successful in multiple avenues of his life. Then disaster struck, not just in the form of the TRT scandal, but more damningly, in the form of a federal money laundering conviction.

Now, not only is Sonnen no longer a force in Oregon politics, he can’t even vote. A successful career in realty? Sonnen no longer has a realtor’s license. Doors that Sonnen once found wide open have slammed in his face. All, that is, but one …

Sonnen’s UFC career, as we all know, is alive and well. But therein also lies the rub. If Sonnen is to succeed, it must be on this stage. He can’t succeed in politics or real estate; that part of his life is over. But he’s still got fighting, and perhaps more importantly, he’s got nothing to lose. Sonnen isn’t passing up other opportunities to focus on fighting — fighting is all he has left.

There are only a handful of opportunities like this in a man’s life, and Sonnen is about to have his second shot at the UFC middleweight strap. There is no guarantee he’ll ever get a third. I am convinced Sonnen won’t need it, that he’ll make the most of this opportunity.

For his part, Silva has had six years of gold and glory, six years of holding onto what Sonnen wants as his own. The fact remains that at some point, Silva will no longer be the middleweight champion, and regardless of when that time comes, his career will be seen as an unmitigated success. Sonnen, however, is still on the outside looking in, still hungry for the title.

Come July 7, I believe all that changes. My prediction? Sonnen by unanimous decision.

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147 Responses to “Editorial Spotlight | Why Chael Sonnen Will Defeat Anderson Silva (Again) at UFC 148”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Jake shields said the same thing to his dad…. aint going to well for him.
    besides in all the chael interviews there are i havent really heard him say anything about his dad… just that he would give anything to wear that belt…..

  2. RhendO says:

    Good article

  3. Original_UFC_Fan says:

    Let me get this straight…. Ask Brian Stann? Who the F*CK is Brian Stann?
    He’s an UNPROVEN fighter in the biggest organization in the world.

    He promised his dying father, who died BEFORE Chael ever saw the inside of an Octagon he would win the world title? Sounds like Bullsh*t to me.

    Vinny has been training him for the past few weeks, and we should know who he is?
    We do know dumb*ss, he signed with M1 Global that makes him a MORON, fighting tin cans just like Fedor.

    Chael was hopped up on TESTOSTERONE, and STILL COULD NOT win.

    This time, he’ll be tested, measured, and knocked out. There will be no second chances this time, if he were to have another failed test, he’d be a man with no organization to fight under, with a criminal record.

    He doesn’t win this fight, standing sitting, being laid on, no matter how you look at it, he will lose this fight.

    When he does, and you have to eat your words, he’ll become irrelevant in the UFC, since he’s built a name on boring fights, and trash talking Anderson Silva.

    The better question…. What happens to Chael if he doesn’t escape the first round?
    What happens if he can’t escape the second?
    The best for last question… Where is his relevance if/when he gets finished?

    Chael Sonnen can’t lose this fight… So whose under the gun for the win?


    Don’t let the pressure get to you Chael

    • Uncle Cheal says:

      Okay, let me get one thing straight. Cheal had an abnotmal testosterone to epitestosterone level. Do you know what that means? That is junk science bro. Anyone could have abnormal levels in that test and have LOW test levels as well as high levels. It doesn’t prove anything, but the fact that his levels were not in accordance with each other. It could be high as well as low. He was later tested for substance abuse, and the results came out negative, that is why his suspension was cut down by 6 months! So please, know your shit before you talk!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Only sensible person on this topic

        • Nuitari X says:

          LOL ,Your boy just said Anderson Silva is a bad mother fucker and will probably win. Yes he is very sensible. Still got his back? Probably not you fake ass fucktard.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Do your in-laws like you? My guess is they think you are a loser and feel sorry for their daughter. I hope you REALLY have a good week, because I own you bitch….Now dance bitch dance!!!

        • Nuitari X says:

          I’m gonna have an even better weekend when your weak ass so called hero gets his ass stomped into obscurity. See ya Sunday morning queer.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You willing to put your ass where your mouth is hypocrite!!! What kinda bet do you want to make??? You up for it bitch? Yes?? No??? lmao….

        • Nuitari X says:

          Sure, If Silva wins then you can’t ever post on this site again and if Sonnen wins then I’ll do the same. And don’t even think about posting under another name cause we all will know it’s you after the first sentence. Deal?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @N X – I’ve got a better bet for you. If Silva loses, I want you to go to your in-laws and apologize to then for being a douchebag to them and to their daughter and that you will grow and be a real man and be kind and honest, that you will quit being a hypocritical weasel and will tell your wife that you love her everyday and that you think she is the best women in the world. Oh and if Sonnen loses you will do the same??? Does that work for you? Isn’t that a win win for you????

