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Friday, 02/10/2012, 01:56 pm

Editorial Spotlight: The Training While Smoking Weed Debate From Someone Who Does Both

To me, this was an easy decision, and as I’ve found out over the years, it was critical for me to steer clear of things that might relapse me. I go in, train every day, but also run a full time business, and contrinute my writings to BJPENN.COM, along with countless other things. I have never had pot cause a hindrance in my work or training, although every individual is different, and some are certainly more likely to overdo it. In Nick’s case, you have a guy whose not only an elite mixed martial artist, but is also someone who will only fuel his body with the what he feels is the best. His diet and training regimen are unmatched. He doesn’t eat junk, and his entire life has revolved around being as fit as possible. Given how particular he is with what he puts in his body, if he was really causing himself harm, would he not notice it? A lot of people may not give Nick credit for being the most book smart guy, but when it comes to training and diet, I’m sure he’s pretty well versed. Was the risk worth it though? He had a previous failure from his 2007 fight with Takanori Gomi, but this time the stakes were much higher. With a UFC title up for grabs, and millions of dollars on the line, why didn’t he just quit during fight time? I really don’t think he thought he would get caught though. He had fought about a dozen times in the US after his fight with Gomi, so in all likeliness, it was simply carelessness that caught up with him. Either way, you can certainly make the argument that with so much riding on the line, he should have stopped, but he probably truly feels like he’s done no harm in any way, and it would be like being told you’re in trouble for drinking your morning coffee.

Athletes from all sports have all caught grief for smoking pot, as even Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Michael Phelps was blasted for it. To me, the problem is not whether Diaz broke the rules, as he certainly did. The real question is whether this rule is even necessary? To me, it’s simply punishing people unfairly, and in the end, not only will Diaz lose a year worth of paychecks, but his opponents and the fans are also being punished. They get to miss out on what will likely be a huge payday, as both his rematch with Condit, and a possible fight with GSP, were all highly anticipated, and bound to do big business. Meanwhile, the fans now have to wait for the dust to settle, while Diaz serves out a suspension, and only then can these fights possibly come to fruition. People love to use the phrase “let the punishment fit the crime”, it’s just a shame that people are getting punished when no crime was really committed.

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