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Oh and … DO realize that I MADE you type every single word that you wrote here? Do you realize that I OWN you????? Guess What’s Next????

        • Nuitari X says:

          Look buddy I understand what a troll is and you are the definition of it. Own that.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Of course you know what a troll is…you’re around yourself for 24/7. So, of course you know a troll, troll. a hypocritical weasel troll……so are you going to apologize to your in-laws for being a piece of shit???

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        The whole world knows Sonnen was JUICED UP out of his friggen mind so you are wasting your time trying to distort the truth. The man is a pile of shit and a disgrace to the sport of MMA and the american people. It amazes me how the author of this article did his best to down play Sonnens criminal conviction. Let me tell you the truth since he was incapable. Sonnen is more than just a common criminal. He is FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON who would have ahd to spend at least 5 years in a federal prison of Dana white and Lorenzo Feritta hadn’t got to the sentencing judge. No other fighter in all MMA is a worse role model than CHEAT Sonnen. The otehr thing the auther left out if Sonnen truly had NO BALLS as the auther implys he would have never been able to compete his entire life in sports. The fact is he abused steroids sometime in his athletic career which gave him LOW T. anyone on ROIDS can quit ROIDS for 2-3 weeks then go in get testeda nd they will show Low testosterone and that is what Sonnnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” did. basically these former ROIDERS are being awarded for past ROID use and now given a license to CHEAT. They are allowed to shoot up as much JUICEas they want between fights without being tested until the weigh ins. These guysa re all abusing this and basically cycling down and having their own testing donwe prob weekly leading up to fighta nd not to mention they are being allowed to have up to approx 650-700 testosterone level which is an insane level that 99% of 21 tear old natural athletets don’t even have. Its like a license to steal or worse. TRT makes you into 10 times stronger and gives you the indurance of a super athlete and makes you recover intraining 10 times faster than natural fighter. TRT is a DISGRACE especially when ABUSED like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” have already been busted doing just that

      • Xaninho says:

        You have got to be the dumbest fucking Sonnen nuthugger ever! His distorted levels were a direct result of juicing up with Testosterone! That is exactly why his strength enhancing testosterone levels were much higher than his epitestosterone levels which were on the level they should be.

        The CSAC suspended him for 12 months.

        His CSAC suspension was cut down to 6 months BECAUSE HIS LICENSE was going to EXPIRE after 6 months!

        Now I suggest you to KNOW YOUR SHIT before ever typing your bullshit again!

    • Uncle Cheal says:

      Btw yes, Anderson is a bad motherfucker and will probably win, but that doesn’t mean cheal has no chance. He is one tough son of a bitch, and will probably pull through anything Silva throws at him. Let’s see who ends up taking the belt home.

      • Greg says:

        Wow you just said AS will probably win, then that Sonnen would pull through anything AS throws at him. You realize you’re contradicting yourself right?

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Chael sonnen is gonna win this fight via flying arm bar.

  4. jay rock says:

    terrible article, your an obvious chael nuthugger. chael sonnen is boring as fuck, Anderson Silva will knock him the fuck out

  5. Zack says:

    That article was pretty amusing.

  6. drew says:

    i really like and appreciate the thread because besides the real estate shady buisness he did in ripping middle class people off to grow his wallet i do like sonnens relentless attitude of wanting to be the best…and again i do like the whole thread but i do believe in a jinx god that listens to people being over confident…and for you to say anderson wont ko sonnen or that it just wont happen is pretty insulting to anderson seems really over confident (IMP)…anderson as u said unloads precise lethal shots…heres how i see anderson winning and by ko or tko IF it happens…anderson said he has been working on his wrestling which is great because the goal is for both figthers to tighten up their game immensely…however, i really think anderson is working techniques on strikes with unorthodox angles that could definitely catch sonnen when hes shooting in for a takedown…i do believe sonnens jaw is pretty fuckn strong…however, his double is such brute force and as u said “bull like” which is the name of the game for takedowns…but imagine all that energy coming in for the takedown and anderson catchs chael via kick to the head, knee to the head, or just is likea sharpshooter with his hands and worked on angles where he can get room to catch chael when hes using all the force hes bringing in on anderson but now againest him…i dunno man part of me strongly feels that the fight will go the same, minus the hail mary double submission…but anderson really hates chael and really really really wants to hurt him…and it just adds up knowing that he can really really really hurt chael if he catchs him while hes bringing all of his force forward…chael better keep his head moving during those takedowns but I PROMISE YOU if he doesnt anderson will catch him in some way coming in…NOT saying it will definitely be the dealbreaker but chael can definitely be pretty disoriented if anderson gets to him

  7. erik says:

    i swear bj penn fans are all morons…. are you guys all tuf’es? kinda funny reading the ignorant comments lol.
    obviously people who have never really trained…

    • exit 8 says:

      Funny how you keyboard warriors can talk sh!t. I don’t see any of you guys saying it to a bj penn fans face.

    • Mike b says:

      I hate it when people bring up there do u know people on this site don’t train dickface.make u sound like a tough guy. U probably never trained idiot.time for my plug…ultimate mma state st.north haven ct.and I’ve trained at a lot of other places too u fucker.

    • I was says:

      toilet trained, mther fcker! shut yo ‘ass !

  8. erik says:

    you idiots act like silva’s camp isnt notorious for steroid use… lol.
    vinny is a better grappler then anyone silva has to work with. (sorry lil nog is overrated)
    nice article and well written. i agree 100%

    i remember anderson getting his ass dropped 3 times standing lol. face it — america is going home with that belt bitches. sonnen is going to arm triangle him mark my words.

    • Erikinson says:

      Erik i ‘m 100% sure you ass is on Vinny and Chael Dick! shut up idiot Who are you GREAT WARRIOR, “The people never trained” Yes i never. And you, are in octagon??? not is probable a idiot, steroid adicct…
      Wait ans see, Anderson will do what Aldo did to Chad…

    • Mike b says:

      Dude why u keep talking shit to people u fucking mma expert.all that shit ur talking is irrelevant cause Silvas keeping the belt pussy boy.i like sonnen also but Silvas keeping that belt.and yeah I know….chael pounded silva out for 4 an a half rds.but he also tapped out,just like he tapped out to Damien Mia,renato sobral,Jeremy horn,and so on and so on and so on….I think all those triangles fucked with chael’s brain,hope u post on Sunday July 8th so u can look like the idiot.

    • erik retard says:

      o really you act like sonnens camp isnt even more notorious for steroids. And you dont know anything if u think vinny is better than anyone silvas worked with. As I recall in a recent tournament Fabricio Werdum kicked Vinnys ass but yeah

    • Greg says:

      This Erik guy is talking some sense.

  9. maurice says:

    um anderson was staggered once in the first round. anderson slipped in the 5th. not only was it an obvious slip, but joe rogan and CHAEL SONNEN himself have both said anderson slipped. the only person who was actually dropped in that fight was chael. chael got dropped on his ass from an elbow. i love how ppl spew dumb ass shit out of there mouths that is so far from the truth. like did u really think someone wasnt goin to call ur dumbass out ERIK?

  10. maurice says:

    this is literally the most fucked up shit someone has ever posted on who the fuck allowed this piece of shit thread to be made?

  11. This was painful to read.

    “Constant Pressure, Olympic-Caliber Wrestling Will Prove too Much for Silva”.
    It was intense during the 1st match but it still was not enough. Let’s just cut the crap. Winning is winning and he lost. Dan Henderson thought the same thing. To his credit, he was the 1st guy to at least go the distance with the champ.

    “Sonnen’s Promise to his Late Father and his Destiny”
    Dude, this is so cheesy. His name is Chael Sonnen, not Luke Skywalker.

    “Sonnen has Already Beaten Silva Once Before”
    Just because Sonnen says it a 100x’s on You tube does not mean it’s true. If it were, he would have the belt. Since you like comparing OSnnen to other random professional athletes, let’s compare him to Foreman. With your logic, Foreman beat Ali.

    Sonnen Represents Hope and Change
    He is not leading a dictatorship at the UFC so stop sounding like a campaign speech writer. Silva is the champ because he cleared the division.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      I dont get all the Sonnen haters ,Silva is a fantastic fighter a true champion & seems like a likeable guy Chael is just Chael but to say Silva will destroy him easily is a very bold statement if you watch the first fight Silva walks into the cage puts his arms up in a crucifix position and takes a deep breath clearly his ribs were not broken then at the end of the fight when there raising his hand hes grimacing like his rib is broken but he said it was broken before the fight then how was he able to extend his arms fully out at the start of the fight and breath deeply am i the only one that thinks there is a bit of bullshit in that regard i believe Silva didnt take Sonnen seriously hopefully he will this time and we will get a epiv fight i dont care who wins as long as its epic.

      • Mike b says:

        I agree silva didn’t take chael seriously.i think the punch that rocked silva in the first rd fucked with his head and his mental game went down the drain.i think silva is not gonna underestimate chael this time either,and he’ll be ready mentally and physically this time.

  12. magoo says:

    Great read…styles make fights,and Chaels style is bad for Anderson,thus making for a great fight,I hope he gets the TD in the first 20 seconds and takes the wind outta that clowns sail,if he does he will break Anderson quickly!

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    blah blah blah …like the GOAT said, the time for make believe, chit chat, and media whoring is over. Chael is a mediocre fighter and has the mediocre record to prove it. He dominated a fight while cheating and then got subbed. (BIG Whoop!) He’s a convicted scam artist on probation that will get whats coming to him… and after that, obscurity? I think not! off to the WWE for that American hero you can bet on it! that’s where phonies who want to get rich and wear fake belts go. He’s gonna fit right in.

    Chaels a first rate doucher with a first rate doucher fanbase. God bless the Spider and all the drunken clowns he gets to silence this Saturday.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Who the fuck is this George Douche? What a fucking moron!

    The entire article is full of complete nonsense written by a delusional fanboy. There’s so many lies, faults and dishonesty in this article that I’m not even going to bother pointing it all out because it’s ALL bullshit from beginning until the end.

    I’m disappointed that such a biased article has been put online on

    • Nuitari X says:

      Holy shit man! I mean WTF!? This is absurd to say the least, I would say I’m gonna find a new site to post on but I’ll just wait until saturday after eunuch flat sack gets his skull cracked and see what happens then.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      @Xanindo…Do you have a new admirer here??? She seems to want to follow you to a new site….Could you take this young lass and teach her how to fight??? Thanks she needs to grow some…..

      • Nuitari X says:

        Yes that’s right I admire people that actually have something intelligent to say regardless of a difference in opinion. You aren’t one of those people.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          What Xanindo??? Did you NOT realize that he is the MOST BIASED poster on this site??? I love the guy, but damn he twists facts to suit his story and sees shit that ain’t there. But he is an honorable person and I like the guy, he knows how to fight…What makes you think he would ever associate with a weasel hypocrite like you???

  15. carlos says:

    Its all about the W period your article is a Fail like Chael!!!!!!!Who cares if he dominated for however long thats how loosers rationalize a lose its not a street fight and Chael Got TAPPED from the back and OWNED. Go right a real article thats non biased.

  16. mmaislandjunkie says:

    so i guess paulo filho is on anderson silvas level now lmao. filho wasnt even fighting chael in their rematch and chael still couldnt finish him.

  17. maurice says:

    i said it once, ill say it again, chael sonnen fans are as delusional and crazy as chael sonnen. reading this shit u would think anderson is nothing and chael is the actual champ. the fact ppl follow such a bad representative of the sport troubles me. anyone who knows me one here knows i hate gsp, fitch and bitch ass rashad evans to death. but even those bitches dont spew racist shit outta their mouths every chance they get. i still dont get why dana is allowing chael to talk like this. miguel torres was fired for saying some dumbass JOKE on rape, but chaels allowed to talk about an entire country being sub human because….?

  18. Jason says:

    Great article and I agree that Chael will win!

  19. Chris Normal says:

    Wow! Forgetting the overly biased content in this “editorial” for a second, the grammar and sentence structure is almost disturbing – not to say I’m a qualified writer myself. It’s noticeable no one claimed authorship; I too would be embarrassed to attach my name to this bowel excretion. You cannot have content of such poor quality and bias (it could easily be referred to as propaganda) while keeping knowledgeable adult readers. Are you interested in hosting a playground for meatheads with hardons? There is a reason I check here instead of other sites but this isn’t the quality of analysis I want to waste my time on.
    I am not a fan of Sonnen so that must have had an influence on my opinion. However I read a lot of content I disagree with and have never commented on it because of the (lack of) quality. No offence 😀

  20. WrestlingRules says:

    Wow this guy is completely right!! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that I WROTE IT….rofl…

    • Nuitari X says:

      With a last name that so closely resembles douche I would have thought you wrote it too!!! ROFL!!!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        DUR DE DUR DUR… did you come up with that ALL BY yourself little girl??? I love owning you, I think I might sell you?? Do we have any buyers here for this loser. I’m sure she would be a good boot licker!!!

        • Nuitari X says:

          Don’t talk about your boy Sonnen like that. And you don’t own shit but a cum stained keyboard attached to a jizz soaked monitor.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Man I mean Girl, I don;t even know what you said there???!! you speaking in tongues girl or from EXPERIENCE??? you are just too easy….Do I have any buyers for this beer stand…

        • Chris Normal says:

          A playground for meatheads with hardons.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That’s funny!! I like it…its actually a jarhead with a hardon….HooRah

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You know now that I think about it, maybe I did write this??? After I planted a few juijitsu players on their heads a few times…Oh and these are just the guys that are paying me to teach them wrestling….

    • Xaninho says:

      I knew it was you. I recognized a few of your favorite expressions…snake oil is one of them.

  21. USA says:

    USA! USA! USA!

    • WrestlingRules says:



      • USMAN says:

        man fuck you usa nuthugging motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im from the us but just the fact chael is from the us you niggaz want him to win? wants wrong with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody clearly knows chael is gonna loose by knockout. wrestling rule, ill bet you 500 dollars on this shit and if you win ill send you the cash like real talk

        • WrestlingRules says:

          How the hell can you as an American root for a uckin’ Brazilian???? Are you a traitor or something?? You probably like the fuckin metric system too?? Have you ever thought you would be better off moving away from America?

        • mike says:

          Wuld you root for charles manson against silva? I judge a man on his principles not on where his fuckin birth cirtificate lies. Sonnen talks like he does because its good marketing, and he’s all roided out. You sound so ignorant niave

        • WrestlingRules says:

          First charlie is a fuckin’ PSYCHOPATH and NOT a fighter…..So your analogy indicates you have mental issues.

          That’s true Sonnen KNOWS how to pick a fight and he knows how to make Silva angry. He really does not like Silva, BUT he doesn’t hate him he hates who Silva chooses to be, an egotistical arrogant narcissist. aka a douchebag.

          You don’t even realize that you are the ignorant naive one. So you don’t think Silva’s camp doesn’t have a steroid plan??? You are stooopid. You are gullible and clueless kid…

  22. maurice says:

    well wrestlingrules here we are again. lol. this time it has nothing to do with bitch ass gsp. i want to know how do u back a liar and a cheat like chael? plz dont reply with some bullshit replies, just give me an honest answer. like i said theres a lot of fighters i hate, but even they dont talk racist and act like an ass every chance they get. chael is literally a real life TROLL. LMAO.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Hey Big M!! You know I’m beginning to like you!!!! You got game, but the reason I really like you is that I get to plant you and do a little gnp on you on this site.(BTW: That is high praise from me , the best man in my wedding is somebody I beat the shitoutta all the time) First, why do I like Sonnen? There are alot of reasons, but I’ll tell you why I like him the most. He uses humor to get his point across and he is honest about how he feels about something and people. Whether he is right or wrong, at least I know he is being honest. Silva is an egotistical narcissistic slime-ball. he cares only about himself and that’s it. He is a weasel. Whereas Sonnen, like him or not, he is honest and does much good in his community. I like people who give back to their community. Plus, he obviously beat the shitoutta Silva and will do the same this week. As far as his legal issues and rules issues with the NSAC? First, the TRT thing, the NSAC knew all about it, Sonnen just didn’t follow protocol. And he made the NSAC eat shit so they were pissed. But they also, cut it down to 6 months. Now the legal issue with the real estate transaction? I buy and sell real estate all the time and there are certain procedures you go through to get a buyer and seller together and complete the deal. I’m not sure the specifics to what he did, but I believe he authorized a repair before it was done that completed the deal through the title company in order to close the deal so he would get paid and he actually hadn’t completed the work but had it scheduled, etc. I may have some of these things not quite right but I believe it was a minor situation. It’s kinda of like you were speeding but not being wreckless and the cops caught you. Well you are a criminal for speeding and you need to pay the fine and move on. So unless you have never gotten a ticket, it;s pretty hypocritical to call him a criminal unless of course you call yourself a criminal. But that said, I don’t support him for his choices, I support him for his character, Sonnen has character and Silva doesn’t Plus Sonnen is greater than Silva in all aspects of life. Better fighter and better human being!! Hows that?

      • GRT 3000 says:

        ^ needs poon like no other.

      • USMANASLAM says:


      • Xaninho says:

        Hahaha Come on man!

        He got suspended for 12 months for use of illegal substances. At one point he even lied about telling Keith Kizer upfront he was on TRT. Something Kizer said never happened!

        The real estate fraud was actually a case of MONEY LAUNDERING. Nothing like a speeding ticket, it’s a FEDERAL CRIME. He WEASELED himself out of it by cutting a deal snitching on the other guys involved!

        And there you are accusing me of twisting the facts?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          It was his management that indicated the NSAC knew it. They knew all about his TRT. He just didn’t follow procedures, that’s it!!! To make it any more than that is propaganda. And the money laundering was simply a rules violation, but it involved 100’s of thousands of dollars. He trusted someone in the real estate transaction so he could get paid sooner. That is why he got a slap on the wrist. He was a minor player in that situation. No major crime here. It’s like selling drugs that the country says is illegal and you do it because you just didn’t follow procedures and are considered a criminal for that because you didn’t follow governmental protocol. You know EXACTLY what I mean….

        • Xaninho says:

          BULLSHIT! It was a federal crime!

          “PORTLAND, Ore. – Chael Sonnen, 33, of West Linn, Oregon, plead guilty today to one count of money laundering in federal court before the Honorable Michael Mosman. Sentencing is scheduled on March 28, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.

          Sonnen, a licensed realtor in the State of Oregon, admitted that a financial transaction he conducted was designed to conceal or disguise the ownership and control of the proceeds of wire fraud. The scheme involved Joel Rosabal and Chadwick Amsden, employees of Crown Point Enterprises, dba Lighthouse Financial Group (Lighthouse), a mortgage brokerage service based principally in Vancouver, Washington, with operations in Oregon and elsewhere. Rosabal and Amsden submitted a materially false loan application on the buyer’s behalf to Decision One Mortgage, a subprime lending institution that is now defunct, for the purchase of residential property located at 11249 SE Rolling Hills Lane, Portland, Oregon. Sonnen acted as the realtor for the transaction. Sonnen submitted a false letter and Sales Agreement Addendum instructing the title company to pay loan proceeds to a plumbing company for repairs to the home. In fact, Sonnen knew and had negotiated with Rosabal that no repairs would be performed on the home and the funds designated to the plumbing company would instead be paid to the buyer as a cash incentive to purchase the home. This agreement was not disclosed to Decision One Mortgage. Once the loan was funded, the title company paid over $69,000 to the plumbing company and the plumbing company, in turn and at Sonnen’s direction, paid $65,000 to the buyer of the home.”

          The “slap on the wrist” as you call it. Was a plea bargain. He snitched on his buddies so he wouldn’t have to do time.

          Yeah that’s right he’s a coward like that.

          It was still severe enough he can never be involved in real estate and he can’t even vote anymore.

          And Sonnen HIMSELF said at the CSAC hearing that he told NSAC’s Keith Kizer about it.

          The only reason his CSAC suspension was cut down to 6 months is because his license was expiring in 6 months.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        wrestling lay n pray idiot you left out the FACT Sonnen had enough JUICE in him during last Silva fight to jump over the damn moon. 3400 testosteron levelwhich is highest ever recorded. 16.9 to 1 where the average male has 1 to 1 ratios. NOONE in MMA history has ever been BUSTED with more STEROIDS in theri sytem than Sonnen. I think you may have distorted your own lies beyond what you are capable of understanding. By the way Sonnen is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON which is exactlty sameas what a BANK ROBBER gets. You are just as much of a pathelogical liar as Sonnen. Says alot about your CRIMINAL MENTALITY. BTW not all wrestlers are as one-dimentional as Sonnen and YOU. I would knee you in fac first time you tried on eof your sissy ass takedowns. Your BULLSHIT LYING explanation of Sonnen’s FELONYS and STEROID ABUSE was pathetic just as you are the most pathetic excuse for a human being that ever set foot on this earth ie: you are a waste of OXYGEN

        • WrestlingRules says:

          See old bitch that’s the difference between me and you. You’re a hater of people and I am not. I hate you’re fucked up beliefs NOT you. I know you well. You are sick inside full of hatred. You are have no soul and you are full of fear. It;s why you are so angry. It’s also why you are so neurotic. How do fill up that hole you have inside of yourself? Hatred isn’t the answer. Hatred will eat you up old man, you don’t have much time left. Turn to Jesus He will Save You.

  23. Gunner says:

    No. Just…No.

  24. uhhh says:

    I’m not quite sure what all of that writing was for.

    Was it to prove that you can talk out your ass about a fighter that is simply just a marketing tool used by the UFC to crackers and uneducated fight fans that only know about high school and college wrestling because that’s the shit that’s “main stream”?

    Or was it to prove shitty comma use and rambling makes for a shit article?

    Or was it to prove that you don’t know the definition of a professional athlete?

    Chael is not a professional. He lied, he cheated, he is disrespectful.

    Yes he is a fighter, but he is a professional fighter. A professional fighter getting paid a shit load to hype the fight and probably some back end to piss Silva off.

    It’s all business. This has nothing to do with fate and destiny. So take out those like four fucking paragraphs on that bull shit.

    Hopes and dreams don’t mean shit. It comes down to who is better and who wants it more.

    The legend vs the wannabe.

    The professional vs the unprofessional.

    Write some fucking legitimate points down on why Chael would win, not hopes and dreams and promise bullshit.

    Silva deserves to win. Chael does not.

    For the record, I don’t want to see a boring ass unanimous decision wrestling fest. I want to see fight of the year.

    • Greg says:

      I’m not quite sure what all your writing was for. To make a racist point against “crackers”? Or to say people can’t achieve their dreams? You may not have life goals and dreams, but the rest of us do, and Chael damn sure does. See you July 7.

  25. Usman Aslam says:

    for the record actually, i think anderson will actually beak his teeth, ones and evrything. lol shouldve saw the countdown of chael vs anderson like anderson was calling chael a stupid donkey

  26. CombatRusse says:

    You sir are full of crap
    Because you forgot one crucial detail : Chael doesn’t have the mental of a champ.
    That is the reason why he lost in the fifth round and that is why he has never and won’t be a champ.
    Silva did take the beating like a champ, and continued to believe in victory until the end and he got it, that is a champion mentality.
    Just remember, in a real fight, to which Chae often makes reference, he would have got his arm broken or would have been put to sleep. Then the 2 minutes left would be more then enough for Anderson to break every one of his teeth and both his legs and arms.
    So Silva will win again, because Chael isn’t aimed to be a champ

  27. ufcer says:

    best Damn article ever read on

  28. Kong says:

    Steroids, this fucker shouldn’t even be allowed in the UFC just like Nate marquart. No respect for a cheater, we need more guys like bj in the sport and less steroid abusers.

  29. Phantom weight says:

    What the fuck is this guy talkin about?destiny?really?please.its a fight nothin more,nothin less.quit suckin on cheals little dried up dead balls.

    • Greg says:

      Why are Anderson Silva fans always talking about Chael’s manhood in someone’s mouth? Please explain your obsession with Chael’s anatomy.

      • Xaninho says:

        It’s funny because Sonnen has none.

        • Greg says:

          I try not to talk about other men’s genitals, but I’m heterosexual, so it’s a different perspective I guess. But hey, be yourself man. It’s 2012, ya know?

        • Xaninho says:

          The fact you’re so scared for it means you’re a closetcase…

          I know the male anatomy isn’t appealing to me so I can make gay jokes without getting aroused, guess it’s difficult for you to do the same?

        • Greg says:

          I don’t really make gay jokes, Xaninho. I guess I’m not as familiar with that culture. But nobody’s judging you here, friend. Be who you are.

    • Kong says:

      Haha ya u know they are dried up from all the roids.

  30. trey says:

    if u watch the first fight, anderson fought NOTHING like he normally does. when your rib is broken it limits your stiking. its very obvious his striking was almost a non factor. and everytime sonnen took him down silva put up NO fight. he just fell to the ground. when we watched it live we literally thought the fight was being thrown.yea sonnen landed all those strikes and anderson didn’t have a scratch on him. the few silva landed, MESSED sonnens face seen what he did to okami, the way he controlled him. i would not be surpised if silva puts sonnen in a clinch,and does what he did to rich franklin.i think sonnen might get one takedown and silva will get right back up and finish it. this rematch will NOT be close, do not believe the hype. 2nd Round KO SILVA

  31. bahbahblacksheep says:

    Chael bleeding all over Anderson was probably more annoying then the 300 punches. Anderson clearly did WAY more damage from the bottom using far less strikes, look at the two fighters during the decision and based on damage there’s no way in hell it looks like Chael even had a chance in the fight. Every time Chael talks about winning the rematch he always says it will be 25 mins, he has no plan of straying from his decision fighting ways. Fuck having that bs as champ

  32. Boring says:

    Just like you said that “But the fight game is a game of matchups. For every guy you can knock out with a kick to the face, there’s another guy who will put you on your ass”, well bisping did a number on your hero Sonnen. The only reason he was given the fight was because it is a big money maker for the ufc. And as far as sonnen’s promise to his father, well i think his father would have told him to fuck off if he knew that his son cheated (juicing up) to win it,

  33. BobbyLemons says:

    Is the opening paragraph implying that mad-made global warming is a myth? If so, was that told to you by someone from you local church or a scientist?

    Otherwise, good article. ..

  34. maurice says:

    CHAELS SONNEN DAD IS PROBABLY LOOKN DOWN ON HIS NOW THINKING “WTF HAPPEND TO MY SON?” he’s become a cheat, criminal, spot light craving, lying, lay n pray fucking racist. sonnen deserves everything coming to him, and i cant wait to see him dissapear from the sport for good…and guess what? not a single fake ass sonnen fan will ever mention that sorry excuse for a human being again.

    • Greg says:

      Chael has not made any racist public comments. Saying you don’t like a handful of “fake” Brazilians in the UFC is far from racism. Quit lying.

      • Xaninho says:

        He said when he was young he was outside the porch with his friends talking about politics and ingenuity bla bla. And Anderson and his brazilan friends were playing in the mud.

        He said he didn’t realize Brazilians were evolved enough to use the internet.

        You might think those are not bad taste racial remarks, but they are.

        • Greg says:

          I know Brazilian people who look white and light brown. Vitor, Wandy, Vinny M. are good examples. Saying they play in the mud isn’t racist. It’s insensitive, yes. I agree that they may be “bad taste racial remarks,” but racial and racist are entirely different things.

  35. destiny? says:

    yeah and its my destiny to beat anderson silva also cause i told my daddy i would. Nice. Screw hard work its destiny guys. Im glad were ball hugging chael on here and on because if silva destroys him he will no longer be marketable. All the promos are 2/3 chael. Silva does his talking with the belt around his waist. Chaels talking is nothing but a waste.

  36. Why Chael Sonnen wont defeat Anderson Silva again at ufc 148 says:

    Because he hasnt defeated him once.

  37. JesusChrist says:

    god damn bro get off his d*ck already

  38. Xaninho says:

    I’ll have a side bet with my friends on how many of Sonnen’s teeth will be left in his mouth.

  39. WrestlingRules says:

    That last picture is Classic Sonnen. He;’s cool and Silva is slowly getting weaker. Sonnen has made many people better than Silva weak before. I am more sure now that Silva will get a beating of his life. Think Sonnen-Fihlo 2 but worse…LMAO………….

  40. Chael Sonnen For The Win says:

    Well written article either way. ~Bob’O

  41. jbeamazing says:

    you know there is a lot of little kids on this site you can’t say anderson will lose he has to many kid fans and it has to be children to not understand Chael is just saying muhammad ali shit to entertain you

  42. D Holliday says:

    As one sided and biased as an opinion could be- sonnen has nothing to lose? He’ll be giving up his career in the UFC if he loses! He’s already beaten silva? Nope u don’t win if they hold up other dudes arm period! Pass the testosterone? Silva trains 100% natural- sonnen has been punished for cheating as in doping as in forget about the hall of fame like baseball cus you’ll always have an asterisk by your name! Not to mention he was convicted of money laundering on a mortgage fraud scheme- This is the voice of hope and change? The only voice this is, is one of an ignorant red neck from a hick town in Oregon that calls himself a gangster and the baddest man god ever made… Good luck with what’s left of that retarded brain after silva beats his skull in…no mention of how spider was injured going in to that last fight or how he TAPPED AS IN GAVE UP AS IN COULDN’T TAKE IT AS IN LOSSED THE FUCKIN FIGHT! Belt stays on the champ- the only one out of the two worthy of being one

  43. Guhun says:

    Chael Shonnen loses, as expected. Don’t insult our people, our country and our fighting, or you’ll get a beating. Chael got much less a beating than he deserved, but we can’t be too greedy, can we?
    I guess you were wrong about him winning, heh.

  44. Vitor says:

    “If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.”

    Nice article btw, you were 0% right!
    It is hard to see this, but you did it!!!!!

  45. Cyro Neves says:

    Good theory, but all wrong. Please redo all over again.

  46. stewdill says:

    Haha eat your words mofo

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